Brake Bleeding Theory and Procedure

Introduction: This edition of our technical writings will give you all the information you need to successfully bleed your brake system. The following topics will be covered: When and why you need to bleed your brakes The different methods you can use The different tools that are available The different types of brake fluid and [...]

Understanding Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Introduction: You might ask, why install wheels with different offset and backspacing? There are two reasons; for performance, and for looks. Wider tires and an increased track width can create a dramatic improvement in traction and handling, and many cars simply look better with larger and wider wheels and tires, especially when looking for an [...]

Tire Sizing & Ratings – All Makes & Models

Introduction: This PDF has been created for informational purposes to help answer any questions you might have on tire sizing and ratings (Passenger Car tires only). After reading this PDF you will understand: * What is printed on the sidewall of a tire * How to quickly read and understand tire ratings * How to [...]

Carbon Fiber Cleaning and Care

Introduction: Although Carbon Fiber is an expensive and “exotic” material, it’s maintenance doesn’t have to be. With a little caution and these simple procedures, you can keep your investment properly protected and looking like new. Carbon Fiber Cleaning and Care: General Precautions: Be careful not to nick or deeply scratch the clear coat on the [...]

BMW E90 Ziza® Interior Lighting Package Installation Procedures

Part Number ES2215063 Make the job easier and prevent damage to headliners and other interior trim with ECS Tuning Trim and Molding Removal Tool Sets ES2500877 and ES517779. What are LEDs? LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes, solid-state devices that emit light when connected to electrical current. They have no moving parts or wire laments to [...]

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ECS Wheel Stud Conversion Kit Installation Instructions

Introduction Our wheel stud conversion kits offer the following features and benefits: Faster wheel installation as the studs make it easy to line up the wheel on the hub Peace of mind knowing that studs are a safer way to ensure proper wheel-to-hub contact No more need for a wheel hanger to mount wheels You [...]

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