Schwaben Professional VAG Scan Tool- BMW Rear Brake Pad Reset

Any time you replace the rear brake pads on your newer BMW with an electronic parking brake, you must use a scan tool to draw in the rear brake caliper piston so that you can install the new pads.  Then you must use a scan tool to reset the piston position, and our Schwaben scan [...]

E9x Brake Wear Sensor Reset Procedure

Brake pad wear sensor reset When you replace the brake pad wear sensors on many BMW's, the system will not recognize they were installed. You will need to use a scanner for the system to relearn them.  Our Schwaben scan tool works perfectly for this.  We are performing this on our 2008 E90 M3, and [...]

What to Know: Buying Your First BMW E30 3-Series

Regarded as one of the most successful and desirable enthusiast cars, the BMW E30 3-series offers a connected and dynamic driving experience in a vintage car without being overly expensive or difficult to maintain. Known for their rear wheel drive, six cylinder, manual transmission variants, BMW continued their sport-compact segment with the new E30 3-Series [...]

Stage 3 Big Brake Kit Installation Instructions (MKV, VI, Jetta,EOS, Golf/GTI, and Audi A3)

The ECS Big Brake Kit provides big improvements in braking power with a specially packaged kit containing quality brake components from the best names in the business. Start with large diameter ECS two-piece, drilled and slotted floating rotors that dampen lateral vibration for smooth, strong stops. Add ECS premium calipers, stainless reinforced brake lines, and [...]

Schwaben By Foxwell Scan Tools

Bring the capabilities of a professional scan tool to your personal garage and never have to pay hundreds of dollars at a dealership or shop again! BMW/MINI Scan Tool From basic oil service, light reset to the more advanced adaptation and actuation, this scan tool is industry leading. Plug the tool directly into your OBDII/EOBD BMW or MINI [...]

BMW Bronze ECS Caliper Guide Pin Bushing Kit Installation

Introduction: Part numbers: ES#2723829, ES#2804354 The ECS Bronze Caliper Guide Pin Bushing Kit for your BMW offers the following features: • Oil Impregnated Bronze Caliper Bushings • Precision ground 304 Stainless Steel Guide Pins • Rubber dust cap and O-ring for maximum protection against contamination • Allows for better braking force for enhanced overall braking [...]

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ECS Exact-Fit Brake Lines

The Heart of a Complete Brake Job: Automotive brake fluid hoses are often ignored during a vehicle brake service. Brake pads and rotors are commonly accepted replacement items, but many motorists mistakenly assume that their brake hoses should last the life of the vehicle. That assumption is incorrect and dangerous. Stock brake hoses are made [...]

Brake Bleeding Theory and Procedure

Introduction: This edition of our technical writings will give you all the information you need to successfully bleed your brake system. The following topics will be covered: When and why you need to bleed your brakes The different methods you can use The different tools that are available The different types of brake fluid and [...]

VW MK5 GTI Rear Pads and Rotors Installation Procedures

Introduction: Estimated Installation Time: 1.5-2 hours Parts Required: Brake pads Brake rotors ES#9069 - caliper-to-slide-pin bolts (replace) ES#1894565 - caliper carrier bolts (torque to yield) Tools We Used: brake piston retractor - ES#2153340 or ES#9747 long-handled 1⁄2-inch ratchet torque wrench 1⁄2-inch drive lug bolt socket 21 mm open end wrench 15 mm open end wrench [...]

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