BMW ECS Polyurethane Transmission Mount Kit Installation

Introduction Part Numbers: ES#2859359, ES#2718367 Replacing the transmission mounts on your BMW is a rewarding project that an experienced technician will be able to complete in a weekend. Plan accordingly based on your experience level. Before you begin, read and familiarize yourself with these instructions and make sure you have all the required tools on [...]

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New Product: Audi B8 Chassis ECS Exact-Fit Clutch Line

Introduction Lots of attention is given to shift linkage feel, whether it's replacing bushings, installing a short shift kit, or changing the height or weight of your shift knob. However, most enthusiasts don't think twice about the feel of their clutch pedal. ECS Tuning intends to change that with the introduction of their Exact-Fit Stainless Steel [...]

Schwaben By Foxwell Scan Tools

Bring the capabilities of a professional scan tool to your personal garage and never have to pay hundreds of dollars at a dealership or shop again! BMW/MINI Scan Tool From basic oil service, light reset to the more advanced adaptation and actuation, this scan tool is industry leading. Plug the tool directly into your OBDII/EOBD BMW or MINI [...]

Differential Service Basic Theory and Procedure

Introduction: Differential service, while quite often overlooked, is a routine service that is generally fairly easy, and can be completed in an afternoon. The differential(s) on your vehicle is a crucial part of the running gear and just like the engine or transmission, rely on their fluid for lubrication, cleaning, proper operation, and cooling. They [...]

VW MK7 Golf ECS Performance Control Arm Kit Installation Instructions

Introduction: Today we are going to install our upgraded Performance Lower Control Arm Kit w/Polyurethane Bushings into our MK7 GTI. The ECS polyurethane bushings come pre-installed in new control arms, making for a very easy install. Upgrading to polyurethane offers many improvements over the stock rubber bushings by supplying enhanced road feel, improved traction, and [...]

VW Adjustable 5-Speed Short Shifter Installation Overview

Introduction: Click HERE for printable PDF Installation: Section 1: Shifter and Cable Component Identification 1. There are three different 5-speed shifter kits available, and even though there are some small differences between the kits, the overall installation and adjustment procedure is the same. 2. All Volkswagen 5-speed transmission shifter cables will have this orientation, regardless [...]

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