Schwaben By Foxwell Scan Tools

Bring the capabilities of a professional scan tool to your personal garage and never have to pay hundreds of dollars at a dealership or shop again! BMW/MINI Scan Tool From basic oil service, light reset to the more advanced adaptation and actuation, this scan tool is industry leading. Plug the tool directly into your OBDII/EOBD BMW or MINI [...]

New Product: VW MK5 ECS Stainless Steel Cargo Hatch Cover Strings

Introduction If your rear hatch cover (sometimes called a parcel shelf) is no longer being drawn up when your hatch is opened then your hatch cover strings and/or mounting pins may be broken. Up until now, the only fix available was to replace the already-failure prone hatch string(s) and/or the more costly hatch trim if the [...]

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VW MK6 Jetta Seat Tray Installation

Introduction Part Numbers: ES2162452, ES2162454, ES2162453, ES2162455 Kit Contents: Seat tray mounting frame attachment bolt (2) Speed nut Seat Drawer Titanium Black Seat Drawer Frame Preparations: Estimated Installation Time: 1.5 Hour Tools Required: 3/8 or 1/2 inch drive ratchet M10 triple square 6-inch extension T-30 Torx Diagonal Cutters Tie wraps Installation Step 1: Use the seat [...]

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New Product: VW MK7 Golf R Storage Solution Kit – Includes ECS Access Kit And ECS Storage Tray

Product Description: Part Numbers: ES#: 3176213, ES#: 3183803, ES#: 3245535 If you own a US Spec MK7 Golf R your car is holding back a practical secret that makes everyday driving convenient: ...a usable center console! Sent over from Germany to the US shores, the center console lid remained locked into place by way of two internal hex screws that held [...]

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VW MK5/6 Jetta SportWagen ECS Hatch Pop Kit Installation Instructions

Introduction: The ECS Tuning Volkswagen MK5/6 Jetta SportWagen Hatch Pop Kit offers the following features: Part Number: ES#3085064 • Makes your hatch open completely with the push of a button • Simple installation • Complete with all necessary components • Utilizes your original key fob Installing the Volkswagen MK5/6 Jetta SportWagen Hatch Pop Kit is a [...]

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BMW F-Chassis Euro-Headlight Switch Installation

Introduction: Part number: ES#2497350 Adding a Euro-Headlight Switch to your BMW F10 enables the rear fog lamps already installed at the factory. No extra wiring is needed. There are no light assemblies to install. No coding is required. Installation is fast and easy; plug-and- play. Required tools? Just a plastic non- marring trim removal tool [...]

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