New Updates! ECS Nation: Mike’s Mercedes-Benz CL600 V12 Rear Mount Turbo (M275)

Introduction: If you are looking for an unusual build with heart and devotion, here’s Mike’s build. Mike purchased this CL600 when it was nearly dead in 2015. He put over 850+ hours of work into it to make it what it is today. He began fixing over 40 initial problems from purchase and then later [...]

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Easiest Oil Change Ever Courtesy of Schwaben Tools!

Introduction The Schwaben 6.5 Liter Extractor system is hand -operated for fast extraction of any type of fluid. Two different diameter extracting tubes are included to suit your particular application. The unit has a vacuum release button for quick and easy release. Displace 6.5 Liters ( 6.8 qts.) of fluid in minutes while maintaining a [...]

Oil Change Fundamentals, Tools, and Procedures

Introduction: The most essential of vehicle services, the oil change, sometimes raises the most questions. Most of us relate oil with lubrication, and it’s true that lubrication is its primary function, but it does a lot more than you think. There are many questions and theories about what type of oil to use and how [...]

ECS Exact-Fit Brake Lines

The Heart of a Complete Brake Job: Automotive brake fluid hoses are often ignored during a vehicle brake service. Brake pads and rotors are commonly accepted replacement items, but many motorists mistakenly assume that their brake hoses should last the life of the vehicle. That assumption is incorrect and dangerous. Stock brake hoses are made [...]

Suspension & Steering Basic Fundamentals & Inspection

Introduction: This PDF has been created for informational purposes to help answer any questions you might have on what components make up the suspension on your vehicle, and how to recognize when they’re in need of replacement. After reading this PDF you will understand: * How to recognize ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks, struts, [...]

Brake Bleeding Theory and Procedure

Introduction: This edition of our technical writings will give you all the information you need to successfully bleed your brake system. The following topics will be covered: When and why you need to bleed your brakes The different methods you can use The different tools that are available The different types of brake fluid and [...]

Understanding Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Introduction: You might ask, why install wheels with different offset and backspacing? There are two reasons; for performance, and for looks. Wider tires and an increased track width can create a dramatic improvement in traction and handling, and many cars simply look better with larger and wider wheels and tires, especially when looking for an [...]

Tire Sizing & Ratings – All Makes & Models

Introduction: This PDF has been created for informational purposes to help answer any questions you might have on tire sizing and ratings (Passenger Car tires only). After reading this PDF you will understand: * What is printed on the sidewall of a tire * How to quickly read and understand tire ratings * How to [...]