Tyler’s B8 A4 Daily Monster

Modifying cars for many enthusiasts is not only a hobby, but a form of expression you take with you everywhere. More accurately, this form of self-expression takes you everywhere. For our friend Tyler that was exactly the purpose behind this B8 A4 build. Tyler sat down with me at a small sandwich shop in Ohio [...]

Showstopper: ECS Tuning MK5 GTI Full Build Feature

From simple cosmetic upgrades to our massive¬†Stage-5 Six-Piston Porsche Cayenne Big Brake Kit, the ECS MK5 GTI completely transformed. The GTI has experienced a Kafka-style metamorphosis being cocooned by an enormous list of modifications to arrive, stunning and gleaming, as it hovers above the ground before you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UhNQQBhSPo   ECS developed this build to [...]

What to Know: Buying Your First BMW E30 3-Series

Regarded as one of the most successful and desirable enthusiast cars, the BMW E30 3-series offers a connected and dynamic driving experience in a vintage car without being overly expensive or difficult to maintain. Known for their rear wheel drive, six cylinder, manual transmission variants, BMW continued their sport-compact segment with the new E30 3-Series [...]

ECS Now Offering Rohana Wheels

Introduction We are proud to announce the addition of Rohana Wheels to ECSTuning.com. Rohana offers superior quality aftermarket wheels in several styles and colors. The RC Series carries the most concave designs utilizing three concavities per wheel model. The engineers at Rohana took an additional step to ensure each vehicle is able to utilize the most [...]

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Understanding Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Introduction: You might ask, why install wheels with different offset and backspacing? There are two reasons; for performance, and for looks. Wider tires and an increased track width can create a dramatic improvement in traction and handling, and many cars simply look better with larger and wider wheels and tires, especially when looking for an [...]

Tire Sizing & Ratings – All Makes & Models

Introduction: This PDF has been created for informational purposes to help answer any questions you might have on tire sizing and ratings (Passenger Car tires only). After reading this PDF you will understand: * What is printed on the sidewall of a tire * How to quickly read and understand tire ratings * How to [...]

ECS Wheel Stud Conversion Kit Installation Instructions

Introduction Our wheel stud conversion kits offer the following features and benefits: Faster wheel installation as the studs make it easy to line up the wheel on the hub Peace of mind knowing that studs are a safer way to ensure proper wheel-to-hub contact No more need for a wheel hanger to mount wheels You [...]

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