Genuine OEM Parts are the only way to go: You Can’t Change Our Minds

Car enthusiasts are just as concerned with keeping their vehicles maintained as they are with adding power. If your car is broken down, it doesn’t matter how much power it makes! The biggest hassle with maintenance is needing to do the same job twice or more. How do we ensure the parts we are using will stand the test of time and keep our cars on the road? The answer is simple: by using Genuine OEM parts or OEM suppliers, you know that each new part is going to function and last as long as the manufacturer intended for the best results.

ECS Tuning offers myriad aftermarket components and upgrades from nearly all the top vendors, but we also pride ourselves on our inventory of Genuine OEM parts for the true enthusiast who is concerned with keeping their car running with the top-shelf parts trusted by the manufacturer. Genuine Audi, BMW, Porsche, MINI, and Volkswagen parts give you the peace of mind that your replacement components are exactly right for the car.

Many times, reproduction parts are not held to the same standards or do not account for the same parameters the OEM manufacturers knew would need to be addressed for the perfect function. To quote quite possibly the only profound line from an otherwise terrible movie, “its one thing to understand how to bolt (aftermarket) parts to your car, but its another thing entirely to understand how they all work together.” (Born To Race, 2011).

The research, development, and stringent tolerances of Genuine OEM parts absolutely guarantees that each part will function as intended and last for the full duration of the expected and necessary lifespan of the component. Make sure your next maintenance project includes only Genuine parts for the best fitment, perfect function, and assured durability. Check out our selection of full parts catalogs for your European vehicle!