ECS Tuning Virtual Car Show 2021 Presented By RaceChip

Every year, we open up the chance for our whole community to participate in a completely Virtual Car Show. Last year, amidst the pandemic, it was one of the few, if only, events many of us had a chance to enter. This year, while we’re heading back to normality, we’re still going to bring you [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga 6: Official Coverage

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of returning to reality after a weekend you’ve anticipated for months. Every year, I look forward to my return trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Riverside Spring Meet where I catch up with all my childhood friends, make new ones, and enjoy some of the best builds the East [...]

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From the Files of Ben Battles: Artistic Arteon

If you’re a regular reader of our quaint little blog here, you’ve seen plenty of gorgeous shots by the talented Ben Battles. Articles like his escapades at the Lane Motor Museum or the Smart Fortwo Passion come straight from his camera lens and are brought to life with his crisp, dark, aesthetic for your eyeballs [...]

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Labor Of Love: Bogdan’s Bagged Mercedes Benz 190e

There are nearly infinite avenues to explore in the world of cars. One that has become particularly fascinating as it has evolved is the stance movement. It involves taking a car and focusing on building the cleanest execution possible, fitting rare wheels built to insane specs, and giving the suspension necessary modifications to emulate concept [...]

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Slammedenuff Nashville Event Coverage

Whatever your position on stay at home orders might be, the simple fact is we are all ready to return our lives to some measure of normality. We have missed many of our favorite car shows, events, track days, and even simple nights out for dinner thanks to national lockdowns. Fortunately, as the country begins [...]

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Slammedenuff Nashville Part 1

Being a car enthusiast is much bigger than simply loving a material object. It is about experiences, good or bad, about learning, and most importantly, about the community with which you surround yourself. The friends you make, the shared passion between them, and the growth you experience together are who add depth to an otherwise [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga: Event Coverage

Parked in Karey's garage before some repairs Friday, March 13th, was anything but an unlucky Friday for us. While the official Riverside V meet had been axed by the Governor, the car enthusiasts who had descended on Chattanooga were determined to persist with several pop-up meets on a much smaller scale. The weekend was a more [...]

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SEMA 2019: ECS Tuning Gallery

SEMA is the largest automotive expo in the world. It offers some of the best and brightest from around the community that bring new products, builds, and their determination to the center stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We have not been heavily present at this show, both as a result of our [...]

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Wheel Fitment, Spacers, Hub-Centric Rings, and Wheel Sizing Explained

Whether you think wheels and a drop constitute a build or not, realistically, proper fitment on excellent wheels and your choice of lowering methods make a car completely different. A lowered height, good wheel choice, and proper wheel fitment drastically improves the look of a car and can take it from boring commuter to [...]

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