Should You Eat In Your Car?

With the only options for food across the country limited to take-out and drive-through, it made me think: are we more distracted driving now, even though we’re driving less, because of the temptation to eat in our cars? Naturally, I had to do some exploration. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough time to find data on [...]

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How To Clean Your Car With Zach Jobe and Donut Media

You may have read our recent article about what you need to inspect or possibly do to safely bring your car out of storage as we prepare for normal activities to ramp up again, which is good. If you followed that checklist through, you probably saw where we talked about washing your car, detailing it, [...]

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Upgrades you can Afford with the 2020 Stimulus Check

Millions of Americans woke up this morning to an extra $1,200 in their accounts thanks to the Congressionally passed ‘Covid-19 Stimulus Bill’ that is designed to help reinvigorate the economy and provide much-needed assistance to those out of work struggling to pay for necessities. If you’re like most people, this stimulus check is effectively money [...]

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How to Organize Your Project Goals

Organization is important. It’s all about developing good habits and creating structure in your life that allows you to accomplish more and stay motivated. With car projects, I have this tendency to jump around on what I want to do. It's easy to think of all the things I want to do, but difficult to [...]

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ECS Tuning COVID-19 Operations and Update

We at ECS Tuning are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers; and being your retailer of choice for OEM, aftermarket, and performance parts. As the COVID-19 virus has affected the globe, we are carefully following the precautions and recommendations made by health officials so we can still provide what [...]

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Riverside V ‘Unofficial’

When Julian Burkett of German Auto Pros and I began prepping my E30 for the 9-hour drive down to my hometown of Chattanooga, TN for Riverside V, we were only concerned with ensuring my BMW would make it there and back without issues. Stretched tires, less than an inch of ground clearance from my oil [...]

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