So You Want To Do An Engine Swap?

Engine swaps are fairly common, even among the non-enthusiast crowd. Whether you’re simply swapping in an identical engine to replace a completely broken one or trying to stuff the biggest thing you can into your little VW for all the power, the fundamental principles are roughly the same. In this article, we’re going to cover [...]

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Eurodistrict 2020: ECS Tuning Road Trip and Schedule

Well, we had a truncated event schedule this year due to lockdowns all summer and continuing restrictions nationwide, but we are at least able to head to one of our favorite annual shows. This weekend, we’re driving south to Jeffersonville, Indiana to attend Eurodistrict 2020. The rescheduled make-up show is happening this time in cold [...]

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‘Unofficial’ H2Oi 2020 Part 2: Landfall of the Storm

After endless amounts of research, reading the social media posts, watching the videos, and preparing myself for H2Oi, I felt like I had a grasp on what to expect in Ocean City for the annual ‘unsanctioned’ event. What I found was something entirely different, yet exactly the same, as everyone had described to me before [...]

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Slammedenuff Nashville Part 1

Being a car enthusiast is much bigger than simply loving a material object. It is about experiences, good or bad, about learning, and most importantly, about the community with which you surround yourself. The friends you make, the shared passion between them, and the growth you experience together are who add depth to an otherwise [...]

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Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the BMW E30

The E30 is one of the most iconic cars of the last three decades and cemented BMW as the perfect choice for a compact, rear-wheel-drive, performance coupe. It offered multiple body styles, engine choices, trim packages, and over 2.4 million were produced between 1982 and 1994. With such a celebrated history, there is little that [...]

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Riverside V ‘Unofficial’

When Julian Burkett of German Auto Pros and I began prepping my E30 for the 9-hour drive down to my hometown of Chattanooga, TN for Riverside V, we were only concerned with ensuring my BMW would make it there and back without issues. Stretched tires, less than an inch of ground clearance from my oil [...]

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Riverside 2020 and Show Season Maintenance

Here we go again. I am about to drive back to my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee for a meet I look forward to every spring: Riverside. I have a love/hate relationship with the show, but I still consider it my favorite. That relationship, though, has nothing to do with the meet itself. It’s with my [...]

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The Best of 2019 at ECS Tuning

2020 is upon us. Yesterday, we took a look back at some of the decade’s car trends and made some predictions about trends to come. Today, we’re just going to reminisce about 2019. We were quite busy this year, but some highlights stick out in my mind as the best moments throughout the year. These [...]

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Winter Projects and the ECS Tuning Holiday Sale

What makes modifying a car so much fun is the possibility before you begin throwing parts at your project. When it is a blank slate and you’re deciding which route to go is the time to enjoy before you look back on challenges bested and modifications finished. Unfortunately, I’m at that point where my project [...]

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