The GTI Celebrates Its 45th Birthday: A History Of The GTI And A Look To The Future

In 1974, Volkswagen introduced the three and five-door hatchback oddly named the Golf as a modern replacement for the already five-decade-old Type 1 Beetle. Now, forty-five years later, we are eagerly awaiting the US-release of the new MK8 that continues the legacy of the staple hot-hatchback. Before the refresh makes it to our shores, though, [...]

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Volkswagen MK4 Common Problems

The MK4 platform is one of the best-selling VW models of all time, especially if you include all the possible variants. The Jetta, Beetle, and Golf all shared the MK4 platform from 1998-2005 (give or take, some versions started later, others ended later). With several engine options, layouts, and even models to choose between, it's [...]

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Best Mods for the VW MK7 Golf R

Tracing its roots to the MK2 Golf Rallye, the latest iteration to bear the R badge from Volkswagen is the MK7/7.5 Golf R. The legendary Golf R is the beefier big brother to the GTI, which already sports amazing performance potential, but lacks the total package found in the top-of-the-line hot hatchback from Wolfsburg. With [...]

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Why You Need Hubcentric Rings for Aftermarket Wheels

Lately, many customers have asked us about hubcentric rings and hubcentric spacers. We would love to answer that question and educate everyone on some other related terminology to ensure the next time you go to buy wheels, you’ll have an understanding of what you need to know to make the right choice. Here is everything [...]

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