H2oi 2021 – The End of an Era?

Last year, I attended the ‘unofficial’ H2oi in Ocean City, Maryland for the first time. What I witnessed that weekend in person and through social media from a distance disheartened and upset me, but it was only a fraction of what that ‘event’ offered. I also found incredible people, true down-to-earth enthusiasts, with the spirit [...]

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‘Unofficial’ H2Oi 2020 Part 2: Landfall of the Storm

After endless amounts of research, reading the social media posts, watching the videos, and preparing myself for H2Oi, I felt like I had a grasp on what to expect in Ocean City for the annual ‘unsanctioned’ event. What I found was something entirely different, yet exactly the same, as everyone had described to me before [...]

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Gathering Storm: H2Oi Unofficial Part 1

Every September, a sleepy beachfront town in Maryland is inundated with modified cars for what used to be the site of H2Oi, a primarily Audi and Volkswagen show. As most of the car community knows now, though, H2Oi was ‘officially’ canceled a few years ago and moved to Atlantic City. The rebellious crowd of enthusiasts [...]

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