Volkswagen MK4 Common Problems

The MK4 platform is one of the best-selling VW models of all time, especially if you include all the possible variants. The Jetta, Beetle, and Golf all shared the MK4 platform from 1998-2005 (give or take, some versions started later, others ended later). With several engine options, layouts, and even models to choose between, it's [...]

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Why the MK4 GTI 1.8t is a Perfect Project for 2019

When the GTI was first introduced in 1976 to European markets, it quickly defined a segment of its own creation as a hot hatchback. It was an immensely successful platform that was designed around an attempt to replace the already ancient VW Beetle. Eventually, it became the brand’s best-selling namesake to date. Currently, we are [...]

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