Riverside Chattanooga Fall 2020 Event Coverage

After I witnessed what was possibly the worst example of ‘car enthusiasm’ at Ocean City last weekend, Chattanooga Tennessee’s Riverside Fall 2020 was as wonderful an experience as it always has been for me and an opposite experience to H2Oi. Riverside is my hometown show. It started in 2014 and has been a staple in [...]

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Gathering Storm: H2Oi Unofficial Part 1

Every September, a sleepy beachfront town in Maryland is inundated with modified cars for what used to be the site of H2Oi, a primarily Audi and Volkswagen show. As most of the car community knows now, though, H2Oi was ‘officially’ canceled a few years ago and moved to Atlantic City. The rebellious crowd of enthusiasts [...]

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How To Add Power To Your BMW E36 M3

There are quite a few characteristics of the E36 M3 that made it famous. It has incredible balance in terms of power and handling, it has a rigid chassis, bulletproof engine options between the two US-Spec and one ROW-spec engine, they look freaking sick with proper fitment and some simple exterior upgrades, and they have [...]

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How To Protect Your BMW E9X M3 With This Skid Plate Install DIY

With the prices of BMW E9X M3 reaching affordable levels, it's no surprise the M-powered legend doesn't last long on the second-hand market. When you can pick a 414hp high-strung V8 powered luxury sports compact with no compromise to reliability and quality or a thirty-year-old Nissan with no parts availability and half the horsepower, it's [...]

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Common Problems For The BMW E92 M3

If you are looking at an E92 M3 or just purchased one, you’re in for one of the most rewarding driving experiences available, especially for cars at that price point. For roughly $25,000, you can have a 414hp S65-powered coupe with a manual or DCT transmission that perfectly balances luxury and performance for a stellar [...]

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How To Add Over 50HP To Your BMW E92 M3

The BMW E92 M3 is a 414hp high-strung performance platform that carries the M3 name well. It was the first V8 and final naturally-aspirated version of the M3 ever developed and it has certainly aged well since it debuted in 2007. The snappy nature of the E92 M3 thanks to its high-revving V8 and its [...]

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Best Visual Upgrades For Your BMW E92 M3

With the prices of E92 M3s finally dropping to affordable levels, they are quickly becoming one of the best performance bargains on the market. The S65 V8 produces an astonishing amount of power even in stock form and the chassis is well balanced for impressive handling characteristics. A luxurious interior paired with an optional manual [...]

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Slammedenuff Nashville Event Coverage

Whatever your position on stay at home orders might be, the simple fact is we are all ready to return our lives to some measure of normality. We have missed many of our favorite car shows, events, track days, and even simple nights out for dinner thanks to national lockdowns. Fortunately, as the country begins [...]

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Upgrade Your E46 M3 for Power on a Budget

If you have an E46 M3, we don’t need to tell you how awesome it is. With the values at an all-time affordability for new enthusiasts to pick up, there are likely quite a few of us who grew up with the E46 M3 as our dream car who now are able to snag one. [...]

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