Love/Hate Engines – How To Make Your N54 or 2.7T Reliable

As engines age, they inherently become more attention-demanding as their parts wear. Some engines, though, are simply considered unreliable due to common failures even during their lower-mileage life. That doesn’t mean they are worth writing off, however. The BMW N54 and Audi 2.7T are both regularly called ‘unreliable’ but their performance potential outweighs any fears [...]

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Top BMW 135i Upgrades for Power and Performance

With most of the preventative replacements and maintenance, there isn’t much you can do to improve performance. However, once you’ve completed that maintenance, you can begin to modify your 135i with performance parts that give you more power and, in some cases, remedy some issues you might otherwise encounter. The 135i, especially the early N54-powered [...]

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How Reliable is the BMW 135i N54

BMW has always been successful with their compact sports car platforms. It’s in their roots. As their models grew in size with every generation, they saw a need to create a new model that filled in the gap they had created with the bulking-up of their iconic 3-series. In 2008, the world was given the [...]

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APEX Wheels: the Best Option for Your BMW

When you build a car, often the moment it all comes together is when you fit that perfect set of wheels and tires that fill the fenders and add an aggressive appearance to the car with better fitment and more stylish looks. This changes much more than just the look of the car, it changes [...]

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