The GTI Celebrates Its 45th Birthday: A History Of The GTI And A Look To The Future

In 1974, Volkswagen introduced the three and five-door hatchback oddly named the Golf as a modern replacement for the already five-decade-old Type 1 Beetle. Now, forty-five years later, we are eagerly awaiting the US-release of the new MK8 that continues the legacy of the staple hot-hatchback. Before the refresh makes it to our shores, though, [...]

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Slammedenuff Nashville Part 1

Being a car enthusiast is much bigger than simply loving a material object. It is about experiences, good or bad, about learning, and most importantly, about the community with which you surround yourself. The friends you make, the shared passion between them, and the growth you experience together are who add depth to an otherwise [...]

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Enthusiast Built: Evan’s VW MK5 R32

Greatest hits albums have always been a sore subject with me. While I enjoy hearing all the subjectively ‘best’ songs by my favorite artists, I have always lamented the compartmentalizing nature of compilations that pick and choose from other albums. They always feel like pieces from different puzzles forced to fit together since, generally speaking, [...]

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Top Mods and Maintenance for your VW MK5 R32

Over ten years ago, Volkswagen introduced the MK5 R32 as the beefed-up hatchback that replaced the MK4 version with an updated VR6, Haldex AWD, and the first-ever for VW Direct Shift Gearbox. The brand new rounded style continues to define the Golf lineup, which makes the MK5 look relevant even at more than a decade [...]

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A Quick Trip: Quick Everett’s shot by Ben Battles

Recently, I was invited to Quick Everett’s garage, a top-notch automotive repair shop in Chattanooga, TN by one of the owners, Hal Everett. Quick Everett’s opened its doors in 2018 and has taken off to be one of the areas premier specialist shops. They work on all things foreign and domestic – but mostly foreign. [...]

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