The ECS Tuning BMW E46 M3 Buyer’s Guide

The BMW E46 M3 has always been considered one of the most celebrated dedicated performance platforms. It’s powerful, rear-wheel drive, includes a limited-slip differential, was equipped with either a manual transmission or a single-clutch automated manual, and checks all the boxes for enthusiasts. However, as with any high-performance BMW built with cutting-edge technology, there are [...]

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Most Common BMW E46 M3 Problems

The E46 M3 is considered the last analog M3 and is still used today as the benchmark quintessential sports car. With a celebrated history, massive enthusiast community, and astounding aftermarket support, it has maintained relevance and still commands a premium price, even for SMG-equipped examples. Despite all those positives, and the 333bhp S54 power plant [...]

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