Best Early Black Friday Car Parts Deals + Spin To Win Sweepstakes!

Being an adult around the holidays is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re responsible for your gifts, which means Santa won’t bring anything you haven’t had to foot the bill for. On the other hand, who says you have to wait until Christmas morning to open those boxes of parts and tools you [...]

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The Basics Of Wheel Fitment

In the modern car scene, it’s all about perfect wheel fitment. Even the best build can be passed over by enthusiasts if the fitment is weak, especially since achieving that perfect wheel fitment and suspension setup isn’t all that difficult. If you’re curious as to how you can give your car perfect stance and fitment, [...]

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Project Car Rescue!

If you’re a car enthusiast of any kind, you’ve probably seen countless YouTube videos or programs where the host pulls some junky old car out of a field and brings it back to life. Due to the rising cost of 'cool' cars, it has become increasingly popular for enthusiasts to search for broken or forgotten [...]

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How to Get Your Car Ready To Drive Again After Not Driving For Weeks

While we’re all sheltering in place, we’ve come to realize how much this adversity has affected nearly every function of our daily lives. Staying in and limiting our trips to stores for essential supplies is certainly the best course of action, but we’re now seeing unexpected outcomes from doing so and I’m not talking about [...]

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Schwaben Professional BMW Scan Tool: Battery Replacement

Anytime the battery is replaced on your newer BMW, you must register it using a scan tool.  This will only work, however, with an identical battery to the factory equipped battery being uninstalled. The battery will not register if you change from Lead Acid to AMG. Using an identical battery to factory equipment, this will [...]

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How to Bleed Your Brakes Alone or With a Friend

Brake service is a regular part of owning any car. We don’t have to explain to you why brakes, and their condition, are important for a car’s functionality. However, one part of the brake system that is often overlooked is the fluid and brake lines. With brake lines and fluid, much of their condition is [...]

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Christmas Shopping Ideas at ECS Tuning

Every year, we have to do it. Whether you are a die-hard, mistletoe-snorting, holly, jolly, Santa-tracking, decorations-in-October kind of Christmas freak or the Grinch-doesn’t-cut-it type of naysayer, you still have to consider all the people in your life and what you will do for each other. You’ll need to find gifts and probably have a [...]

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Top Mods and Maintenance for your VW MK5 R32

Over ten years ago, Volkswagen introduced the MK5 R32 as the beefed-up hatchback that replaced the MK4 version with an updated VR6, Haldex AWD, and the first-ever for VW Direct Shift Gearbox. The brand new rounded style continues to define the Golf lineup, which makes the MK5 look relevant even at more than a decade [...]

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for a Car Enthusiast

In the classic film Dawn of the Dead, audiences were shown the first cinematic piece featuring a zombie outbreak and mass hysteria. Similarly to the out-of-nowhere horde of brain-hungry corpses, the Holiday season brings a seemingly overnight invasion of Holley leaves, tinsel, and public domain characters that mindlessly occupy the country. Along with the flood of decorations comes the wave of depression, anxiety, and Santa-induced stress that obnoxiously waves at you from your neighbor’s lawn as a fifty-foot-tall inflatable harbinger of doom.

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