The Basics Of Wheel Fitment

In the modern car scene, it’s all about perfect wheel fitment. Even the best build can be passed over by enthusiasts if the fitment is weak, especially since achieving that perfect wheel fitment and suspension setup isn’t all that difficult. If you’re curious as to how you can give your car perfect stance and fitment, [...]

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ECS Tuning Virtual Car Show 2021 Presented By RaceChip

Every year, we open up the chance for our whole community to participate in a completely Virtual Car Show. Last year, amidst the pandemic, it was one of the few, if only, events many of us had a chance to enter. This year, while we’re heading back to normality, we’re still going to bring you [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga 6: Official Coverage

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of returning to reality after a weekend you’ve anticipated for months. Every year, I look forward to my return trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Riverside Spring Meet where I catch up with all my childhood friends, make new ones, and enjoy some of the best builds the East [...]

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Best Use Of Your $1,400 Stimulus Check? ECS Coilovers and Tekniform Wheels

Warm weather is already here for much of the country. After we survived that nasty polar vortex, the rising temperatures are certainly welcome, especially for those of us itching to get back to enjoying our cars. Shows will ramp up soon, the first one on our schedule is next weekend at Riverside 6 in Chattanooga, [...]

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Best Upgrades for your VW MK4 GTI 1.8T

The Volkswagen MK4 GTI with the 1.8T engine is one of the most commonly modified platforms available. Thanks to its availability, affordability, and the aftermarket support offered for this engine, it’s more of a question of where to start rather than what to do. Everyone knows bolt-on upgrades paired with a software tune are the [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga Fall 2020 Event Coverage

After I witnessed what was possibly the worst example of ‘car enthusiasm’ at Ocean City last weekend, Chattanooga Tennessee’s Riverside Fall 2020 was as wonderful an experience as it always has been for me and an opposite experience to H2Oi. Riverside is my hometown show. It started in 2014 and has been a staple in [...]

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Slammedenuff Nashville Event Coverage

Whatever your position on stay at home orders might be, the simple fact is we are all ready to return our lives to some measure of normality. We have missed many of our favorite car shows, events, track days, and even simple nights out for dinner thanks to national lockdowns. Fortunately, as the country begins [...]

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