For most BMW owners, your cars are more than something that fills a necessity. Your BMW is a source of enjoyment. Whether you take your BMW to an occasional track event or just enjoy a spirited drive blasting tunes down your favorite road, having a brake system capable of providing sufficient force is critical. From Seattle, Washington, Sparta Evolution is a recent breakout success who manufacture high-performance big brake kits to compete with the biggest names in racing brake solutions. Their specially designed big brake conversion kits for your BMW are meticulously engineered to bring precise stopping power to your street performance car, a weekend track toy, or dedicated competitive race car.

Triton R

For those of you who spend every free minute driving your BMW on the track, the Sparta Evolution Triton R Big Brake Kits were designed with dedicated track performance in mind. The front and rear calipers are forged aluminum for strength and weight savings, offering a 15% weight reduction over the standard Triton models. The Triton R calipers are available in 4 or 6 piston variants housed in their larger frame for better ventilation of the castellated pistons. The Triton R calipers use a through bolt system for durability and offer fast pad changes with quick release pad retainer pins to give you more time on the track and less working on your car.


Their mid-range kit is the Triton Big Brake Kit, that offers similar characteristics to its big brother, the Triton R, but at a lower cost. This kit is available in both 4 or 6 piston variations for most models and features the same Sparta Evolution DSS (dual seal system) as their other brake calipers. This kit is excellent if you enjoy track days as well as daily driving your BMW, but do not need the additional weight savings seen in the more aggressive Triton R kit.


Sparta Evolution’s street-oriented upgrade solution is the Saturn Big Brake Kit. These calipers are forged aluminum like the others but are a solid caliper design. With 4 or 6 piston options like the Triton and Triton R calipers, these brakes still provide significant improvements over the factory or even upgraded brakes as they still feature the same larger frame for efficient ventilation and excellent durability. The calipers function similarly to the Triton and Triton R, but are the heaviest of the three aluminum caliper choices, making them more appropriate for street use and some mild track use. These calipers are also powder-coated rather than anodized like the other options for cost savings, but can be anodized optionally.

The Sparta Evolution Big Brake Kits all include Pegasus S-Groove 2-Piece Rotors that offer both longevity and predictable braking. Their ten S-Slot grooves contact the brake pad with a leading edge which offers a fresh friction surface for consistent pedal feel and even pad wear over the life of the SPP 1.5 performance pads also provided in their kits. These pads have a high initial bite in a low-temperature range to be used in daily or spirited driving so you can install and use these big brake kits on the street straight out of the box. All kits do include the upgraded stainless steel braided brake lines, which are Teflon-coated, for improved pedal feel and better durability.

With no more work than a standard brake service, your BMW can benefit from the most capable brakes available and do it for less by choosing Sparta Evolution. These kits are light, thanks to the forged aluminum calipers, are drivable on and off the track and are simple to install to provide improved braking feel and performance. Make your BMW drive the way you imagined on the road and perform the way you want on the track with Sparta Evolution Big Brake solutions.


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