We’re going to go the opposite direction here that we normally do, literally and figuratively speaking. While ECS Tuning is primarily concerned with street and track performance, we do have an adventurous side. So too does M7 Speed, a well-known manufacturer of aftermarket upgrades for MINI variants. While ordinarily, we would be talking about how to achieve a lower center of gravity or ways to improve your AutoX times, the new kits from M7 Speed are actually just the opposite. If you have a MINI Countryman, Paceman, or Clubman (or a BMW X1) and want to take the less beaten path, then the new Lift Kits from M7 Speed are right up your alley. 

Whether you just want more clearance for some beefy boi tires or have plans to tackle some serious overlanding trips, these kits are the perfect modifications for you. The newfound ground clearance and tire clearance will allow your MINI to hit the trails, gobble up snow, and generally just enjoy a go-anywhere attitude often absent from traditional tuning methods. While it may not be as ‘scene’ as slamming your MINI to the ground, you can certainly expect just as many smiles behind the wheel of your lifted compact adventure mobile and to turn quite a few heads rolling around in one chunky little off-roader. 

There are two specific kits from M7 Speed, one for the R60 and R61 and a kit for the F54, F60, and F48 X1. With either kit, you can expect over two inches of lift from extensively tested and exceptional quality components designed to meet whatever conditions you want to drive through with your MINI. 

The lift kits are packaged in bundles and are available to varying degrees of completeness. While the full M7 Stage 4 bundle kit features a hefty list of additional upgrades beyond the suspension lift plates, it is the fastest way to hit all the high points for turning your MINI into an aggressive rig. And when we say aggressive, we mean it. This kit was extensively tested by M7 and MINI at the Sonora Rally in Mexico. These kits give you the durability and are tailored to meet your off-road needs.

Of course, there are more options to create the perfect kit for you. With options for different sway bar diameters, Bilstein HDB6 Performance Shocks, a Monster Strut Tower Brace, and even a skid plate and brush guard, your MINI can be adventure-ready to your exact specifications.

The customizable nature of these kits allows you to either buy everything you need from a single package or supplement the M7 Speed lifty bits with end links, sway bars, dampers, rock guards, and more of your choosing. The most important thing is to get out there, build your rig, and start exploring. Even if it is just a freak snow day in April, the M7 Speed Suspension Lift Kits for your MINI Clubman, Paceman, Countryman, or BMW X1 offer you the freedoms of off-road exploration, rugged dependability, and a go-anywhere capability missing from your life.

M7 Speed Lift Kits:

Front/Rear Lift Kits F48/MINI

R60 Stage 1 Kit