5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Car to Wheel Studs

Most passenger cars today are equipped with lug-studs, which mate to their female threads on the hub and hold the wheel in place. They work perfectly for holding the factory wheels to the hub and are not something a ‘normal’ commuter would think twice about. However, if you have ever had to service your car [...]

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How To Make More Horsepower In Your Turbo Car with Water Meth Injection

When it comes to performance cars, tuners are generally in one of two camps: naturally aspirated or forced induction. Naturally aspirated vehicles offer a smooth power band, but the only way to pull massive horsepower and torque gains from an NA is with more displacement or by introducing a means of forced induction. Turbo [...]

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Vendor Spotlight: Black Forest Industries

In 2001, Black Forest Industries was founded to provide Audi and VW parts to the growing European Tuning Community in America. Their unique, high-quality, performance parts are designed to improve both the aesthetics and driving experience of your Audi or VW and are renowned for their exceptional shift knobs available for nearly all European [...]

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The ECS Tuning MK4 GTI 20th Anniversary

One of the benefits of being a producer and vendor of performance parts is the collection of performance vehicles sitting around the shop that are necessary for testing and development. Our own MK4 GTI 20th Anniversary is one of the cars that always seems to evoke powerful emotions from the ECS family. Not [...]

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ECS Tuning & StopTech 2018 VW MK7.5 GTI Sweepstakes; Presented by Racingline

If you have ever wanted a brand new GTI, this is your chance to take one home for $50. We are excited to announce the ECS Tuning and StopTech 2018 MK7.5 GTI Sweepstakes; presented by Racingline! The fully loaded and customized VW MK7.5 facelift GTI will find its way to one of our customers this [...]

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Product Spotlight: MK6 GTI Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Induction System

The VW MK6 offers an excellent tuning platform across all its variations. The downsides of production cars are the sacrifices made in their design which favor comfort for performance. The brand new ECS Luft-Technik Intake System or Kohlefaser Carbon Fiber Intake will a bit of that power with improved airflow and the added benefit visual [...]

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