Best Use of Your 2022 Tax Return Part 1: Maintenance!

It’s tax time once again here in the United States, which means many of us receive a nice chunk of change back in the form of tax returns. This year, the average returns as of early February are around 2,200, though it’s of course based on your income and tax bracket. Regardless, this time of [...]

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Snow Tires? Snow Problem!

Hey, you, with the all-seasons on your daily-driven car. How’d you fare in the snowpocalypse this past week? Not great? Yeah, we feel you. Why didn’t you get ahead of that weather with some tires designed to handle snow, ice, and wintery slush? You could have been out there having a great time, Quattro or [...]

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Best Upgrades For Your Project Car

Last week, we covered the first steps you should take with a new project car or build. The focus was on setting your project up for success with maintenance on the front end so you can enjoy upgrades worry-free down the road. Well, this edition of Tuned In Weekly is all about the fun stuff [...]

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Project Car First Steps – Maintenance Time!

There’s nothing more exciting than picking up a new project car, especially if it already runs and drives. Even if it doesn’t, often, what’s kept it off the road is something simple enough. However, regardless of whether it’s been sitting derelict for a long time or has just seen better days, there’s a reason why [...]

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So You Want To Do An Engine Swap?

Engine swaps are fairly common, even among the non-enthusiast crowd. Whether you’re simply swapping in an identical engine to replace a completely broken one or trying to stuff the biggest thing you can into your little VW for all the power, the fundamental principles are roughly the same. In this article, we’re going to cover [...]

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Project Car Rescue!

If you’re a car enthusiast of any kind, you’ve probably seen countless YouTube videos or programs where the host pulls some junky old car out of a field and brings it back to life. Due to the rising cost of 'cool' cars, it has become increasingly popular for enthusiasts to search for broken or forgotten [...]

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Car Season 2021 Schedule: Recap And Update

This summer has already proven itself as the make-up season for last year and then some. What began somewhat slowly has exploded into an event-packed few weeks with plenty of more shows to come. Already we’ve had the pleasure of attending many stellar events, which we’ll catch you up on in this week’s article, but [...]

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Virtual Car Show 2021 Celebrity Judging Announcement

On Friday at 11:59 PM ET, our Virtual Car Show 2021 entry period ended. We’ve received an incredible amount of your entries for the four categories; Bagged Fitment, Static Fitment, Daily Driver, and Oddball. This is our fourth year hosting a Virtual Car Show, but marks the first year we’ve offered a specific category for [...]

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