Built by Mike: UltraX5 Progress and BIG NEWS!

If you’ve kept up with Built By Mike this season, you’ve watched our mad scientist Mike Day take his (relatively) tame winter beater X5 from a mild overlander to a wild Ultra4 behemoth. Now, as we approach the conclusion of this stage of the build, we have a HUGE announcement: Mike, some of our ECS [...]

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What’s Left of the Summer

Well folks, after wearing a hoodie more days than not this week, we’re definitely here at the tail end of our season as we approach September. Last week, we wrote about some of the steps you can take to get ahead of next season and make the most out of what remains of the [...]

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Five Years of ECS Articles

Hello to all of our loyal readers of Tuned In Weekly and our ECS Blog, it’s Craig here, your friendly writer and BMW nerd. After writing this blog for five years, starting the Tuned In weekly series, and running the ECS social media accounts, I am sad to announce that this is my final contribution [...]

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ECS Axle Delete Plugs and Center Diff Delete Are Here!

As enthusiasts, we ultimately want more from our cars. We build them around a goal, whether that’s for motorsport competition, shows, or just for fun, all that matters is making the car a reflection of yourself. We understand that intimately here at ECS and often find ourselves pursuing product development solely for selfish reasons because [...]

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Give Yourself A Lift: Overlanding & Off-roading Coming To ECS!

Since our reorganization from a service and repair facility into a performance parts developer and retailer, most of our attention has been exclusively focused around upgrades and parts for street and track oriented European vehicles. As many of our employees have started to explore other avenues of automotive enjoyment, we’ve seen firsthand the cool build [...]

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Best Use For 2022 Tax Return Part 2: Performance!

Last week, we focused on the more sensible option for investing your tax return in your daily transportation. However, we know some of you are either magnetically attracted to the fun go-fast bits or you’ve got all your maintenance under control. For you, this week we’re looking at some of our favorite upgrades that are [...]

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New ECS Performance Upgrades 2022

If two massive snowfalls weren’t enough to make you desperate for warm weather and longer days, the realization that car season is only a few weeks away for most of us sure is. We’re already itching to get back to working on our cars in some comfortable temperatures, which means now is the time we’re [...]

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