Riverside Chattanooga: Event Coverage

Parked in Karey's garage before some repairs Friday, March 13th, was anything but an unlucky Friday for us. While the official Riverside V meet had been axed by the Governor, the car enthusiasts who had descended on Chattanooga were determined to persist with several pop-up meets on a much smaller scale. The weekend was a more [...]

ECS Tuning COVID-19 Operations and Update

We at ECS Tuning are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers; and being your retailer of choice for OEM, aftermarket, and performance parts. As the COVID-19 virus has affected the globe, we are carefully following the precautions and recommendations made by health officials so we can still provide what you [...]

Staying Busy While Staying Home: Assembled by ECS Kits

With the number of states that are taking precautions over the COVID-19 outbreak growing, we know that leaves many of us at home while we wait for everything to settle and clear. That is the right move for the sake of our country’s health, but it is incredibly hard to stay busy and motivated as [...]

Riverside V ‘Unofficial’

When Julian Burkett of German Auto Pros and I began prepping my E30 for the 9-hour drive down to my hometown of Chattanooga, TN for Riverside V, we were only concerned with ensuring my BMW would make it there and back without issues. Stretched tires, less than an inch of ground clearance from my oil [...]

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Riverside 2020 and Show Season Maintenance

Here we go again. I am about to drive back to my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee for a meet I look forward to every spring: Riverside. I have a love/hate relationship with the show, but I still consider it my favorite. That relationship, though, has nothing to do with the meet itself. It’s with my [...]

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Top BMW 135i Upgrades for Power and Performance

With most of the preventative replacements and maintenance, there isn’t much you can do to improve performance. However, once you’ve completed that maintenance, you can begin to modify your 135i with performance parts that give you more power and, in some cases, remedy some issues you might otherwise encounter. The 135i, especially the early N54-powered [...]

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How Reliable is the BMW 135i N54

BMW has always been successful with their compact sports car platforms. It’s in their roots. As their models grew in size with every generation, they saw a need to create a new model that filled in the gap they had created with the bulking-up of their iconic 3-series. In 2008, the world was given the [...]

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Schwaben Professional BMW Scan Tool: Battery Replacement

Anytime the battery is replaced on your newer BMW, you must register it using a scan tool.  This will only work, however, with an identical battery to the factory equipped battery being uninstalled. The battery will not register if you change from Lead Acid to AMG. Using an identical battery to factory equipment, this will [...]

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How to Lower Your BMW With No Downsides

If you want to show off, you build your engine. If you want your car to perform well around corners and put all your power to the ground, you tune your suspension. Of course, you can just lower your car for looks, and that’s fine, but you aren’t receiving all the benefits from a lower [...]

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