Winter Projects and the ECS Tuning Holiday Sale

What makes modifying a car so much fun is the possibility before you begin throwing parts at your project. When it is a blank slate and you’re deciding which route to go is the time to enjoy before you look back on challenges bested and modifications finished. Unfortunately, I’m at that point where my project [...]

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CYBER Monday Deals at ECS Tuning

CYBER Monday is the recent addition to the Black Friday madness that includes all the sweet deals, sometimes better deals, but leaves out the nastiness of going to a physical store and dealing with the public. Personally, I hate shopping at brick and mortar stores, even when there are deals. For one, you have to [...]

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The Best Deals This Year for Black Friday and Thanksgiving at ECS Tuning

Thanksgiving is a polarizing holiday. If you are excited about food, you are reminded of those who don’t have any. If you are thankful for family, you are again reminded of those who don’t have any to spend the day with around a table. If you are thankful for your freedom, you are reminded of [...]

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Christmas Shopping Ideas at ECS Tuning

Every year, we have to do it. Whether you are a die-hard, mistletoe-snorting, holly, jolly, Santa-tracking, decorations-in-October kind of Christmas freak or the Grinch-doesn’t-cut-it type of naysayer, you still have to consider all the people in your life and what you will do for each other. You’ll need to find gifts and probably have a [...]

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SEMA 2019: ECS Tuning Gallery

SEMA is the largest automotive expo in the world. It offers some of the best and brightest from around the community that bring new products, builds, and their determination to the center stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We have not been heavily present at this show, both as a result of our [...]

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The Best Mods, Maintenance, and Upgrades for the BMW E30 325i, 325is, and 24valve Swap

If you have been following along with our blog for the past year, you have seen plenty of ‘best mods’ articles about some of our customer’s top-choices for performance cars. Some of these, I’ve had to do a bit of research to speak about. I’ve had to bother our product specialists, brand teams, and [...]

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Staying Motivated for Winter Car Projects

Winter projects are excellent ways to stay busy and enjoy car things while you can’t do as much driving or have as many events as the warmer months allow you to experience. The only problem is, you have to have a place to work, a project to work on, and a goal to get [...]

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Why Choose ECS Street Coilover Systems for your Audi, BMW, or Volkswagen

With car modifications, there isn’t some ‘one size fits all’ or cookie-cutter solution. Its personal choice and enthusiasts take their choices personally. When you enter the coils vs. bags vs. springs conversation, you’re joining a brawl with other enthusiasts where the only outcome is a guaranteed black eye, hurt feelings, and a mark on your [...]

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Best Winter Prep for your Car

Winter, for those of us in the snow belt, is the worst for car guys. While Audi and their Quattro system, or some of the other AWD-equipped European cars make short work of the snow, it isn’t without some preparations. Even with AWD, if your car isn’t prepped, on snow tires, and ready to serve [...]

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Best Mods, Upgrades, and Maintenance for the BMW E39 540i

The BMW E39 is one of the perfect combinations of everything BMW does well in creating an engaging, comfortable, versatile, and powerful luxury sedan. Listing all of the options, configurations, and the differences between the preceding and successive generations is a job for Wikipedia, though. We’re going to be a bit more specific today and [...]

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