Are Millennials Causing a Decline in Car Enthusiast Culture?

I have always enjoyed building, creating, assembling, or otherwise challenging myself with projects. I relish the times I have overheard family members doubt my resolve or abilities as opportunities to both prove them wrong and realize a desire. As car enthusiasts, many of us likely can trace our interest in performing our own work and [...]

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Electric Future: an Enthusiast’s Apology for Electric Vehicles and the Fate of Internal Combustion

The automotive world in the last decade has experienced a dizzying swing of seemingly contradictory directions. Fueled by innovation, progress, and forward-thinking while held to increasingly conservative and stagnant political decisions, we have reached a point in 2018 where a distinct rift has appeared in the market. Increasingly, as governments like those of Spain and [...]

NEO Cars and Coffee hosted by ECS Tuning September, 2018

When you put aside your biases and preferences for one make or model and see the greater car community as a group of people who simply enjoy their cars, you end up with an expansive group of fundamentally similar enthusiasts. Car events are either tailored to one style, make, country of origin, or even specific [...]

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Mad Scientist Mike: Update on the Winter Beater Porsche 944

When we last saw Mike’s Porsche 944, the beat-up little coupe provided some entertainment when I drove it. The excitement came from an impending sense of disaster thanks to its roasted running gear. The Porsche hardly felt road-worthy during my short time behind the wheel, but that was an almost untouched state immediately after [...]

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It’s Groovy: Monaco Auto Collection’s 1978 BMW E23 7-Series

From a young age, the 1970’s captured my imagination and heavily influenced my life through the music, aesthetic styles, and most importantly, the cars from the era. The Grateful Dead was an iconic band from the decade that resonated heavily with countless followers, myself included, as they embodied the musical taste of the ten [...]

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Do It Right, Do It Once: My 1988 BMW E30 Convertible and the Importance of Genuine Parts

It takes a special kind of person to pursue a passion they enjoy despite the existence of more convenient, more capable, and arguably more livable alternatives. With cars, the choice to drive something that is thirty years old or more requires the acceptance that some areas of ownership will be more time-consuming and labor-intensive than [...]

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Its Obvious: Zach’s Audi B5 S4

I have always heard it is a bad idea to meet your heroes, much less date them. In the case of cars, I tend to disagree with that statement. With several of my cars, the ones that I regarded as superb before I owned them usually met or exceeded my expectations. One of my [...]

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Perfectly Imperfect: Rocky’s 1992 Mercedes-Benz W124 300d

Perfect cars come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. In the case of Rocky’s 1992 300d Mercedes-Benz, it is perfect because it fills a need by being imperfect. You may have caught on that broken old cars are thematic to our blog lately, and you would be correct. We love old cars because they have stories to share and provide endless entertainment thanks to their quirks. Rocky, like the rest of us enthusiasts, is absolutely giddy about his atrocious Merc. This car is gloriously tailored to the purpose for which it was purchased, as I found out after spending some time behind the wheel.

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Just Stopping By: Orlando’s Audi 8P A3 and Will-Call Parts Pickup

By popular demand, we have reinitiated our Will-Call order option for customers who want the option to pick up their parts at our facility. This gives folks the option to get their orders as soon as they are boxed up and ready to go out the doors and it gives us a chance to interact with our customers. The influx of tuners to our office has brought with it some awesome cars driven by enthusiasts like Orlando, who brought down his incredible 8P A3 for some information on tuning software.

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N54Door: Tim’s Built BMW E90 335i 6-Speed Review

Cars and pets often resemble their owners. Whether it be an intangible attitude or uncanny physical resemblance, somehow you can’t help but think the universe brought those two together whether they are aware of the similarity or not. Such is the case with Tim and his BMW. The two share an exuberant and positive outlook that builds incredibly fast, not unlike the turbo spool from under the carbon fiber hood.

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