With all this COVID-19 business keeping us stuck inside, I’m itching for something to do. Most people aren’t spending money for fear that the economic recession will leave them penny-pinching to get by. However, I think that’s an unfounded fear. Not only are we already about to see $1,200 bucks in our accounts soon, but there are talks of more stimulus money on the way. If you’re like me and don’t spend money on anything but food and car parts, this check is about to go all towards a new project I’m about to begin. So, with the stimulus checks in mind, what are some good ways to spend it as a car enthusiast that will be the most bang for your investment?


If you are just on springs or are at stock height, this check is going to change that. You have no excuse to stay skyjacked if you’re getting the exact amount of money as a decent set of coilovers. I’d suggest BC Racing, ECS Tuning, KW, or Bilstein. All of these companies produce excellent coilover options for right around that price.


Whether you just want another set or are tired of stock fitment, a set of mid-range wheels will run about the cost of your stimulus check. Apex, ESM, Alzor, and Rotiform wheels can be had for around that amount. Wheels are a solid investment, too, since they will always be worth about what you paid for, or more, if they’re discontinued. If you want something that you could easily resell later and still have most of your initial investment, wheels are the way to go. Plus, they’ll look dope.


Most cat-backs, even from well-known companies, are in the 1k-2k price range. If you’re rocking a home-built straight pipe, eBay special, or stock exhaust, then now is the perfect time to make that upgrade to real exhaust for better sound and performance. Milltek Sport is a popular option, as are our in-house exhausts, and finally our custom build-your-own program allows you to make your own exhaust with the same high-quality stainless steel that we use at ECS Tuning to craft our exhaust systems.

Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrades:

Many times we just can’t justify the cost of beauty pieces that do little more than stroke our egos and improve the looks of our cars. When someone hands you ‘free money’ to stimulate the economy, though, you can make the excuse that now is the right time to go for that front lip spoiler or rear diffuser you’ve been eyeing. Our in-house designed carbon fiber exterior upgrades are all extensively tested for perfect fit and durability, so you know you are getting what you paid for with these aesthetic improvements. 

Software Upgrade:

To maximize your engine’s efficiency and get the most from your mods, a software upgrade is the best way to go. APR, Cobb, Malone, Turner Motorsport/Shark Injector, and Burger Motorsports JB4 are all fantastic options. I prefer Cobb Accessports because they are a piggyback unit that is a handheld device you can load multiple maps onto. It gives you the most room to grow. Whether you are completely stock or ‘stage 2,’ there are off the shelf maps available for an immediate performance boost. If you want to get it professionally tuned, the Accessport makes it easy to load in a new file and switch it in minutes. This means you won’t lose your tune if you have to re-flash it to stock for any reason. Not only that, but it can tune out CELs for aftermarket upgrades like intakes and exhaust that can throw codes. 

Yes, with the stimulus checks on the way, many enthusiasts have the chance to grab some upgrades they have been eyeing earlier than they thought. This list is just a few ideas that include upgrades at, around, or below the $1,200 and would offer you something to do while we wait out these stay at home orders.