H&R Springs are the ride control your Audi, BMW, MINI, or VW needs

For enthusiasts, the handling characteristics of our cars play a massive part in the enjoyment derived from driving. The pleasure of driving a fantastic handling car that exudes German quality is nearly unmatchable. That’s why H&R has been developing TUV and ABE-certified springs and suspension solutions specifically designed to provide the ultimate ride and handling characteristics for your car.

H&R began in Germany over 20 years ago by producing high-quality springs that met the German TUV standards for installation on road-going cars. After a brief time with that certification, they were eventually accepted to receive the ABE-certification, which allowed them to be installed out of the box without any other approval. During this time, H&R famously manufactured suspension components for racing cars. Notably, the DTM German Touring Car Championship series featured H&R suspension on nearly every car. From that series, the legend of H&R’s top-notch suspension was born.

Now, after a few decades of excellence under their belt, the folks at H&R have branched out to produce Coilovers, Sway Bars, Springs, Trak+ Wheel Spacers, and more for the German enthusiast market. Any track day, car show, or a casual gathering of European car enthusiasts will feature many cars grounded by H&R Suspension for good reason. H&R has some of the highest-quality suspension components available to control your body roll, lower your center of gravity, and maintain an overall comfortable ride. With H&R you can drive to the track in comfort, compete in style, and drive back home all without changing your settings. If it is time to address your suspension needs, look to H&R for the time-tested and race-ready equipment you need for proper ride control.

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Controversy in Style: XKGLOW Lighting Solutions for your Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen

The automotive world is vast and full of countless styles, influences, and motivations from nearly every aspect of life in general. It is a beautiful hobby to have, in that automotive enthusiasm allows drivers and owners to express themselves and draw upon inspiration from other facets of their personal lives to create something that wholly reflects their vision. This automotive expressionism, especially in its purest form, often leads to brutal debate over whether or not the car is ‘cool’ or ‘well done’ without much thought as to what brought the build together in the mind of the owner. Several styles and trends have been ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ in the past few decades, but one of the most controversial modifications has consistently been underglow and full spectrum lighting. One company who stands on the side of self-expression and creativity is XKGlow, who produce some of the finest automotive lighting solutions for nearly every make and model with high-quality, usability, and functionality in mind.

Underglow is just one of those things that either make you drop your jaw at the unified theme of the car on which it is equipped, or something that makes a little bit of bile rise up your esophagus. For this writer, underglow was something that was amusing, became uncouth, and has now returned full circle to a smile-inducing aspect of any car. XKGlow offers the ability to give your smile muscles a work out with their full-spectrum lights for interiors, exteriors, and even headlights that you can control from either a fob or your smartphone for instant satisfaction.

The systems are incredibly easy to install and use. From your smartphone, you can control brightness, strobe, color, and create customized presets that give your car a unique light show to flex with at the next local car meet. While there are no performance benefits to additional lighting options, there is no replacement for the amount of joy you can give yourself by changing the color theme of your car at night at the touch of a button.

Make the risky choice and throw underglow on your build to see just how much fun everyone had in the 90’s rolling around with neons under their civic. You can balk all you want, but I know that when I flip the switch under my BMW and enjoy some mood lighting, nothing else bothers me. Seeing the smiles and smirks alike make part of expressing your individuality enjoyable, but at the end of the day, finding something that means something special to you alone is the only thing that matters. Express yourself with XKGlow on your next project to see what we mean when we say ‘smile-inducing’. 

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How to get 35% More Horsepower from your MINI with ChipWerke Performance

The triple-threat for useable, instant, reliable power is a tried and true combination of parts. Each performance upgrade performs a specific function to improve the factory output of your MINI, and all three are a sure way to make a significant increase in horsepower, but not all upgrades are equal in their benefits. Those ‘big three’ early bolt-on power upgrades are traditionally a cold air intake, underdrive pulleys, and performance software tuning. ChipWerke Performance produces the latter, which offers an instant plug-and-play tuning upgrade for nearly every vehicle. The ChipWerke device is designed to be one of the easiest ways to improve your driving experience at an incredible horsepower per dollar ratio that is both safe for your MINI and undetectable at the dealership.

ChipWerke modules are the next generation in stealth performance. The removable device is a direct plug-in to your engine management that cannot be detected once it is removed. The ChipWerke device does not overwrite any original software, so no footprint is left in the ECU. Rather, the ChipWerke device uses stored information, specific to your vehicle and its software, that it uses in place of the factory software. Now when you take your MINI to the dealership for service or a software update that nothing is lost by removing the device to protect your warranty. All information is returned to the vehicle as soon as the device is reinstalled after your trip to the dealership.

Since the ChipWerke device doesn’t void your warranty and boasts an 18-35% horsepower increase (depending on model), this makes their module one of the best around for convenience and performance. The easy to install unit comes with everything you need to improve your MINI’s power output to either start your quest for more power or round out a series of solid beginner bolt-ons.

Another added benefit of the ChipWerke module is their ability to improve the fuel economy of any vehicle equipped with the unit. While it does not actively change the mapping to make your MINI behave differently in fuel delivery, what it does provide is a significant increase in low-end torque and horsepower. This allows a driver in normal conditions to shift earlier and save more fuel: up to 15% in some cases, depending on how you drive!

With the benefits of more horsepower, torque, and miles per gallon, and no downsides like a voided warranty or trip to an expensive dyno technician, the ChipWerke tuning solution is the perfect instant power option for your MINI. Whatever you drive, ChipWerke can help pull more power and better fuel economy from your engine for a more spirited driving experience. Everything you need in one box to start producing up to 35% more power in your MINI with a risk-free element is a rarity in the tuning world, which is why we think ChipWerke should be taken seriously for anyone looking for instant, usable on the street, reliable, and safe power.



Racing Safety Equipment for your Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen

What makes a performance car so enticing to enthusiasts of all types? When we look reductively at the fundamental attractiveness of European performance vehicles, the underlying similarity is an emotional connection to what car guys would consider a blank slate. Approaching a new build is an open world of possibility, which is part of where that sentiment originates. For many, the desire to take a car that was essentially produced for fun on the street out-of-the-box and turn it into something more exclusive for competitive use is the direction to which they turn. Racing modifications are where the whole car scene originated and how most of us came into the world of cars as more than just transportation. Since the beginning, the competitive use of automobiles and modification for racing purposes have driven us to amazing products and advancements in racing technology that will help you keep pace with the rest of the drivers on the grid. To help you succeed in your racing hobby, whether you are just starting out or coming back for another build, ECS Tuning has used all our available resources to collect the best names in aftermarket manufacturers who focus exclusively on competitive products.

Whether you drive an Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen, we have dedicated products intended to provide safety and performance improvements on the track or give you additional scene points at the next meet with functional race parts in your street car. The importance of safety equipment is more than just the stellar looks they add, however. Many sanctioning bodies require certified equipment in order to compete, so that is where companies like those listed below come in to help you stay safe, legal, and looking like a pro.


Quite possibly one of the most well-known racing equipment manufacturers in the business, Sparco offers racing steering wheels, competition seat mounts, racing harnesses, and their world-renowned bucket seats. Their parts need almost no introduction as they have been made famous both cinematically and in the gaming world, basically indoctrinating every ten-year-old boy into the church of Sparco racing products. Their seat brackets, specifically, take out the guesswork when it comes to mounting fixed bucket seats in your track car or the weekend warrior, so make sure your next pair of seats doesn’t give you a headache by requiring an annoying amount of modification.


Along the same lines as Sparco, OMP is another pioneer in safety and racing equipment. Their steering wheel hub adapters, steering wheels, seats, and seat brackets offer more affordable alternatives to the high-dollar brands like Recaro and Sparco and make racing equipment realistic for the entry-level enthusiast. Their certified products allow beginners to stay safe and meet regulations in order to gain the vital seat time that will help them progress.


Yet another powerhouse, Recaro nearly needs no introduction. Their high-quality and extremely reliable product catalog have found their way into some of the most well-known builds in the professional and amateur circuits alike, and for this reason are generally a go-to choice when you want the name-brand guarantee and unmatched functionality.


More exclusive to our BMW and MINI customers, Brey-Krause is a German manufacturer of racing components and are most known for their OE Seat Fire Extinguisher Mounts. These mounts are absolutely critical for anyone wanting to take their BMW or MINI to any track, either competitively or just for fun, as new regulations do require fire extinguishers be mounted in the car. They are also well known for BMW/MINI-specific seat brackets which allow for the best fit when it comes time to drop in some more stable aftermarket buckets.


While they began in 2001 by producing one-off race regulation compliant parts for Porsches, Rennline has since expanded their catalog by offering universal compliance components and performance pieces for a number of manufacturers and models. Skid plates, safety decal kits, pedal sets, throttle extensions, fire extinguisher mount brackets, and more all come from the Vermont machine shop they have operated since the beginning. Rennline is another great option for both improving the visual aspects of your interior and your overall driving experience.

Schroth Racing

A less expensive option for personal safety, Schroth Racing offers ‘quick-fit’ harness options for nearly every car that give you the benefit of tight racing belts without the requirement of a roll bar, half, or full cage. These belts clip into your existing seatbelt buckles and use the original mounting points rather than needing modification or new mounts. Quick-fit harnesses are an excellent choice for the safety-minded performance driver who wants more out of their car without needing to go full-on race car.


More racing-specific, Racequip brings safety equipment required by everyone from professional sanctioning bodies to grassroots events. Racing helmets are one of the most important aspects of driving a car to the ragged edge as they protect your dome from most shocks you can expect to encounter eventually. These helmets are approved and designed for competitive use and to be the safest, most comfortable, and attractive helmets available.

Wiechers Sport

For your MINI, Wiechers Sport offers structural rigidity upgrades like chassis bracing and strut braces that are both attractive and functional. The bracing they offer benefits from their years of experience developing custom racing cages for individuals up to the top-tier manufacturer’s teams that need to stand up to the harshest of conditions. Chassis rigidity, especially in FWD vehicles, is exceptionally important on the track. Wiechers brings MINI drivers the ability to drop in easy reinforcement components that will improve their driving experience dramatically.


Another powerhouse in the automotive racing world, MOMO has provided some of the world’s best drivers and teams with exceptional racing wheels from Italy for nearly 60 years. Their catalog of styles, from vintage to contemporary, are some of the most respected steering wheels chosen by manufacturers and individuals alike for an unmatched interface between the driver and the car. Whatever your style, there is a MOMO wheel specifically designed to improve your connection to your car and keep your hands where they belong.

Of course, we do have an almost endless supply of other performance brands, but these top-quality racing component manufacturers are exactly what any novice or veteran competitive driver needs to stay on top of their safety equipment. In racing, safety is the highest priority above all. That’s why we offer the range of safety equipment manufacturers necessary to allow anyone at any level to benefit from a concern for their well being behind the wheel and ability to meet regulations on the race track. It’s not all about showing off your pretty parts and high horsepower! Don’t forget to equip your car with the necessary components to ensure the worst case leaves you down a car and not something vastly more important.

Genuine OEM Parts Are Best: You Can’t Change Our Minds

Car enthusiasts are just as concerned with keeping their vehicles maintained as they are with adding power. If your car is broken down, it doesn’t matter how much power it makes! The biggest hassle with maintenance is needing to do the same job twice or more. How do we ensure the parts we are using will stand the test of time and keep our cars on the road? The answer is simple: by using Genuine OEM parts or OEM suppliers, you know that each new part is going to function and last as long as the manufacturer intended for the best results.

ECS Tuning offers myriad aftermarket components and upgrades from nearly all the top vendors, but we also pride ourselves on our inventory of Genuine OEM parts for the true enthusiast who is concerned with keeping their car running with the top-shelf parts trusted by the manufacturer. Genuine Audi, BMW, Porsche, MINI, and Volkswagen parts give you the peace of mind that your replacement components are exactly right for the car.

Many times, reproduction parts are not held to the same standards or do not account for the same parameters the OEM manufacturers knew would need to be addressed for the perfect function. To quote quite possibly the only profound line from an otherwise terrible movie, “its one thing to understand how to bolt (aftermarket) parts to your car, but its another thing entirely to understand how they all work together.” (Born To Race, 2011).

The research, development, and stringent tolerances of Genuine OEM parts absolutely guarantees that each part will function as intended and last for the full duration of the expected and necessary lifespan of the component. Make sure your next maintenance project includes only Genuine parts for the best fitment, perfect function, and assured durability. Check out our selection of full parts catalogs for your European vehicle!

Genuine BMW

Genuine Audi/Volkswagen

Genuine MINI

Genuine Porsche

DIY: How to Bleed Your Brakes the Right Way


This article will give you all the information you need to successfully bleed your brake system. The following topics will be covered:

  • When and why you need to bleed your brakes

  • The different methods you can use

  • The different tools that are available

  • The different types of brake fluid and why it is important to keep it sealed

Bleeding the brakes on your car is quite often thought of as one of the most annoying and confidence-shaking tasks that you can face. The fact is, it is actually one of the most misunderstood processes. All it requires is a little bit of patience and you will find that it is rather simple. Once you read and understand these processes, you will be able to successfully bleed a brake system with ease.

Brake Fluid Warnings

Brake fluid can be extremely dangerous. Always use caution and wear safety glasses when working with brake fluid. All brake fluid containers will have safety and emergency information printed on the label.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it will absorb water from the atmosphere. This absorption will alter its chemical characteristics and reduce its effectiveness. It is critical to keep brake fluid containers sealed at all times and only open them when adding fluid.

Brake fluid is extremely damaging to paint, even if it only contacts the surface for a brief moment. We recommend using protective fender covers wherever possible. It is also a very good idea to keep water, a quick detail spray or cleaner, and a soft rag close by. In the event that brake fluid contacts the paint on your car, rinse it off immediately, followed by spraying a detail spray or cleaner on the surface and wiping it clean with a soft rag.

General Preparation and Safety Information

ECS Tuning cares about your health and safety. Please read the following safety information. This information pertains to automotive service in general, and while it may not pertain to every job you do, please remember and share these important safety tips.

Park your car in a safe, well lit, level area.
Shut the engine off and remove the key from the ignition switch.
Make sure any remote start devices are properly disabled.
ALWAYS wear safety glasses.
Make sure the parking brake is applied until the vehicle is safely lifted and supported.
If using an automotive lift, be sure and utilize the factory specified lift points. Lifting a vehicle incorrectly can cause damage to the suspension/running gear.

When lifting a vehicle using a jack, always utilize the factory specified lift points. Lifting a vehicle incorrectly can cause damage to the suspension/running gear. ALWAYS support the vehicle with jack stands.
ALWAYS read and follow all safety information and warnings for the equipment you are using.
Brake Bleeding Tools:
Brake Fluid Catch Bottle

The most essential of bleeding tools, brake fluid catch bottles are available in a couple of different styles. The Schwaben Brake Bleeder Catch Bottle is ideal for manual bleeding or pressure bleeding. It is easy to hold and easy to see through. The 90-degree bleeder nipple is easy to grip and is made of a soft yet resilient rubber which will easily push on and seal to all sizes of bleeder screws. The angle of the bleeder nipple also keeps the weight of the hose off the bleeder screw, preventing it from falling off. The clear tubing allows you to see brake fluid flow, and more importantly, the presence of air bubbles.

The Schwaben Power Bleeder Catch Bottles are ideal for gravity bleeding or manual bleeding when you are working solo. They are easy to hold and see through. The key feature of these bottles is a stainless steel lanyard which allows you to hang them from the suspension, allowing the bottle to remain connected while you perform other tasks.

Pressure Bleeder

The Schwaben Pressure Bleeder is very useful for many brake bleeding applications. They are a quick and efficient way of bleeding brakes, and very helpful when you are working solo. It features a high strength plastic bottle with an easily readable gauge on the side and a built-in hand pump in the

lid. A machined aluminum cap which fits most European master cylinder reservoirs is attached to the flexible brake fluid supply hose.

Vacuum Bleeder

The Schwaben Professional Vacuum Bleeder is also very useful when working solo. It features a high capacity plastic tank with an easily readable gauge on the side and a built-in vacuum pump in the lid. The added value of a vacuum bleeder such as this is that it can be used for evacuating any fluid on your car, which makes it a very versatile, valuable tool.

Bleeder Wrench

All wrenches are not created equal. Bleeder screws by nature are in tight locations, and quite often they are rusty. They are always very small, so it doesn’t take too much rust or corrosion to weaken their structure. Using a 12 point wrench can easily “round” them and give you nothing to grip.

The Bleeder Wrench features 11mm (a very common size for European cars) 6-point boxed ends. The six-point ends will firmly grip bleeder screws, allowing the twisting force to be applied evenly to the threads. A different angle on each end allows for easy access to the bleeders, and on some cars even with the wheels installed.

Pressure Bleeding Kit

Complete brake bleeding kits are also available on our website. We offer different kits which are specifically tailored to your car depending on the brake fluid type. This kit shown here includes a pressure bleeder with a high strength plastic bottle, an easy to read gauge, a built-in hand pump, and a pressure port all on the lid. Two brake fluid catch bottles, a Schwaben Brake Bleeder Wrench, and Pentosin Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid is also included. Look up your car at ecstuning.com to find the complete brake bleeding kit for you.

Here is a helpful video demonstrating these tools and techniques:

Brake Fluid Types:

There are different types of brake fluid and it can be a very involved topic, but for all practical purposes, we only need to concentrate on the
basics. Why are there different types of fluid? The greater the demand of your braking system, the greater the requirements of your brake fluid. As automobile and braking technology changed over the years, brake fluid had to change as well. The most common fluid types are DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5, and DOT 5.1. Here is an overview:

Brake Bleeding Theory:

In order to understand why you need to bleed your brake system, you must first understand the basics of a hydraulic brake system. In a hydraulic brake system, the mechanical input force from the brake pedal is converted to hydraulic pressure within the master cylinder. The hydraulic pressure is distributed through the brake lines to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders. Since the brake fluid does not compress, the hydraulic pressure created in the master cylinder is therefore transmitted to each wheel.

In a brake system that has air in it, when you apply force to the brake pedal, the force is converted to hydraulic pressure, however, the hydraulic pressure acts on the air in the system. The air compresses and as a result, the reduced hydraulic pressure is transmitted to each wheel, producing a brake pedal that feels “spongy” and brakes that are ineffective.

It is important to understand the different bleeding procedures and also to realize that it is not uncommon, due to the complexity of today’s braking systems as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method of bleeding, to have to use more than one procedure to remove all the air from the system.

Regardless of the method you use, the goal of each is the same: Force the air out of the brake system.

How often should a brake system be bled? Your brake system will need to be bled every time it is opened, such as when you are replacing a worn out hydraulic component, or when you are installing performance parts, such as one of our Big Brake Kits.

Flushing a brake system should be performed every two years regardless of mileage. Normal wear of the internal components of the brake system will begin to contaminate the fluid, and moisture is also absorbed by the fluid over time, even from opening the cap to fill or check the fluid. Even small amounts of moisture will react with the brake fluid and be very damaging to the expensive components of your brake system. Flushing a brake system can be performed using any of the bleeding procedures described here.

General Bleeding Procedure:

Gravity Bleeding:

Gravity bleeding uses the natural gravity flow of the fluid to force the air through the system.

Advantages of Gravity Bleeding:
• You can perform this type of bleeding by yourself.
• The pressure is so low that it will not affect any metering valves and fluid flow will not be restricted.
• You can let one wheel bleed while you work on another, so it can same time.
• It is a very clean way of bleeding with little mess.

Disadvantages of Gravity Bleeding:
• It can be slow.
• In some cases, it is not as effective due to brake system design.

The Procedure:

It is as simple as it sounds. Fill the brake fluid reservoir, connect a bleeder bottle to a bleeder screw, open the screw, and let the system bleed. If you have more than one bleeder bottle you can bleed more than one wheel at a time. Keep an eye on the reservoir to make sure it does not run dry and watch the fluid levels in the bleeder bottles. You will see the level in the bleeder bottles increase as the fluid flows out of the system, bringing the air along with it.

Manual Bleeding:

Manual bleeding uses the help of an assistant to depress the brake pedal while you open and close the bleeder screws.

Advantages of Manual Bleeding:
• This is one of the most effective methods the majority of the time.
• Your assistant can let you know how the feel of the pedal is improving during the process, saving you from getting in and out of the car.

Disadvantages of Manual Bleeding:
• It requires an assistant (which may not always be available).

The Procedure:

Fill the brake fluid reservoir and have your assistant pump the brake pedal three or four times, then hold pressure on the pedal. Connect a bleeder bottle and open one of the bleeder screws. Have your assistant tell you when the brake pedal sinks to the floor. Make sure they hold the pedal to the floor while you tighten the bleeder screw. Repeat this procedure until no air bubbles are visible in the hose when the bleeder screw is opened, then repeat for the remaining wheels. Have your assistant pump the pedal up and check for pedal firmness in between wheels.

There is an alternate procedure for manual bleeding in which you leave the bleeder screw open while your assistant slowly pumps the brake pedal
up and down. This procedure is equally as effective, but you must make sure that the end of the hose which is attached to the bleeder screw remains submerged in brake fluid at all times or air will be drawn back into the brake system.

Pressure Bleeding:

Pressure bleeding uses a pressurized tank of brake fluid to apply pressure and force the fluid through the brake system.

Advantages of Pressure Bleeding:
• You can perform this procedure by yourself.
• The pressure bleeder will keep the brake fluid reservoir full at all times during the procedure.
• This method is very effective on most vehicles.
• This is an excellent method of flushing brake fluid.

Disadvantages of Pressure Bleeding:
• On some vehicles, the pressure may not be high enough to bypass some metering valves or ABS valving.
• It can be messy where the pressure bleeder connects to the reservoir. Use extra caution not to allow brake fluid to drip on the car while installing or removing the bleeder on the master cylinder reservoir.
• The master cylinder is usually overfull when the procedure is complete. You will have to draw the extra fluid out.

The Procedure:

Connect the pressure bleeder to the brake fluid reservoir and pressurize it according to the bleeder manufacturer’s instructions. Connect a bleeder bottle to one wheel at a time and open the bleeder screw. When the fluids flow with no bubbles present, bleeding is complete. Repeat the procedure for the remaining wheels.

Vacuum Bleeding:

Vacuum bleeding uses vacuum in a tank to draw the brake fluid through the system.

Advantages of Vacuum Bleeding:

• It is a very clean method of bleeding. All fluid is drawn out at the bleeder screws, preventing the leaks that can occur between the bleeder bottle hose and the bleeder screw.
• You can perform this procedure by yourself.
• This method is effective on most vehicles.
• Bleeder catch bottles are not required.

Disadvantages of Vacuum Bleeding:
• There is an increased risk of running the master cylinder dry since the fluid may pull through quicker than you expect. • On some vehicles, the vacuum may not draw the fluid past some metering valves of ABS valving.

The Procedure:

Draw a vacuum in the tank using the vacuum bleeder manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the vacuum bleeder hose to one of the bleeder screws and open it. When the fluid flows with no more air bubbles, bleeding is complete. Repeat the procedure for the remaining wheels.

Proper service and repair procedures are vital to the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles
as well as the personal safety of those performing the repairs. Standard safety procedures and precautions (including the use of safety goggles and proper tools and equipment) should be followed at all times to eliminate the possibility of personal injury or improper service which could damage the vehicle or compromise its safety.

Although this material has been prepared with the intent to provide reliable information, no warranty (express or implied) is made as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither is any liability assumed for loss or damage resulting from reliance on this material. SPECIFICALLY, NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY IS MADE OR TO BE IMPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THIS MATERIAL. In no event will ECS Tuning, Incorporated or its affiliates will be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this material.

Wheel and Tire Guide: How to give your car perfect fitment

Wheels and tires are an important part of differentiating your car from every other commuter vehicle on the road. Whether you are looking to ‘kill the game’ with an aggressive set of wheels and tires, or just change your car’s look, your wheel and tire choice will play a big part in making that transformation happen. Understanding wheel and tire sizes are key to pick the perfect setup you are trying to achieve, so we have broken down everything you need to know about deciding on the correct sizing the first time.

Wheel Size

Wheel sizing is defined by the wheels three dimensions: diameter, width, and offset. The diameter of the wheel is the total distance from one side of the rim flange to the other. If you have a 20 in wheel, then your wheel diameter is 20in, flange to flange. The common misconception surrounding the word ‘rim’ is that ‘wheel’ and ‘rim’ are interchangeable. In fact, ‘Rim’ refers to the actual flange around the outer edge of the wheel. You will find most commercial vehicles feature a ‘rim’ with a .5 degree angle for the flange, which meets the bead seat for the tire.

The wheel’s width is easy enough, too. The distance between the inside of inner flange to the inside of the outer flange is the width value of your wheel. Often, people will measure from the farthest points from side to side. You want to make sure you are measuring basically bead seat to bead seat for a proper width measurement.

Wheel offset is the distance from the face that mounts to your wheel hub from the middle of the wheel. If your wheel is 6in wide, and your offset is positive 20 (ET20) then your wheel will be ‘offset’ by 20mm from the dead center. Positive tells you which direction. A positive offset moves the mounting face farther away from the inner flange, a negative offset moves it towards the inner flange. Neutral offset, or ET0, is when the wheel hub mates with the wheel directly in the middle of the wheel. On a 6in wide wheel, the face would mount with three inches on either side, giving it a neutral offset.

Tire Size

Tire sizing is determined by the wheel dimensions. You can read the side of a tire to find out its specifications. The notation is as follows: P225/40R/18. While these numbers are arbitrary, the P denotes “passenger”, 225 is the millimeter width of the tire from inner to outer tread, 40 is the aspect ratio or ratio between the total diameter and width, and the 18 is your wheel diameter and the distance from bead to bead on the tire.

Speed Rating

Load Rating

Picking the right wheel and tire sizes for your car is easy! Make sure your total rolling diameter will clear your inner and outer wheel well on lock-to-lock steering, determine the right offset you need to fill out your car’s track, and close up that wheel gap! We also offer wheel fitment kits to help you find exactly what offset you need to make your wheels perfectly flush. Just rent the kit, measure and test fit, then return it when you know what you need!

CRP Automotive: Trusted Replacement Parts for 50 Years

CRP Automotive has supplied OE quality replacement parts to European manufactured vehicles for over 50 years. This longevity and dedication to OEM standards have made CRP and their subsidiaries Rein Automotive, ContiTech, Pentosin, and others, incredibly well known and trusted in the automotive community.

Nearly every restoration or maintenance project features their parts, and for good reason: their quality, service, and trustworthiness has made them one of the largest suppliers to companies like ECS Tuning in order to provide the very best in OE quality replacements to enthusiasts like you.

With their impressive catalog and affiliate companies’ specialties, CRP Automotive can offer nearly every replacement part you might need when it comes time to refresh your favorite European performance vehicle or even restoring that hunk of metal rotting away in your neighbor’s barn.

For more than 30 years CRP Automotive has been the largest supplier of import replacement parts for all European makes. With their time-tested dedication to quality and service, let CRP Automotive help you finish that repair or see that your classic car once again enjoys feeling its tires on the pavement.

All your essential replacement parts from CRP are available right here at ECS Tuning, your trusted source in aftermarket and replacement parts for your favorite performance car.


Interested in purchasing?

CRP Automotive

Trusted source in OEM Quality Replacement for 50 Years!


Dorman Products: New Since 1918

Dorman Products is a renowned supplier of original equipment parts generally “exclusive” to manufacturer dealerships including replacement parts, hardware, brake parts, fasteners, and more to the automotive community. Their high-quality focus and unique components offered as an alternative to “genuine” manufacturer parts makes for a low cost, reliable, and often a more effective replacement for your beloved car.

Often, when we replace components in our cars, it is as a result of a mechanical failure or the part’s lifespan has reached its end. When it comes to mechanical failures, Dorman Products examines the causes of failure and develops exclusive replacement parts which address those faults seen in factory components. Many times they produce the only part that will permanently solve problems seen in failure-prone components across several makes.

With Dorman Products, you can be confident in their OEM quality and exceptional function while enjoying the benefits of maintaining your car with a part designed to outlast and outperform the original piece.

When it comes time to replace that faulty door handle or failing actuator, Dorman Products has the trusted parts with improved designs to give you the peace of mind the job will be done right once and for all. Beyond their meticulously engineered quality, a focus on OEM styling and fitment prevents any sacrifices often seen in aftermarket components that would deter purists.

Make your next replacement easy and permanent with Dorman Products high-quality replacement OEM+ parts, hardware, fasteners, and so much more!

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Dorman Products

OEM fitment and quality with improved durability and reliability!


Power Stop Performance Brakes: The Right Choice

Similarities between performance cars and everyday commuter cars are incredibly limited. One crossover area that tends to hold uniform importance across all forms of motoring is the ability to brake properly. Put in simple terms, cars of all types need to match their braking force with how much power they produce. In this regard, choosing the right brakes is equally important; whether you are maintaining the grocery getter or improving your track fighter. PowerStop Brakes give you confidence in all situations.

Since 1995, PowerStop Brakes has provided excellent performance brake upgrades for an extensive range of vehicles. With focuses on providing OEM quality, copper-free, improved brake products, their customers can feel confident every time they mash the middle pedal.

When you know you are using quality parts, you experience a difference in confidence behind the wheel. When it comes to brakes, that feeling is expounded by the peace of mind you sense by using components you can be certain will keep your car out of sticky situations. PowerStop Performance Brakes not only allow you to experience that confidence but give you significant ethical advantages over similar replacement compounds. PowerStop Brakes produce their pads consciously of the environment!

PowerStop Brakes give you more than performance advantages in their makeup. All their pads are 100% Copper-Free. Copper and other heavy metals are known to cause major problems for fish and other aquatic wildlife when it is introduced to their environment in the form of brake dust. With the copper-free PowerStop pads, you know every time you hit the brakes you are making a difference by supporting companies who express an ethical drive to mitigate climate and ecosystem disaster.

Make the right choice when you go to service your brakes this season. Make the PowerStop Brakes choice and experience the advantages of quality, reliable, ethical, performance.

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