It’s been almost two weeks since we all self-isolated here at ECS, with only our essential distribution center staff working in modified shifts in the building to comply with social distancing recommendations. Since we all went home, along with most of the nation, to work from our couches, beds, floors, or home offices, we’ve tried to come up with ways to stay busy. Whether that’s reading event coverage from Riverside, which happened just before all this stay-at-home business happened, or exploring some maintenance jobs you can do to take advantage of your time home, we know it’s starting to become a little dull. At least, for me, it is. I’ve cleaned my garage, washed my cars, taken some country drives with the top down, taken a nature hike, and binge-watched some shows, but now, two weeks later, I’m pulling my hair out. What I have found helps is to take this time to do things that I wanted to do but didn’t have the time to do before. Like, explore our library of DIY video content for services my car doesn’t necessarily need but could benefit from, during this downtime. So here are some easy DIY job ideas you might burn a few hours doing and come out better for it.

Our library of DIY content is expansive, to say the least. With everything from simple oil change DIY instructions to full-on turbo replacements, oil pan replacements, cam followers, and more, there is something on our channel that will inspire you to get out in your garage and work. Here are some of my favorites.

Change your oil in the parking lot

Our most-watched DIY video features Zach Jobe, now with Donut Media, changing the oil in our Audi B7 A4 in the parking lot with no jack. If you know our Schwaben Fluid Extractor, you know how easy this is. He uses the fluid extractor to do a complete oil change without ever lifting the car. Of course, this only works if you have a top mount oil filter, but still. Check this one out and grab a Fluid Extractor so you can make this service easy on yourself.

Cam Follower Replacement

The FSI 2.0T direct-injection engine uses a cam follower to drive the pump for the high-pressure fuel system. Unfortunately, the cam follower wears out every 30-40k miles. If you have an FSI engine, you probably know this. Save yourself some headaches and cash by doing this service at home. If you don’t know how we have the full DIY video here so you can do it at home the right way. Check out our Cam Follower Replacement Kit so you can get all the parts you need in one box.

Headlight Restoration Kit

New headlights made of acrylic rather than glass eventually fog over after years of road time. This looks terrible but it can be easily fixed with a headlight restoration kit. If you need some pointers on how to do it, our video takes you step-by-step through the process to clean your headlights up to like-new condition.

VANOS Service

If you have a BMW equipped with a VANOS engine, the variable valve timing, and start to hear what sounds like marbles in a tin can, then chances are you need to service your VANOS. Our VANOS rebuild kit comes with everything you need to perform the service at home, while our helpful video DIY and article DIY instructions walk you through what needs to be done. Check those out for resources while you tackle your VANOS repair at home.

Single VANOS instructions

Dual VANOS instructions

Of course, this brief list is fairly broad and doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what our DIY catalog offers. For more ideas and walkthroughs, head over to our YouTube channel and explore all the ECS content waiting for you there. Don’t forget, plenty of the written instructions for most of our DIY projects can also be found here on the blog, so if you need to read it rather than watching it, or just want some supplemental information, it can all be found here.