Veteran’s Day: Honoring Our Service Members and Giving Back

Veteran’s Day is about remembering those who have served in our armed forces and sacrificed for our freedoms here. The veterans of our Armed Forces are heroes who we are eternally grateful for. This year, in observation of this holiday and as a way to give back to a cause that supports our veterans, we’ve [...]

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Winter Driving Do’s and Don’ts: Seasonal Maintenance and Suggestions for Safe Winter Commutes

Pre-Season Maintenance & Checklist We’ve been fortunate to have a long summer this year, but winter is indeed closing on us quickly. You should have already budgeted for and planned to do at least the basic winter maintenance. Heck, you may already be in progress or finished with everything for your winter daily by now. [...]

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So You Want To Do An Engine Swap?

Engine swaps are fairly common, even among the non-enthusiast crowd. Whether you’re simply swapping in an identical engine to replace a completely broken one or trying to stuff the biggest thing you can into your little VW for all the power, the fundamental principles are roughly the same. In this article, we’re going to cover [...]

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Professional-Level Detailing At A Fraction Of The Price

Cleaning and detailing your car is a bit like grilling burgers; everyone has a method they stick to and claim to know better than everyone else. While there are several ‘correct’ ways to both grill a mean burger and achieve a quality detail on your car, there are quite a few ways to mess them [...]

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The GTI Celebrates Its 45th Birthday: A History Of The GTI And A Look To The Future

In 1974, Volkswagen introduced the three and five-door hatchback oddly named the Golf as a modern replacement for the already five-decade-old Type 1 Beetle. Now, forty-five years later, we are eagerly awaiting the US-release of the new MK8 that continues the legacy of the staple hot-hatchback. Before the refresh makes it to our shores, though, [...]

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What You Need To Know About CARB And The Future Of Performance Upgrades

Here at ECS Tuning, we’re all car enthusiasts. From producing and distributing some of the highest-quality performance, OEM, and aftermarket parts to creating unique content, sweepstakes, and participating in the European car scene, we love what we do. That means we have an opportunity to be a leader in our industry and enthusiast community when [...]

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OE, OEM, Aftermarket, What’s It All Mean?

If you are fairly new to the wonderful world of DIY maintenance and upgrades on your car, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed with all the acronyms, like DIY (do it yourself, if you didn’t know.) These acronyms, like DCT, LSD, ASC, and the alphabet soup of other shorthand signifiers are pretty easy to google and [...]

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Best Coilovers to Fit Your Budget

Coilovers are just one of the many ways to lower your vehicle for better handling and precision settings to improve lap times, fitment, responsiveness, and in some cases comfort. Coilovers are not always best for everyone, but are more universal than the other methods of lowering your car for improved handling. If you need to [...]

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