Christmas Shopping Ideas at ECS Tuning

Every year, we have to do it. Whether you are a die-hard, mistletoe-snorting, holly, jolly, Santa-tracking, decorations-in-October kind of Christmas freak or the Grinch-doesn’t-cut-it type of naysayer, you still have to consider all the people in your life and what you will do for each other. You’ll need to find gifts and probably have a [...]

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Falling in Love with an Old Volvo 240 Wagon

Several weeks ago, during a conversation, a friend asked me what I thought about the old Volvo 240 wagons. I told her they were fantastic cars, but I didn’t have much experience with them. She then told me she was looking for one to drive around Nashville for a fun weekend cruiser or camping vehicle. [...]

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Is Bags and Wheels a Build?

Ok. This is a tough one. Part of me wants to say ‘build it your way’ like Burder Kang or something, and the other part of me wants to say ‘the word build is overused, often incorrectly.’ To what I am referring to is obviously the time-honored internet tradition of arguing over whether slamming your [...]

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Top Mods and Upgrades for the Audi B5 S4

There are a few cars we enthusiasts consider universally loved. The E30 M3, Porsche 993 Carrera, VW MK1 GTI, and Audi Ur Quattro are just a few of those European examples that are impossible to hate unless you are just a contrarian who wants to spout Ben Shapiro style points they dug up on a [...]

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Common Mistakes People Make Modifying Their Cars

Car enthusiasts are a different breed. We anthropomorphize our cars, imbue them with our personalities, name them, lust after specific models, and customize them to extreme measures. Not every enthusiast would classify ‘car enthusiasts’ the same way, as the definition is incredibly loose, but a safe bet would be to call anyone who sees cars [...]

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Why Choose ECS Street Coilover Systems for your Audi, BMW, or Volkswagen

With car modifications, there isn’t some ‘one size fits all’ or cookie-cutter solution. Its personal choice and enthusiasts take their choices personally. When you enter the coils vs. bags vs. springs conversation, you’re joining a brawl with other enthusiasts where the only outcome is a guaranteed black eye, hurt feelings, and a mark on your [...]

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