For Science! Is the Schwaben Fluid Extractor the Best Way to Change Your Oil?

When we introduced the Schwaben Fluid Extractor, it was met with some understandable skepticism. Many DIYers and mechanics alike weighed in and made their arguments for or against the method of changing oil with a vacuum device like the fluid extractor. We showed in our video that it is the easiest way to perform your [...]

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When enthusiasts grow up: Evan’s MK7 Jetta 1.4T R-Line

What does it mean to be a ‘car enthusiast?’ For many, the term is almost interchangeable with a title of superiority in conversations about automobiles. Especially when those conversations involve the introduction of cars built for efficiency, comfort, space, utility, and a price point. What is even more intriguing than the term itself is the [...]

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The Porsche 996 Turbo: Everything You Need to Know for the 30k-Mile Service

The 996 Carrera, which was produced from 1999 until 2004, is a sore topic amongst enthusiasts. Generally, those enthusiasts are quick to grab their bludgeons and wallop the IMS Bearing dead horse en-masse. Somewhere in that collective hatred of the 996, you will hear about the cracked eggshell headlights, water cooled engine, and how [...]

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The Sports Car with a Fanny Pack: Preston’s B5 S4 Avant

When you spend time around a diverse crowd of car folks, you inevitably lose your bias towards a specific slice of the automotive world. My car history is varied and arguably well-rounded, but being here at ECS has exponentially grown my interests to include cars from a much broader spectrum than I previously considered. If [...]

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NEO Cars and Coffee hosted by ECS Tuning September, 2018

When you put aside your biases and preferences for one make or model and see the greater car community as a group of people who simply enjoy their cars, you end up with an expansive group of fundamentally similar enthusiasts. Car events are either tailored to one style, make, country of origin, or even specific [...]

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ECS Virtual Car Show 2018

In 2016, we hosted our first virtual car show where you submitted photographs and information on your personal builds to compete in the online show for the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award. This year we are bringing the show back with a new twist! Our team has devised a slightly different approach to the incredibly [...]

Dictators need love too: Max’s 1982 Mercedes-Benz W126 300SD Turbo Diesel

In 1980, Mercedes introduced the recently developed ‘Special Class’ prestige luxury sedan to American markets. The gas crisis and ‘gas-guzzler’ tax imposed upon cars on American roads led to the development of this car, and specifically its engine, as a response to those rules. Only a company like Mercedes would so adamantly redesign an entire [...]

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Recent Additions: Our Newest Products for your Audi or Volkswagen

Part of what makes our car hobbies fascinating is the dynamic nature of cars themselves. New models are released constantly that feature developments in technology to provide more features and increased power, as well as arguably more attractive styling. Thanks to the rapidly expanding catalog of performance vehicles, we are always busy finding ways to [...]

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