The Sports Car with a Fanny Pack: Preston’s B5 S4 Avant

When you spend time around a diverse crowd of car folks, you inevitably lose your bias towards a specific slice of the automotive world. My car history is varied and arguably well-rounded, but being here at ECS has exponentially grown my interests to include cars from a much broader spectrum than I previously considered. If [...]

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NEO Cars and Coffee hosted by ECS Tuning September, 2018

When you put aside your biases and preferences for one make or model and see the greater car community as a group of people who simply enjoy their cars, you end up with an expansive group of fundamentally similar enthusiasts. Car events are either tailored to one style, make, country of origin, or even specific [...]

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ECS Virtual Car Show 2018

In 2016, we hosted our first virtual car show where you submitted photographs and information on your personal builds to compete in the online show for the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award. This year we are bringing the show back with a new twist! Our team has devised a slightly different approach to the incredibly [...]

Recent Additions: Our Newest Products for your Audi or Volkswagen

Part of what makes our car hobbies fascinating is the dynamic nature of cars themselves. New models are released constantly that feature developments in technology to provide more features and increased power, as well as arguably more attractive styling. Thanks to the rapidly expanding catalog of performance vehicles, we are always busy finding ways to [...]

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How to Prepare Your Daily Driver for Winter Conditions

Summer is coming to a close and the fall air is drawing near, especially if you live up North. Some cars are put away for the winter and the trusty old beater is awoken once again to take the brunt of the salt and weather damage, while other cars are prepared for winter conditions. [...]

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Its Obvious: Zach’s Audi B5 S4

I have always heard it is a bad idea to meet your heroes, much less date them. In the case of cars, I tend to disagree with that statement. With several of my cars, the ones that I regarded as superb before I owned them usually met or exceeded my expectations. One of my [...]

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The Dad Wagon: Kevin’s 1989 Audi 200 Quattro Avant 5-Speed

Winter for car enthusiasts is generally the most depressing time of year as the weather prevents us from engaging in our favorite past times. The conditions add difficulty many would consider being more than enough reason to stay inside. They would prefer to just drive that reliable truck through gritted teeth while they wait for [...]

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Audi Bahn Valley Rally

These past twelve months, we at ECS Tuning have made increasing efforts to engage with our local community. Recently, we reinstated our ‘Will-Call’ pick up option for locals who want to pick up their parts in person as soon as they are boxed. Additionally, we have had the extreme pleasure to take part in several [...]

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Just Stopping By: Orlando’s Audi 8P A3 and Will-Call Parts Pickup

By popular demand, we have reinitiated our Will-Call order option for customers who want the option to pick up their parts at our facility. This gives folks the option to get their orders as soon as they are boxed up and ready to go out the doors and it gives us a chance to interact with our customers. The influx of tuners to our office has brought with it some awesome cars driven by enthusiasts like Orlando, who brought down his incredible 8P A3 for some information on tuning software.

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