H&R Springs are the ride control your Audi, BMW, MINI, or VW needs

For enthusiasts, the handling characteristics of our cars play a massive part in the enjoyment derived from driving. The pleasure of driving a fantastic handling car that exudes German quality is nearly unmatchable. That’s why H&R has been developing TUV and ABE-certified springs and suspension solutions specifically designed to provide the ultimate ride and handling characteristics for your car.

H&R began in Germany over 20 years ago by producing high-quality springs that met the German TUV standards for installation on road-going cars. After a brief time with that certification, they were eventually accepted to receive the ABE-certification, which allowed them to be installed out of the box without any other approval. During this time, H&R famously manufactured suspension components for racing cars. Notably, the DTM German Touring Car Championship series featured H&R suspension on nearly every car. From that series, the legend of H&R’s top-notch suspension was born.

Now, after a few decades of excellence under their belt, the folks at H&R have branched out to produce Coilovers, Sway Bars, Springs, Trak+ Wheel Spacers, and more for the German enthusiast market. Any track day, car show, or a casual gathering of European car enthusiasts will feature many cars grounded by H&R Suspension for good reason. H&R has some of the highest-quality suspension components available to control your body roll, lower your center of gravity, and maintain an overall comfortable ride. With H&R you can drive to the track in comfort, compete in style, and drive back home all without changing your settings. If it is time to address your suspension needs, look to H&R for the time-tested and race-ready equipment you need for proper ride control.

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ECS Tuning Presents: NEO Cars & Coffee with Summit Racing

The North East Ohio Cars and Coffee is an event much like other C&C events across the country where enthusiasts gather for morning snacks, caffeine, and a few hours of hang time with vehicles of all types. The NEO C&C, unlike some of the similar meets around the States, is a traveling venue. Last week we were granted the opportunity to host the sizable crowd of drivers and regular attendees here at our own facility for a rare look at some of our headquarters.

Anyone who regularly makes an appearance at a C&C event knows how incredibly difficult it can be to drag yourself out of bed early on a Saturday morning to prep your car and drive before any food has hit your stomach. The drive into the show always provides the excitement buildup necessary to generate some energy, but the real kick is arriving at an event totally unprepared for the variety of builds, unique cars, and the total attendance numbers when they completely blow away any expectations.


We promoted the event alongside the NEO C&C crew, so a high attendance number was no surprise. However, seeing hundreds of people and cars of various makes and models pour into and out of the facility, all morning with seemingly no end thoroughly exceeded our collective imagination.

The crowds of enthusiasts milling about the overflowing parking lot were offered no shortage of excellent vehicles to see up close. Even for this writer, several first in-person sightings of favorite cars dominated the morning. One of the most appealing aspects of C&C events is the relaxed atmosphere that offers the opportunity to speak with owners of some interesting cars. From exotics to classics, and a host of modified contemporary cars, any type of gear-head could have seen something that makes them bust an enormous grin.

Some of the more noteworthy cars from the morning were an eclectic bunch of makes and models from very different roads of automotive history. An all-original BMW E9 3.0 Coupe pulled in amidst a crowd of vintage BMWs and immediately caught the attention of the folks who were in-the-know about that car’s notoriety. Alongside that E9, a period-correct Lamborghini Diablo drew the attention of nearly everyone in attendance at some point, as did an imported Makinen Edition Lan-Evo 6 that has to be one of very few Stateside.


Peppering the parking lot was more than strictly European cars, which made the event more successful. The presence of some well-done STis, an insane S14, and even an LS-swapped Miata were all featured around the lot and inside the ECS garage.

The Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari, CTS-V wagon, and M-Coupe also drew easy numbers of onlookers when they arrived and maintained a steady stream of admirers until their departure.



The morning concluded with the majority of attendees leaving one-by-one almost as if someone had made the announcement that it was time to leave. The early morning meet was finished before noon, which makes it one of the shorter, if not more enjoyable, gatherings that let you enjoy a car-filled day from sunrise to well past sundown here in Northeast Ohio. Due to the resounding success that the NEO Cars and Coffee event has been here at ECS, you can rest assured it will continue in the future. Stay tuned for more information about how you can engage with us at events and when we will open our doors once again to share some breakfast and cars together.

A very special shout out to Justin Raynak @shades43, the photographer who so graciously shot the event while our photographer was out and about with Jamie Orr on the “Slammed to the Arctic” road trip!

Controversy in Style: XKGLOW Lighting Solutions for your Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen

The automotive world is vast and full of countless styles, influences, and motivations from nearly every aspect of life in general. It is a beautiful hobby to have, in that automotive enthusiasm allows drivers and owners to express themselves and draw upon inspiration from other facets of their personal lives to create something that wholly reflects their vision. This automotive expressionism, especially in its purest form, often leads to brutal debate over whether or not the car is ‘cool’ or ‘well done’ without much thought as to what brought the build together in the mind of the owner. Several styles and trends have been ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ in the past few decades, but one of the most controversial modifications has consistently been underglow and full spectrum lighting. One company who stands on the side of self-expression and creativity is XKGlow, who produce some of the finest automotive lighting solutions for nearly every make and model with high-quality, usability, and functionality in mind.

Underglow is just one of those things that either make you drop your jaw at the unified theme of the car on which it is equipped, or something that makes a little bit of bile rise up your esophagus. For this writer, underglow was something that was amusing, became uncouth, and has now returned full circle to a smile-inducing aspect of any car. XKGlow offers the ability to give your smile muscles a work out with their full-spectrum lights for interiors, exteriors, and even headlights that you can control from either a fob or your smartphone for instant satisfaction.

The systems are incredibly easy to install and use. From your smartphone, you can control brightness, strobe, color, and create customized presets that give your car a unique light show to flex with at the next local car meet. While there are no performance benefits to additional lighting options, there is no replacement for the amount of joy you can give yourself by changing the color theme of your car at night at the touch of a button.

Make the risky choice and throw underglow on your build to see just how much fun everyone had in the 90’s rolling around with neons under their civic. You can balk all you want, but I know that when I flip the switch under my BMW and enjoy some mood lighting, nothing else bothers me. Seeing the smiles and smirks alike make part of expressing your individuality enjoyable, but at the end of the day, finding something that means something special to you alone is the only thing that matters. Express yourself with XKGlow on your next project to see what we mean when we say ‘smile-inducing’. 

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Timeless Passion and Design: the MOMO Heritage

Whenever I ask a fellow car enthusiast what it was that first struck them about cars in general, the answer that follows is rarely short. For myself, I can remember being given a model of the then-new 993 Carerra Porsche when I was young. From the shape of the car to the articulation of the doors and rear engine cover, and even just that the steering wheel turned with the steering rack to simulate the front wheels turning all just spoke to me. The passion I felt then just looking at that Porsche model has carried throughout my life. MOMO is a company with that same passion, and one who evokes similar emotions from anyone who sees one of their classic wheels at the helm of a performance car. Their inception began as a one-off wheel for a personal racing car and grew to become one of the most dedicated aftermarket and OEM suppliers of thoroughbred performance wheels that are placed iconically throughout motorsport history in some of the greatest performing race cars to have ever competed.


MOMO began in Italy in 1964 when Gianpiero Moretti commissioned a local craftsman to fabricate a custom wheel for his personal racing car. From that moment, MOMO became synonymous with racing performance. Their dedication for exceptional grip and simplistic design that is both practical and stunning has translated to a benchmark standard in steering wheels that can be seen imitated by a number of companies in the industry, but none with the success of a genuine MOMO wheel.

Something about that ‘less is more’ style has always appealed to me. One of the first places I look in vintage or contemporary performance cars interiors is at the steering wheel. A traditional three-spoke alloy wheel with a thin grip in either uncovered wood or wrapped leather with a period-correct center horn button is the pinnacle of aesthetic pleasure in my opinion, which speaks to why I have so much love for the vintage MOMO design. Their timeless appearance and universal application make MOMO wheels perfect in anything from a vintage Alfa Romeo to a modern Volkswagen GTI to achieve a motorsport look with a deliberate nod to racing history.

Few brands stick out as a perfect heritage piece at home in any car from any country and any era as well as MOMO. Their industry-wide reach has set a standard in racing wheels that persists to this day while they continue to improve upon their manufacturing methods and add to their catalog. MOMO is one of the few companies that continuously pushes the boundaries of style and design while retaining their original message: “We turn cars from simple tools into a way of life”.

Check out our full catalog of MOMO wheels available on our site for your own piece of heritage. Each MOMO wheel is crafted with love for the sport, a passion for excellence, and the pride from decades of motorsport success to be the perfect integration between you and your car.

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Racing Safety Equipment for your Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen

What makes a performance car so enticing to enthusiasts of all types? When we look reductively at the fundamental attractiveness of European performance vehicles, the underlying similarity is an emotional connection to what car guys would consider a blank slate. Approaching a new build is an open world of possibility, which is part of where that sentiment originates. For many, the desire to take a car that was essentially produced for fun on the street out-of-the-box and turn it into something more exclusive for competitive use is the direction to which they turn. Racing modifications are where the whole car scene originated and how most of us came into the world of cars as more than just transportation. Since the beginning, the competitive use of automobiles and modification for racing purposes have driven us to amazing products and advancements in racing technology that will help you keep pace with the rest of the drivers on the grid. To help you succeed in your racing hobby, whether you are just starting out or coming back for another build, ECS Tuning has used all our available resources to collect the best names in aftermarket manufacturers who focus exclusively on competitive products.

Whether you drive an Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen, we have dedicated products intended to provide safety and performance improvements on the track or give you additional scene points at the next meet with functional race parts in your street car. The importance of safety equipment is more than just the stellar looks they add, however. Many sanctioning bodies require certified equipment in order to compete, so that is where companies like those listed below come in to help you stay safe, legal, and looking like a pro.


Quite possibly one of the most well-known racing equipment manufacturers in the business, Sparco offers racing steering wheels, competition seat mounts, racing harnesses, and their world-renowned bucket seats. Their parts need almost no introduction as they have been made famous both cinematically and in the gaming world, basically indoctrinating every ten-year-old boy into the church of Sparco racing products. Their seat brackets, specifically, take out the guesswork when it comes to mounting fixed bucket seats in your track car or the weekend warrior, so make sure your next pair of seats doesn’t give you a headache by requiring an annoying amount of modification.


Along the same lines as Sparco, OMP is another pioneer in safety and racing equipment. Their steering wheel hub adapters, steering wheels, seats, and seat brackets offer more affordable alternatives to the high-dollar brands like Recaro and Sparco and make racing equipment realistic for the entry-level enthusiast. Their certified products allow beginners to stay safe and meet regulations in order to gain the vital seat time that will help them progress.


Yet another powerhouse, Recaro nearly needs no introduction. Their high-quality and extremely reliable product catalog have found their way into some of the most well-known builds in the professional and amateur circuits alike, and for this reason are generally a go-to choice when you want the name-brand guarantee and unmatched functionality.


More exclusive to our BMW and MINI customers, Brey-Krause is a German manufacturer of racing components and are most known for their OE Seat Fire Extinguisher Mounts. These mounts are absolutely critical for anyone wanting to take their BMW or MINI to any track, either competitively or just for fun, as new regulations do require fire extinguishers be mounted in the car. They are also well known for BMW/MINI-specific seat brackets which allow for the best fit when it comes time to drop in some more stable aftermarket buckets.


While they began in 2001 by producing one-off race regulation compliant parts for Porsches, Rennline has since expanded their catalog by offering universal compliance components and performance pieces for a number of manufacturers and models. Skid plates, safety decal kits, pedal sets, throttle extensions, fire extinguisher mount brackets, and more all come from the Vermont machine shop they have operated since the beginning. Rennline is another great option for both improving the visual aspects of your interior and your overall driving experience.

Schroth Racing

A less expensive option for personal safety, Schroth Racing offers ‘quick-fit’ harness options for nearly every car that give you the benefit of tight racing belts without the requirement of a roll bar, half, or full cage. These belts clip into your existing seatbelt buckles and use the original mounting points rather than needing modification or new mounts. Quick-fit harnesses are an excellent choice for the safety-minded performance driver who wants more out of their car without needing to go full-on race car.


More racing-specific, Racequip brings safety equipment required by everyone from professional sanctioning bodies to grassroots events. Racing helmets are one of the most important aspects of driving a car to the ragged edge as they protect your dome from most shocks you can expect to encounter eventually. These helmets are approved and designed for competitive use and to be the safest, most comfortable, and attractive helmets available.

Wiechers Sport

For your MINI, Wiechers Sport offers structural rigidity upgrades like chassis bracing and strut braces that are both attractive and functional. The bracing they offer benefits from their years of experience developing custom racing cages for individuals up to the top-tier manufacturer’s teams that need to stand up to the harshest of conditions. Chassis rigidity, especially in FWD vehicles, is exceptionally important on the track. Wiechers brings MINI drivers the ability to drop in easy reinforcement components that will improve their driving experience dramatically.


Another powerhouse in the automotive racing world, MOMO has provided some of the world’s best drivers and teams with exceptional racing wheels from Italy for nearly 60 years. Their catalog of styles, from vintage to contemporary, are some of the most respected steering wheels chosen by manufacturers and individuals alike for an unmatched interface between the driver and the car. Whatever your style, there is a MOMO wheel specifically designed to improve your connection to your car and keep your hands where they belong.

Of course, we do have an almost endless supply of other performance brands, but these top-quality racing component manufacturers are exactly what any novice or veteran competitive driver needs to stay on top of their safety equipment. In racing, safety is the highest priority above all. That’s why we offer the range of safety equipment manufacturers necessary to allow anyone at any level to benefit from a concern for their well being behind the wheel and ability to meet regulations on the race track. It’s not all about showing off your pretty parts and high horsepower! Don’t forget to equip your car with the necessary components to ensure the worst case leaves you down a car and not something vastly more important.

The Best Brakes for your Audi, BMW, or VW Explained with HAWK Performance

For most people, a trip to the shop or dealership and a few hours wait is all they ever think about their brakes until they have to slam them on mid-text message when they miss their exit. For the enthusiasts, brake service is a moment of catharsis like any routine service for which we have a habit. The most difficult part of servicing your brakes comes down to which components to use. The average driver needs one style while the performance driver needs another. This article will help the aspiring or confident at-home mechanic choose the right braking components for their needs and gain a better understanding of what physically happens during the time you depress the middle pedal and expect the car to stop.

Modern Disc Brakes

Disc brakes today are fairly universal for each of their applications and all work around the same principles. Disc brakes receive their nomenclature since they are a physical disc, or rotor, that is stopped by a caliper and pads which squeeze together against the friction surface. Brakes stop your car based on their coefficient of friction over a temperature range. They consist of your caliper, which has pistons that clamp the pads to the rotor, and are operated hydraulically through brake lines that lead up to your brake master cylinder. While all disc brakes are essentially the same parts, when we start looking for performance options, things become more complicated.

Coefficient of Friction

Let’s take a step back and look at exactly what is happening over the course of you pressing your brake pedal and coming to the site. The coefficient of friction is basically how much bite your brakes have at a certain temperature.

On a normal street car like the family hauler, you need brake pads with a high friction coefficient at a low temperature. Since your brakes will basically be cold all the time, you don’t want to wait for them to gain temperature to be grabby enough to stop. The trade-off is that the brakes lose grabbiness as the temperature climbs. So if you ride your brakes down a long, steep, hill, you will notice what is called ‘brake fade’ as the pads leave their operating temperature range. This is why you would want to gear down rather than riding the brakes so you don’t boil your fluid in the calipers or lose your brakes entirely.

For a performance street car, you will want a pad compound that offers a high initial bite force and has a wide operating temperature so you can maintain brake force as the temperature climbs. The graph would be more like a flat line. While these pads may not have as high of an initial bite as basic passenger car economy brakes, they will significantly outperform those standard pads at high temperatures seen in hard driving and will resist fading. HAWK performance pads have a number of options for performance pad upgrade that are perfect for daily street driving and some moderate track use or aggressive driving, which we highly recommend for nearly all modified cars that see any road time.

Racing brakes have a graph that looks like the inverse of a standard economy car’s brakes. Racing brakes need their peak friction at much higher temperatures and require a good bit of heat to provide the stopping force necessary for competitive race cars. These brake pads are ill-advisable on the street, however, as you will not keep enough heat in the pads during standard driving to achieve adequate stopping force when you need it.


HAWK Performance is our go-to source for brake pads that are capable on the track and street without interchanging compounds. Your next brake service should include HAWK pads that will stop you on the street and perform under the hard-driving that your car will coax out of you.

HAWK HPS pads are the original compound HAWK developed to provide added performance for your brakes on the street. These pads are a Ferro-Carbon compound and offer a wide temperature range that allows you to drive them with performance benefits on the street or some mild track use. They offer a smooth feel and bite with a remarkably controllable torque so you have the feedback you need without an overly aggressive bite force or ‘spongy’ lack of responsiveness.

The newly added HPS 5.0 pads are a step up from the HPS, but not a true replacement. These high-performance pads offer an incredibly tight tolerance right at the line between the most torque you can have without kicking on the ABS and enough torque to provide a substantial increase in performance. They are also a Ferro-Carbon compound and will give your car better pedal feedback, low noise, low dust, and are also designed for street and track use. HPS 5.0 pads are the new go-to for a performance car driver who sees a wide range of driving conditions on the street and track. Everything from a simple trip to the store to a canyon-carving togue can be easily handled by these pads with greater performance and less fade than competitive street going pads.

Finally, the Street Race pads are the racing pads that allow you to drive your car on the track and back off with the ultimate in crossover braking performance. These pads use HAWK’s mechanical bond retention system, slotted friction, hot bod shim, and pad chamfer to improve your handling characteristics and braking characteristics on and off the track. These are the highest rated pads HAWK offers for both street and track use and are the best all-around pad for anyone driving in multiple scenarios that needs the absolute highest performance from their pads.


Brake pads are clamped by calipers. The brake calipers, which are operated hydraulically, use an inner and outer pad to press against the rotor and provide friction that is turned into heat as the car stops. The performance of your calipers is dependent upon the size, force, and the number of pistons pressing the pads together, the ability for the caliper to resist temperature increases and to dispel heat quickly.

Standard disc brake calipers are generally a single or dual piston, cast iron, caliper. Improving your brakes generally can be left to better pads, like the HAWK pads outlined above, and with more capable rotors. In some cases, however, extreme brake performance is necessary and a greater friction surface with more bite force and better cooling properties is necessary. The theory behind big brakes is simple: adding surface area increases the amount of friction, adding pistons increases the bite force, and floating designs offer improved cooling to resist fade with the faster increase in temperatures from the larger brake components. Big brakes allow you to improve your stopping power well beyond the capabilities of your factory calipers and rotors for street use and racing use but are generally not considered necessary for anyone beginning their build. Advanced drivers and drivers of high-horsepower cars are the ones who will receive the biggest benefits from these ultra-high performance brake systems.


The rotor is the disc that spins with your wheel on the hub and receives the clamping force of the pads by the calipers. The dual purposes of the brake rotor is to provide a friction face and to dispel heat as quickly as possible. For the street driver, the biggest three concerns should be the brake rotor’s performance, ability to control temperature, and their lifespan. HAWK’s Sector 27 rotors are a prime example of upgraded rotors that offer those properties for the performance minded driver. The Sector 27 rotors offer improved performance, lowered temperatures, a predictable torque control to match the HAWK pads, consistent pedal feel, and an exceptionally long life. They are available in drilled and slotted or just slotted for your preference, which transitions nicely into our next area.

Drilled and Slotted vs. Slotted vs. Full Face

Rotors are traditionally full faces that are just a spinning friction disc for your pads to clamp against and stop the car. The flat face offers the largest surface area, so full face rotors are actually the highest initial bite force rotors and would be recommended for the best performance on a street car.

Slotted rotors have channels that allow heat gas and brake dust to escape, which will reduce temperatures quickly and resists brake fade. As we mentioned earlier, though, only during competition do these benefit you the most since they actually have less surface area than full face rotors. They do, however, hold up over a wider range than full face rotors by resisting that fade and maintaining a consistent pedal feel for a variety of driving conditions. The slotted design is excellent for anyone looking for a performance upgrade that will allow them to take full advantage of their car during aggressive driving by resisting fade and allowing for a wide temperature range for optimal operation.

Drilled and Slotted rotors are just for show. That’s it! The holes and slots further reduce the surface area of the rotors and dramatically decrease the temperatures of the rotors. While they are perfectly capable on the street and do resist temperature increase more than any other style of rotors, we do not recommend drilled and slotted rotors for anything besides street and show use.

Brake Lines

Your brake lines deliver fluid to the brake calipers which hydraulically clamp against the rotors and stop your vehicle. Brake lines are traditionally rubber lines with metal fittings, which are perfectly fine for daily driving and even some hard driving. However, as your demands for performance increase, it is important to receive as much feedback from your pedal inputs as possible and for your fluid lines to have as much insulation as they can to resist temperature increases. Braided steel brake lines offer firmer pedal feel by resisting ‘stretching’ under fluid pressure and are better insulated than their rubber cousins which means your brake fluid stays cooler longer for higher performance driving.


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Carbon Fiber Visual Upgrades for Audi B7 S4

The Audi B7 S4 succeeded the B6 S4 in 2005 with minor mechanical changes and a redesigned exterior. The more contemporary styling, paired with the 4.2-liter V8 engine, made the all-wheel-drive sedan a popular choice amongst business executives and performance enthusiasts alike. While it has become dated as the B8 and B9 have respectively succeeded it, the aftermarket community continues to provide excellent products for those who still rock the B7. Brand new from ECS Tuning, we have two additions that are sure to tickle the fancy of any B7 owner: our Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser and Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler add a more aggressive element to the B7 S4 styling that subtly hints the decade-old autobahn cruiser still packs a punch.

The diffuser is a perfectly fitted aesthetic improvement designed to accent the existing body lines while adding a hint of sporty flair. The carbon fiber weave gives the rear of your car a transformative feeling and the stubby fins make for a more dynamic look not present on the factory rear bumper. This diffuser is an excellent choice for anyone with a B7 S4 who wants to have one more reason to look back every time they park their car.

To compliment the diffuser, our rear lip spoiler similarly accentuates and amplifies the factory contours of the trunk. Once again, a touch of carbon fiber is all it takes to provide a new theme that makes for a more race-inspired vibe than the original contours offer.

These visual upgrades are some of many still being produced for the B7 S4 that are ensured to give you a new appreciation for your Audi. Grab some carbon fiber and give your car the flair it wants with the race-inspired upgrades from ECS Tuning.

Vendor Spotlight: 60 Years of Sonax

What sets apart a car enthusiast from the rest of the inhabitants in his neighborhood? Do we look at the countless nights spent tinkering in the garage, or the constant arrivals of parts to their front door? While it may be a combination of several intricacies of an enthusiast’s life, one unifying activity found amongst all enthusiasts is the hand washing of one’s car. That is definitely something the fellows at Sonax take seriously, as they provide some of the most well-known car care products to enthusiasts all over the world who enjoy the cathartic release of cleaning their vehicle with the best stuff around.

What began 60 years ago as a silver polish has blossomed into one of the go-to names in automotive polish and cleaning products. Almost assuredly any car show or get together you may attend features shiny show cars using their products to achieve the highest level of attractiveness.

If you are preparing for your next show, don’t leave out Sonax car care products during your detailing work. Their engine cleaner is perfect for tackling the nasty grime and grease that builds up and makes you embarrassed to show off your car’s power plant. Be confident and take pride in what’s under the hood this time with the Sonax engine cleaner.

If your wheels are looking a little darker than they should and a normal wash just won’t cut it, Sonax wheel cleaner PLUS wheel cleaner is just what you need to bring the shine back. This cleaner is safe for all wheel types and works stronger and faster than other cleaners to ensure a pristine like-new finish without spending back-breaking hours polishing those lips by hand. This wheel cleaner is ideal if you have neglected wheels you are trying to restore or need a super quick detail after driving to a show, just make sure you have some water handy!

Sonax also offers interior cleaner, bug remover, and other sanitation products to cover every base in taking care of your car’s appearance and smell. Of course, you do need a way to dry everything off. Once you have finished washing your vehicle and are ready to prevent any water spots, the Sonax microfiber drying cloth is the perfect finishing touch.

Save time with your next detail and see the best results with the 60 years of excellent experience behind Sonax and their car care products. Take care of your favorite cars the right way and keep them as clean as the day you brought them home without jumping through hoops of trying to figure out the best products to use. Sonax is the name we all trust thanks to their extensive experience in polishes and cleaning products for a good reason. Check out their full inventory of accessories here at ECS Tuning.

Vendor Spotlight: CTS Turbo means Big Power for your Audi or Volkswagen

The old phrase “there is no replacement for displacement” has met its match in today’s aftermarket performance world. The recipe for huge horsepower was to have the biggest bore, most aggressive cams, and a fuel economy that was measured in feet from the largest engine possible. While turbocharged engines are not a new concept, the reliability and potential for forced induction engines have become rivals to their naturally aspirated cousins. CTS Turbo is one of the foremost aftermarket manufacturers who capitalizes on the turbocharged Audi and VW engines and forces respectable power from small displacement forced induction platforms with their performance contributions.

Just like Simba’s reign covered everything light touched, CTS Turbo offers performance upgrades for everything air flows through and more. Their improved charge pipes, intercoolers, inlet pipes, outlet pipes, exhaust systems, and more open up the crucial airways that make forced induction effective. CTS Turbo’s focus is clearly turbo-related support, but their product catalog extends beyond those accessories.

Hardware like subframe inserts, transmission mounts, catch cans, and short shift kits broaden CTS Turbo’s reach into the VAG market and give a range of options for the performance-minded Audi or VW owner. Making big power, adding rigidity, and improving drivability are all key concepts involved in a well-rounded build, and that is just what CTS aims to provide. Their mounts allow for reduced deflection, which means the additional power from their K04 turbo upgrade, more efficient intercooler, and better flowing exhaust will actually be transferred to the wheels rather than lost in drivetrain flex.

CTS Turbo allows you to cover all your bases in your Audi or VW build by providing power, chassis, and drivability improvements without breaking your bank. Their accessible upgrades offer incredible performance upgrades to your forced induction engines and are designed for perfect fitment. Since technology has finally advanced in the forced induction community, we are starting to see outstanding horsepower output from small displacement engines thanks to companies like CTS Turbo. Give your Audi or VW that extra power you know you want with CTS performance parts, on sale now!


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Genuine OEM Parts Are Best: You Can’t Change Our Minds

Car enthusiasts are just as concerned with keeping their vehicles maintained as they are with adding power. If your car is broken down, it doesn’t matter how much power it makes! The biggest hassle with maintenance is needing to do the same job twice or more. How do we ensure the parts we are using will stand the test of time and keep our cars on the road? The answer is simple: by using Genuine OEM parts or OEM suppliers, you know that each new part is going to function and last as long as the manufacturer intended for the best results.

ECS Tuning offers myriad aftermarket components and upgrades from nearly all the top vendors, but we also pride ourselves on our inventory of Genuine OEM parts for the true enthusiast who is concerned with keeping their car running with the top-shelf parts trusted by the manufacturer. Genuine Audi, BMW, Porsche, MINI, and Volkswagen parts give you the peace of mind that your replacement components are exactly right for the car.

Many times, reproduction parts are not held to the same standards or do not account for the same parameters the OEM manufacturers knew would need to be addressed for the perfect function. To quote quite possibly the only profound line from an otherwise terrible movie, “its one thing to understand how to bolt (aftermarket) parts to your car, but its another thing entirely to understand how they all work together.” (Born To Race, 2011).

The research, development, and stringent tolerances of Genuine OEM parts absolutely guarantees that each part will function as intended and last for the full duration of the expected and necessary lifespan of the component. Make sure your next maintenance project includes only Genuine parts for the best fitment, perfect function, and assured durability. Check out our selection of full parts catalogs for your European vehicle!

Genuine BMW

Genuine Audi/Volkswagen

Genuine MINI

Genuine Porsche