Getting older proves challenging for some car guys. At a certain point, it’s just not feasible to roll around in something purpose-built for racing on the morning commute, so you have to pick something more civilized. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power, though. That’s the sentiment Derek has with his C7 S6 we’ve been using lately for development on the platform. With a 4.0T under the hood, a first-class interior, and pure class emanating from this executive sedan, the C7 S6 is the perfect ‘adult professional’ car for the adult professional who still wants drama when they plant their right foot.

We’ve been hard at work improving the performance of this big-body sedan here at ECS. The goal is to bring eye-watering power to the platform with some simple upgrades aimed at giving you all the fun you can have with an executive sedan without sacrificing its intentions as the most comfortable commuter you can drive.

Namely, our upgrades have focused on reducing restrictions and temperatures in the turbocharged V8. Our Turbo Inlet and Outlet pipes paired with our Luft-Technik intake maximize the airflow. Propelling the exhaust away from the engine is our valved cat-back exhaust that will be available for your C7 shortly so you can make the same noises this highway bruiser does.

Under the car, the suspension is dropped with a little extra assistance for the factory air ride system by a set of prototype links for the height sensors, giving this C7 S6 an intimidating stance on our 20” Alzor 628 ‘rotor’ wheels. A few more choice upgrades we can’t quite tease just yet complete this package and help make Derek’s S6 into the perfect blend of business and bonkers. All told, it put down roughly 540AWHP and 650AWTQ on our Mustang Dyno, which are impressive numbers for a sedan aimed at upper-management MBAs who aren’t widely known for their ‘wild’ streaks.

With massaging seats inside, plenty of power to embarrass even some of the dedicated muscle cars on the highway, and a striking presence thanks to its stance and fitment, Derek’s C7 demonstrates the versatility of this platform. It’s the ideal ‘do it all’ car for someone who loves the finer things, needs something convenient for year-round driving, and refuses to give up their goofy side with gobs of power available to your right foot. Thankfully, Derek has helped us to see the appeal in these executive sedans and we’re excited to bring more to the market for the platform. Check out all the upgrades we currently offer to help your C7 S6/S7 look, sound and perform its best right here at ECS Tuning.