If two massive snowfalls weren’t enough to make you desperate for warm weather and longer days, the realization that car season is only a few weeks away for most of us sure is. We’re already itching to get back to working on our cars in some comfortable temperatures, which means now is the time we’re thinking about changes and upgrades in our setup for this year. This week, we’re here to bring some brand new heat with a lineup of all the upgrades we’ve developed and released so far this year. Hopefully, they’re enough to warm you up and get your 2022 plans underway. 

MK8 GTI Valved/Non-Valved Exhaust

The brand-new MK8 GTI has been in our hands now for a few months, which is just enough time for us to scan it for product development. Naturally, one of the first things we wanted to do was hear how the new engine platform and turbo sound through a free-flowing exhaust. For those of you with this most recent iteration of the GTI, you can now enjoy it the way it was meant to be heard with our MK8 GTI valved or non-valved cat-back exhaust options. 

MK7/7.5 R & 8V S3 Valved/Non-Valved Exhaust

For the already popular outgoing MK7/7.5 R and 8V S3, were excited to bring you brand new valved and non-valved cat-back systems as well. The best-performing variation of the Golf lineup deserves a sound that matches its potential. Fortunately, our exhaust is designed to do just that. 

 Enjoy the sounds of our new cat-back on the 8V S3 we used for testing in this video:

Turner Motorsport Carbon Fiber G20 M-Sport Front Lip

For the current-generation BMW 3 series, our Turner Motorsport development arm offers an aggressive and stylish exterior upgrade for the front end. This new G20 carbon fiber front lip for the M-sport bumper brings the car’s appearance closer to the ground and accents the already imposing face with a motorsport-inspired visual improvement. The lip compliments our recently released rear spoiler, which overall looks more appealing to enthusiasts. Subtle, but certainly noticeable, especially surrounded by the run-of-the-mill commuter G20s. 

Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels BMW F2X/F3X, F8X M2/M3/M4, X5M/X6M

For the inside of your BMW, we’re proud to finally offer an extension of our existing carbon fiber steering wheel lineup designed to create the perfect functional and aesthetic improvement to the cabin. You spend the most time with your hands on the steering wheel, so you might as well enjoy that time as much as possible. With carbon and either leather or Alcantara custom carbon fiber BMW steering wheel options, you can tailor your wheel to be the perfect upgrade for your driving experience and give a more refined, motorsport-inspired, look to your BMW interior. 

Of course, we do have VW MK7/7.5 GTI and MINI options, too. 

MK8 GTI Flush Kit

Certainly much less work than designing anything new, we played around with fitment tweaks on the OEM 19” GTI wheels and found the perfect flush look with our spacers and extended studs. This flush kit is perfectly suited for a daily-driven MK8 GTI that is either stock height or lower, though some fender rolling may be necessary depending on your suspension settings. For an OEM-plus look, our perfectly measured MK8 wheel spacer kit is the easiest way to improve your fitment and stance without breaking the bank or compromising the purity of your new GTI. 

Rear Trailing Arm Monoball Bushings MK5/MK6/B7/8U/8P/TT MKII

For some of you older-gen VW and Audi enjoyers, we’re quite proud of our new VW/Audi Monoball rear trailing arm bushing upgrades. Available as either pre-pressed rear trailing arm assemblies or as individual bushings, these spherical bearings replace factory rubber bushings for complete elimination of deflection at that point. Monoballs aren’t like solid or polyurethane bushings, either, in that they do not noticeably increase noise, vibration, or harshness inside the cabin while providing improved handling responsiveness with zero deflection. 

For a dramatic improvement in your suspension feel and handling, these Monoballs offer the highest level of performance with no compromise. 

Lift Kit Atlas/Atlas Cross Sport

The biggest VW ever is now becoming popular in the growing community of overlanders. Its convenience as a luxury family hauler paired with its capability as a somewhat sporty SUV makes it ideal for converting into a go-anywhere do-anything platform. Our new VW Atlas 1.5” lift kit helps you take the road less traveled by adding ground clearance and room to fit larger diameter off-road tires for when the trail gets tough. Paired with our recently released skid plate, you’re simply a roof tent and set of chunky A/T tires away from a capable weekend trail rig. 

Turner Motorsport G8X M3/M4 Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Brace

For the love-it-or-hate-it BMW G8X platform, our Turner Motorsport arm has been hard at work improving every angle that can give just a smidge more performance with a more motorsport-inspired look. The new G80 M3 carbon fiber strut tower brace is a perfect example, adorning your engine bay with a lattice of gorgeous carbon weave and connecting your strut towers for improved rigidity. This piece is an excellent addition to any M3 or M4 whether you’re trying to get every ounce of handling improvement you can from the platform or just want something flashy and stylish under the hood. 

Wrapping Up

The first six weeks of 2022 have been a whirlwind in our R&D department as we scan, develop, and bring to market all these goodies. The action never stops here, whether we’re testing production samples or scanning for the first measurements to design something new, we want to bring every desirable upgrade we and the enthusiast community can imagine to all our favorite cars. Keep an eye out this year for new product launches, as we expect to release something new almost every day. We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, so look forward to our new 2022 catalog additions for your car!