Well folks, after wearing a hoodie more days than not this week, we’re definitely here at the tail end of our season as we approach September. Last week, we wrote about some of the steps you can take to get ahead of next season and make the most out of what remains of the 2023 car season. However, before this summer turns into proper fall weather, there are a few more shows to enjoy. Frankly, the shows you can still enjoy are some of the best. This week, we’ll take a look at what we have left to enjoy so you can plan to join us in the fun before it turns cold. 


Alright, this one already happened. To be fair, we did let you know well in advance. Hopefully, you came out and chilled with us at that hot-ass event. We cruised with our whole Turner Motorsport development fleet and some employee examples of our favorite BMWs. There in the Poconos, we celebrated all things BMW and motorsport for a weekend. If you were there, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of this BMW blowout!

Dubs at the Gap

On September 17th in Flintstone, Maryland, you can catch us at Dubs at the Gap! DATG is a staple in recent years for East Coast VW, Porsche, and Audi enthusiasts to enjoy a relatively laid-back weekend with pop-up events, cruising, dinners, camaraderie, and a full-on car show for the final day. DATG is hosted by our good friends at Black Fly Industries and features much of the same “old head” atmosphere that has disappeared from events like the now-defunct Ocean City H2oi. The show brings a true enthusiast vibe to a scenic venue for some die-hard Volkswagen enthusiasts to enjoy. Naturally, we’ll be there with our tent and assisting with the organization. If you’re into old-school type car enthusiast weekends, this is a meet you don’t want to miss for the cars alone. The scenery, people, and vibes are all just icing on the cake here.

Turbos & Tacos – Saturday 9.23.23 10:00am – 2:00pm

Shortly after DATG, join us at our facility in Wadsworth, Ohio for our third annual Turbos & Tacos event! This is a show that is near and dear to my heart after putting in so much work and effort with Dave Siebert, the original creator of the event. We open up our entire facility, bring in some of the best names in the parts business, and invite anyone who wants to show up and fill our parking lot with anything and everything. While we usually focus on the Euro scene, T&T is where we have a chance to support our local northeast Ohio car community and invite everyone. You’re just as likely to see a lineup of lifted overlanders next to true hypercars as you are a smattering of MK4s on air, which makes this event truly unique. Beyond the mind-blowing variety of cars and people you can experience, we also open our entire facility for guided tours to show off exactly how the magic happens. Our research and development space is the indoor portion of the venue, so you can expect to see hands-on demonstrations of just what goes into parts development as well as check out what all we’re working on at the moment. If you’re at all interested in how the sausage is made, this is an event to put on your calendar. 

The event includes meet & greets with our staff you’ve come to know digitally, food trucks, vendors from all over the industry, and a seriously massive variety of cars. Just take a look at some of our photography from past events and read our coverage to see how truly spectacular Turbos & Tacos is as a season-ending event.

Euro District

Finally, in Jeffersonville, Indiana on October 7th, join us for the true season closer at Euro District hosted by our good friends at Eurotrash Apparel Co. Euro District is best described as the show that turned me into a VW enthusiast. I’ll be brief, but if you want the full story, you’ll want to read everything I had to say about that show in my article from a few years back. The short version is that Euro District, the people who attend, and the quality of the builds at the show truly opened my eyes to how significantly impactful the VW scene has been on me personally. I never realized how much influence this community had on the direction that American automotive trends have taken, but seeing that history unfolded in person through the hard work of the enthusiasts who brought out their builds made me see that. 

The show takes place right next to the hotel where everyone stays, so it truly is a three-day affair. In years past, I’ve made friends who I now consider some of my closest through this event and taken inspiration from them in the direction my attitude towards car building has taken. If you only make it to one show between now and the dark times, you should pick Euro District. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already bought tickets and a hotel room, you may be looking for a bit longer to find lodging now that it’s mostly filled up. However, you can still certainly make it to the show and spectate. It’s worth it to be there even if your car isn’t in the actual show. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. 

Wrapping Up

And that’s it, folks. Just three more major events separate us from the end of the season. Like we said last week, with a good plan and execution, you can enjoy some or all of these events and take care of anything your car will need for next year before it gets too cold to want to do anything. So make your plan, grab your parts at excellent prices for our Labor Day Sale, and come have some fun with us here at the end of the 2023 car season! We’ll see you there, folks. Don’t be shy, come say hi if you see any ECS crew around at these shows and don’t forget to join us RIGHT HERE at ECS in September for Turbos & Tacos!