After fifteen months with no ability to host an event here at ECS, all we can say about last weekend’s Turbos and Tacos event is wow. There was an incredible turnout here with cars of nearly every variety showing up to demonstrate the vastness that is our local community and beyond. With folks from as close as a few blocks away and several who drove many hours to join us, we are honestly beside ourselves as we look back at how much fun we had here together. This week, we’re walking through our media from the event, showing off your cars, and reminiscing about the tacos for Tuned In Weekly. 

Last year, the pandemic put a damper on pretty much every event. Many were either forced to cancel or reschedule, some events fell apart completely. Sadly, one of the casualties was NEO Cars and Coffee, our long-time partner for ECS events. With no path forward, we took it upon ourselves to bring something back right here at ECS for the local community to enjoy with us. So, “Turbos and Tacos” was born. 

For those of you who have ever built an event from the ground up, you know how difficult it is to make everything come together. While we have participated as event partners with several large-scale events and hosted NEO Cars and Coffee here at ECS in the past, there is a huge amount of work that goes into the full event planning that we often don’t see. It was a steep learning curve, but fortunately, we had some wonderful help. Many of our vendor partners joined up with us to make this show happen, and we can’t go any farther without saying a special thank-you to everyone who supported Turbos and Tacos.

P3 Gauges 


KW Suspension



Racechip USA

HAWK Performance

German Auto Pros

Wholly Frijoles

All of these incredible partners helped us make this show happen and turned our R&D shop into a full-on Shakedown street where they handed out goodies, samples, swag, and talked with many of you about their product offerings. Again, we can’t thank all of our partners for this event enough.

Another special thank-you goes out to everyone who came to participate in the event with us. We had a rough idea of what to expect based on the huge number of responses to our event page, but until it actually happens, you can’t be sure if people will actually come. Boy, did they ever show up. We don’t know exactly how many cars, people, and pets attended, but it was well over seven hundred cars and several thousand attendees, which made this our biggest in-house event ever. Seriously, thank you to everyone who came. Those that missed it, you can be sure to catch us at the next Turbos and Tacos right here at ECS this fall (hopefully). 

We won’t keep you reading long, we want you to enjoy the incredible shots our media team captured of the cars in attendance, but we do also want to recognize everyone here who worked to make this run without a hitch. 

Event Coordinators –

Dave Siebert – Partnerships and Events Coordinator

Art Tomblin – Director of SEO / Paid Search

Sales – 

Tyler Sutton – Volkswagen/Audi Product Support Specialist

James Riggsbee – Sales

Kyle Yoelzadeh – Sales

ECS Booth – 

Imran Jooma – CEO

Dave Anna – VP Marketing

Seth Phillips – Will Call / Reception

R&D Shop Coordination – 

Pete Winegardener – Research and Development Director

Matt Contillo – Lead R&D Technician

Caleb Nagy – Technical Writer

Media – 

Matt Wagar – Drone / Videography

Hannah Miller – Photography

Craig Daugherty – Social / Event MC

Evan Hamm – Marketing Intern


Phil Botosan – Distribution Team Lead

Thomas Schaefer – Schwaben Tools Brand Manager

Pat Jones – Turner Motorsport Brand Manager

Shawn Russel – Distribution Center

Bryan Green – Volkswagen Brand Coordinator

Mehdi Bouabid – BMW Brand Coordinator

Seriously, thank you to everyone who supported us, thank you to all the volunteers who worked the event, thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the day with us, and a massive thank you to Dave Siebert in particular who organized the entire event. We sincerely appreciate seeing all the posts tagging the show, your prep, your drives to join us, everything. We can’t wait to do it again soon. Be sure to follow along on our social media channels @ecstuning for more shots as well as the event schedule page to find out where you can see us for the remainder of the season. We love you all, thanks for reading!