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Craig Daugherty is a writer and BMW enthusiast from Nashville, TN. His writing focuses primarily on performance tuning, DIY articles, and automotive history.

Best Winter Prep for your Car

Winter, for those of us in the snow belt, is the worst for car guys. While Audi and their Quattro system, or some of the other AWD-equipped European cars make short work of the snow, it isn’t without some preparations. Even with AWD, if your car isn’t prepped, on snow tires, and ready to serve [...]

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Teambuilding Exercises: Dragway 42 ECS Friends and Family Night

Team building exercises are important for modern companies. They promote trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration according to Forbes magazine. Teams of analysts, business consultants, and entire companies dedicate themselves to running the numbers to determine exact profit and productivity as they correlate to these exercises. The data drilled down to exact relationships, [...]

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Akebono: the Low-Dust, Low-Noise, High-Performance Brake Solutions

Although we are a European parts and performance source, most of the automotive industry isn’t that specific. I myself have roots in the JDM scene and currently, have both a German car and a Japanese car that I love equally for different reasons. Many enthusiasts are equally varied, with broad ownership history spanning several markets, [...]

Enthusiast Built: Evan’s VW MK5 R32

Greatest hits albums have always been a sore subject with me. While I enjoy hearing all the subjectively ‘best’ songs by my favorite artists, I have always lamented the compartmentalizing nature of compilations that pick and choose from other albums. They always feel like pieces from different puzzles forced to fit together since, generally speaking, [...]

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