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Craig Daugherty is a writer and BMW enthusiast from Nashville, TN. His writing focuses primarily on performance tuning, DIY articles, and automotive history.

New Fall 2020 ECS Tuning Upgrades for Volkswagens

Gloss black hatch spoiler extension MK6/MK7.5 Brand new for you MK6/7.5 Golf R or GTI, our hatch spoiler extensions now come in the attractive, yet affordable, gloss black plastic material. You can have the exceptional look of a more aggressive rear spoiler without breaking the bank. This is also the perfect solution for anyone who [...]

Eurodistrict 2020: ECS Tuning Road Trip and Schedule

Well, we had a truncated event schedule this year due to lockdowns all summer and continuing restrictions nationwide, but we are at least able to head to one of our favorite annual shows. This weekend, we’re driving south to Jeffersonville, Indiana to attend Eurodistrict 2020. The rescheduled make-up show is happening this time in cold [...]

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What You Need To Know About CARB And The Future Of Performance Upgrades

Here at ECS Tuning, we’re all car enthusiasts. From producing and distributing some of the highest-quality performance, OEM, and aftermarket parts to creating unique content, sweepstakes, and participating in the European car scene, we love what we do. That means we have an opportunity to be a leader in our industry and enthusiast community when [...]

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B8 S4 Sweepstakes Build Update

Our B8.5 S4 sweepstakes car is making productive headway as we approach the end of this fun little venture. If you haven’t been following along, we’re giving away this B8.5 S4 built in-house by our expert R&D team with help from a fantastic list of partners. Every $25 you spend here at ECS is an [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga Fall 2020 Event Coverage

After I witnessed what was possibly the worst example of ‘car enthusiasm’ at Ocean City last weekend, Chattanooga Tennessee’s Riverside Fall 2020 was as wonderful an experience as it always has been for me and an opposite experience to H2Oi. Riverside is my hometown show. It started in 2014 and has been a staple in [...]

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