ECS Tuning and BILSTEIN Present: The Ultimate Audi A3 Sweepstakes Winner

ECS Tuning and BILSTEIN were proud to deliver the new Audi A3 to the winner on Friday the 17th of November. The ceremony was held at the BILSTEIN facility in Southern California and was met with the local car communities interested in seeing the exchange first-hand. For the past months, we have held a [...]

DIY: BMW Single Vanos Rebuild Kit

BMW M5x/S5x Single Vanos Rebuild Kit Installation BMW’s Vanos variable valve timing system is one of the most recognized systems in the industry. There are a number of different designs, and they all work off of ingeniously simple mechanical principals. Their notoriety, however, is not likely to be from their design and performance, but [...]

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DIY: KONI Adjustable Coilover Install VW MK6 Jetta GLI

Today we are going to do something a little different; we would like to focus on a specific coilover system one of our employees decided to use in his MK6 Jetta GLI. We installed the KONI Adjustable Coilovers on his MK6 Jetta GLI for a better look and more capable suspension performance. The installation itself is [...]

Schwaben Professional VAG Scan Tool: Audi B8 Hidden Menu Unlock

​A common modifcation that B8 owners like to do is to enable the hidden menu in Audi's MMI. The hidden menu is a service menu that can be enabled with our Schwaben Professional Scan tool. We are performing this on our 2011 Audi B8 A4, and the procedure will be the same or very similar [...]

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DIY: MK4 Hatch Pop Kit

Now you can pop your rear hatch with the press of a single button on your key fob. The innovative Hatch Pop Kit includes a solenoid-operated latch release, wire harness, spring loaded stop bumpers, two strong lifting struts, and all the mounting hardware you need. Installation requires removal of the rear hatch inner trim [...]

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Evil Touring: Evan’s E61 535xi/M5 Touring Build

One of the most incredible things about the car community is the use of forums and social media to coordinate, swap parts, share knowledge, and most importantly: post build threads. When we found Evan’s E61 535xi Touring build, we sifted through his sixty-plus page build threads and were absolutely floored by the amount of [...]

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DIY: VW MK6 H&R Lowering Springs Installation

H&R Lowering Spring Kit Installation Stock or Aftermarket Dampers? The H&R spring set we have chosen is a moderate lowering kit that will drop our MKVI Jetta GLI about an inch, and still maintain ride quality. Due to the car’s low mileage and overall good condition, we’ll reuse the factory struts and shocks, plus [...]

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DIY BMW E36 or E46 ECS Adjustable Control Arms

Use the following checklist as a guide for control arm replacement. On page 9 we have listed all of the necessary torque specifications for the E36 rear suspension to cover the control arms as well as any other replacements/repairs you may be performing at the same time. Raise and securely support the vehicle. Remove [...]

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