Somehow, it’s already July, meaning we’re halfway through 2023. It seems like we were all enduring lockdowns and disruptions to every part of our lives just yesterday, but that’s all passed. We’re now living with mostly a fading memory of those days and are happy to show off what we’ve accomplished since then. Yes, 2023 has been a big development year for us as we’re finally able to truly stretch our legs. With things back to normal, it’s been a dash to make up for any lost time. And boy have we. Let’s take a look back at some of the coolest parts we’ve developed in the last six months!


Everyone loves the B8/B8.5 S4, but we’ve spent TONS of time with that platform. It’s only fair that some of the other offerings Audi brings to the table get our attention. Naturally, we have taken a liking to the C7 S6/S7 and RS6/RS7 platforms thanks to their incredible performance potential and luxurious presence. In just this year alone, we’ve brought even more to make you love these executive platforms with upgrades like our Titanium and Stainless Steel valved catback exhaust systems. These exhausts offer unmatched tone and bring a threatening rumble to the 4.0T-powered big-body Audis.

Beyond exhaust, we’ve also developed a significantly improved intercooler for these models, which helps drastically reduce charge-air temperatures for a noticeable power gain. The intercooler replaces the stock unit for 140% more frontal area to help keep temperatures down and power up during back-to-back runs. 

Of course, we have brought things for the B8/B8.5 platform, too. Just because it’s the golden child. The R&D team have been hard at work bringing the perfect shift feeling to this chassis, using similar approaches as they have to BMW shifter setups. Now, like our popular BMW rally lever, you can have the same feature in your B8. Paired with the Ultimate Short Shift Kit, your B8 A4/A5 or S4/S5 can provide that perfect engaging feel you’ve been after.

We could go on, but it’s easier to show you. With only six months under our belt, we’ve brought all this and WAY more to the Audi lineup here at ECS. Check out all the new Audi upgrades you can enjoy right here on our mid-year recap page. 


Oh gosh, where to even begin? From diving into all the new models, like the G8X and the G87, to breathing new life into the E53 with overlanding mods galore, we’ve brought more than I can concisely type out to the BMW lineup. You may have seen the Built by Mike series, which took his mostly stock E53 and evolved it into an extremely capable overlander. Now, most of those developments made through that project are ready for your car and your next adventure! Upgrades like rock sliders, storage racks, a modular roof rack system, rocker switch panels, light mounts, and much, much more are ready to help you tackle any trail with newfound confidence. 

On the roadgoing side of things, we’ve brought more exhaust systems to older non-M platforms, like the E46 3-series, and tons of new skid plates to keep everything nice and protected. For the G8X M3/M4, which has definitely shown to grow on the BMW community despite its initial reception, we’ve been hard at work trying to squeeze even more power from the big M car. Our partnership with Mishimoto has yielded a new air-to-water intercooler system, we’ve developed performance exhaust and suspension systems for this platform and more, and aren’t anywhere close to finished yet.

As I said, there’s almost too much to list. Between performance upgrades for on and off-road use, to tons of carbon fiber goodies for an even more motorsport-inspired look, we’ve added significantly more products to our BMW catalog than ever before. All of that happened in just six months, too. For the full list of brand-new BMW upgrades from our in-house R&D team, check out our 2023 mid-year recap page here!


Alphabetically, this brings us to the VW catalog. With the MK8 GTI and R taking the community by storm, our own MK7 Racewagen proving to be an exceptional testbed for our upgrades, and plenty of other enthusiast models we’re still happy to develop parts for, the VW catalog certainly isn’t lacking support, either. 

Being new platforms, we get to start with all our tried and true basic performance additions. Luft-Technik intakes, Titanium and Stainless valved exhaust systems, intercoolers, exterior upgrades like diffusers and front lip spoilers, and much more have all hit the shelves this year here at ECS. In just six months’ time, we’ve been able to bring nearly a full bolt-on performance package to both the MK8 R and MK8 GTI for everyone to enjoy. Now, you can take your bone-stock MK8 and bring it up to new levels with our host of bolt-on upgrades ready to bring more power, better performance, and stylish visual improvements that set your brand-new MK8 apart from the normies. 

With all these upgrades and more, we’re excited to help you build whatever flavor of VW you own. To see the full (five-page!) list of new ECS-developed products for 2023, check out our mid-year recap catalog and see what all we can do for your VW!