There comes a point in every enthusiast’s life where they just want more from their hobby. Being involved deeply in the community and contributing to the conversation rather than simply observing it becomes an important goal for many of us. For me, that was through my role here at ECS, where I’ve had the opportunity to use my knowledge for the betterment of the car scene I’ve come to call my home. No matter your motivation for doing so, at some point, you’ll want to join the conversation as a source of inspiration or information. What better way to do that than joining our Affiliate program? This week, we’re highlighting some of the influencers and affiliates we work with to help bring builds to life and show off our performance parts outside of our Research & Development department. Stay tuned and see how much we’ve got to offer budding content producers like you!

What is the ECS Influencer & Affiliate Program?

Everyone hears about the illusive “sponsorships” but no one really understands how it works from the outside. How does someone gain a “sponsorship” from a brand or company when they need the sponsorship to build what they know will attract attention to begin with? Well, I hate to kill any dreams off the bat, but true “sponsorships” are not something actually available to normal folks like you and me. Sponsors look to people already established in the industry for their following and endorsement by that content producer. If you aren’t already famous, I hate to tell you, no one is going to sponsor you, no matter what that Instagram post with the too-good-to-be-true “We will sponsor you!” caption says. But fear not, there is a way in to this world and I’m going to tell you how to take advantage of our program to get there. 

The ECS Influencer and Affiliate program is a true partnership between us, the provider of aftermarket performance parts, and you, the content creator. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a built-up following, we have opportunities for you to work with us. If you didn’t know, we have a full explanation on our Partnerships page that you can read for more in-depth information. The short version, though, is we are looking for partners, not exposure. 

The ideal ECS affiliates and influencers are enthusiasts and entertainers with a “go-getter” attitude. You are in the garage, on the road, at the track, and attending events every chance you get. Why not share some of that experience with folks who can’t be there or want to see what others have done with their cars? This is where your part of the deal comes in. By partnering with ECS Tuning, you’ll have access to our Affiliate program’s benefits that earn you commission on purchases through your trackable links. The more content you produce, the more opportunities you have to direct your growing follower base to the site that helps you build and maintain your Audi, BMW, VW, or Porsche. Basically, as your following grows and you share your unique trackable link, the more commission you make and the more you get to build. This is how you begin that lovely positive feedback loop of growth, both for your channel and your build.

Once you’ve built a following, or if you already have one, then you’re ready to step into that coveted “influencer” role, which grants you a few key benefits. Namely, influencers receive discounts on parts and potentially free products for reviews, testing, and third-party marketing. In the influencer role, you’ll not only direct your followers to ECS, but you’ll actively collaborate with us on upcoming projects for a truly joint effort. This role brings you closer to the “sponsorship” definition that most laypeople have when it comes to performance car parts. That said, it takes dedication and consistency to reach this level. You’ll want to grow your following to the point that you can show us, your partners, how much more you bring to the table. The more you offer, the more we’ll offer. It really is a partnership, not a one-way street. We expect to build every affiliate who wants to reach that growth into the influencer role, so take that goal to heart if you’re interested in starting your content production journey and funding your hobby. 

Who are ECS Partners?

Now that we’ve seen just what the program looks like from a high level, let’s take a look at some of our partners in the enthusiast community who have reached that level. Remember, everyone starts somewhere. Every 1 million follower channel at some point had only a handful of followers. What set them apart was how consistent they were. Where you see success now all started with no followers and a dream. If you have that, then you can expect to see the success some of our influencers have, provided that you put in the work.

Jimmy Oakes

You know him, you love him, Jimmy Oakes is possibly one of the fastest growing content producers in the car scene. Jimmy is best known for his love of drifting, particularly with JDM imports. So why is he on our list? Recently, Jimmy partnered with us and our subsidiaries, Pelican Parts & Rennline, to build his Japanese market Porsche 964. We’ve been happy to work with Jimmy, who puts every bit of his energy into his automotive projects. His energetic and entertaining attitude, eye for detail, and ambition when it comes to taking on new projects makes his channel a mainstay on most car enthusiasts’ YouTube homepage. All that points to a ton of hard work that Jimmy and his team have put into building their brand and place in the community. Naturally, that didn’t happen overnight. Jimmy’s success story is not a guarantee, but it does show that what a “normal” person can do with a camera and some ambition is possible for anyone!

Jimmy Oakes! YouTube

John Ludwick

Originally out of Vermont and now happily living in my hometown of Chattanooga, John Ludwick is another excellent example of of an influencer partner we’ve loved working with over the years. John is famous for his extremely detailed, pavement-scraping, art pieces. Perfection where it counts, beautiful imperfections where the car’s character shines through, and tons of hand-crafted fabrication make John’s builds unique in the car community. You may have seen his BMW 700 or Porsche 944 laying frame at events like Riverside or Helen VAGFair, which have brought him all kinds of attention over the past few years. However, John is a great example of the growth that can happen when you just stick with your hobby and share it with the greater community. His growth in the past two years is entirely attributable to his constant dedication in his shop building things he truly loves, which makes everyone else love them too. John started with a small but dedicated following less than a decade ago and has since grown to build a strong community around stance and fitment. We’re excited to see what he does next now that the 944 is off to a new home. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Ludwick’s Garage is a great place to start. 

Ludwick’s Garage on YouTube

Kayla Kolben 

We aren’t just looking for YouTube content producers. Case in point, Kayla Kolben is a fan of creating on Instagram and TikTok with quirky car-related entertainment in short-form content. Kayla’s Golf R build and bubbly attitude have helped her become well-known in the Midwest VW community in recent years. Her naturally outgoing personality and taste for clean, OEM-plus, styling contributed to a rapid growth in followers, which proves that social media fame is truly still attainable in a time where everyone expects 30-minute, professionally edited, YouTube videos. If you want to see what a successful automotive Instagram page looks like, Kayla is the perfect example!

Kayla’s Instagram!


Now that you have seen some of our highly successful partners, all that’s left to do is decide how you can bring your unique voice to the community. What you can bring to the partnership, both in attitude and entertainment, will dictate how successful you can be. Whether you choose to create your brand around videos, photography, or even full-length articles, all that matters is that you stick with it. Give us a reason to want you on our roster and we’ll be there ready to support you. What will you bring to the community? We can’t wait to see!