Electric Future: an Enthusiast’s Apology for Electric Vehicles and the Fate of Internal Combustion

The automotive world in the last decade has experienced a dizzying swing of seemingly contradictory directions. Fueled by innovation, progress, and forward-thinking while held to increasingly conservative and stagnant political decisions, we have reached a point in 2018 where a distinct rift has appeared in the market. Increasingly, as governments like those of Spain and [...]

Introducing the Winter Beater Challenge Presented by ECS Tuning

Love it or hate it, winter happens every year. Here in Northern Ohio, the season means snow, salt, and face-hurting temperatures. As a result of the conditions, most of us are forced indoors and our car projects take on an excruciatingly slow pace. Despite the weather and its demotivational characteristics, some of our team have [...]

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LIQUI MOLY: The Best Oil for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche or Volkswagen

Cars, like all machines, require regular service to maintain their operational lifespan. This is common knowledge to just about everyone. Two or three times a year (depending on how much you drive) you can expect to have your car on jack stands in the driveway or at your preferred service center with an oil drain [...]

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How Does a Baffled Catch Can Work and Why Do I Need One?

Oil catch cans are incredibly common, especially on highly modified engines. On forums, you can find several roundabout answers ranging from ‘it helps keep your engine clean’ to proclaiming ‘it will prevent your engine from blowing.’ These vague responses are lacking in real answers as to what the actual purpose of a catch can is and how it functions to benefit your engine. This is a case where people are giving sound, albeit, uninformed advice. So what does a catch can exactly do?

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Rotiform Wheel Giveaway with ECS Tuning

Wheels make the car. They are the most visually striking part of a car’s exterior appearance and offer the widest range of changes to its attitude. A simple color change is one thing, but choosing the right size, offset, and style can drastically alter your car’s presence. This, of course, should come as news [...]

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The Porsche 996 Turbo: Everything You Need to Know for the 30k-Mile Service

The 996 Carrera, which was produced from 1999 until 2004, is a sore topic amongst enthusiasts. Generally, those enthusiasts are quick to grab their bludgeons and wallop the IMS Bearing dead horse en-masse. Somewhere in that collective hatred of the 996, you will hear about the cracked eggshell headlights, water cooled engine, and how [...]

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NEO Cars and Coffee hosted by ECS Tuning September, 2018

When you put aside your biases and preferences for one make or model and see the greater car community as a group of people who simply enjoy their cars, you end up with an expansive group of fundamentally similar enthusiasts. Car events are either tailored to one style, make, country of origin, or even specific [...]

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ECS Virtual Car Show 2018

In 2016, we hosted our first virtual car show where you submitted photographs and information on your personal builds to compete in the online show for the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award. This year we are bringing the show back with a new twist! Our team has devised a slightly different approach to the incredibly [...]

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Mad Scientist Mike: Update on the Winter Beater Porsche 944

When we last saw Mike’s Porsche 944, the beat-up little coupe provided some entertainment when I drove it. The excitement came from an impending sense of disaster thanks to its roasted running gear. The Porsche hardly felt road-worthy during my short time behind the wheel, but that was an almost untouched state immediately after [...]

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