Eurodistrict 2020: ECS Tuning Road Trip and Schedule

Well, we had a truncated event schedule this year due to lockdowns all summer and continuing restrictions nationwide, but we are at least able to head to one of our favorite annual shows. This weekend, we’re driving south to Jeffersonville, Indiana to attend Eurodistrict 2020. The rescheduled make-up show is happening this time in cold [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga Fall 2020 Event Coverage

After I witnessed what was possibly the worst example of ‘car enthusiasm’ at Ocean City last weekend, Chattanooga Tennessee’s Riverside Fall 2020 was as wonderful an experience as it always has been for me and an opposite experience to H2Oi. Riverside is my hometown show. It started in 2014 and has been a staple in [...]

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Gathering Storm: H2Oi Unofficial Part 1

Every September, a sleepy beachfront town in Maryland is inundated with modified cars for what used to be the site of H2Oi, a primarily Audi and Volkswagen show. As most of the car community knows now, though, H2Oi was ‘officially’ canceled a few years ago and moved to Atlantic City. The rebellious crowd of enthusiasts [...]

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