Every year, we open up the chance for our whole community to participate in a completely Virtual Car Show. Last year, amidst the pandemic, it was one of the few, if only, events many of us had a chance to enter. This year, while we’re heading back to normality, we’re still going to bring you that same fun where you can show off your hard work to the whole enthusiast crowd online. You’ll have a chance to compete for cash prizes, some internet fame, and the bragging rights that your build is worthy of attention. Welcome back, everyone, to the Virtual Car Show 2021 presented by RaceChip.

Last year drew in steep competition with some incredible builds that floored the audience as well as our celebrity panel of judges. This year is already stacking up to the same kind of edge-of-your-seat action with some well-executed examples of show cars, daily drivers, and unique pieces of automotive history, which means you all need to bring your A-Game. We know you can, now you just have to show us!

So how does it work? Here are the official rules and requirements to enter, which we suggest you review before going further. Got it? Good. The basic rundown is a bracket-style matchup with four main categories. Each category, Bagged Fitment, Static Fitment, Daily Driver, and Oddball, will have a finalist that wins the segment and will take home $500 to spend on their car. From those finalists, a ‘Best In Show’ winner will be selected by you, the audience and participants, in head-to-head matchups on social media. That final champion, the best car chosen by the community across the internet, will be awarded an additional $500.

Unlike our previous years, this time around we also have a wonderful sponsor helping us out. The one-and-only RaceChip has tossed in their hand to provide the pot of winnings and remind you all that a bump in performance is just a few minutes away.

Who Is RaceChip?

Picture this: you’re in love with your car the way it came. You might want to lower the ride height, throw on some unique wheels, and maybe add a sporty muffler, but you’re into ‘purity.’ You don’t want to go all-out with this car, but you still want it to realize its potential, especially with performance and driving dynamics. That’s where RaceChip comes into play.

RaceChip is the largest tuning box software company in the world. They’re a globally recognized performance software developer who specializes in off-the-shelf tuning that can be done by anyone in their driveway, often in under twenty minutes. Their plug-and-play solution offers maximized software to help your computer make your engine run efficiently, develop more power, and do it all safely.

These harness-tied modules simply piggyback off of your existing software and allow the computer to unlock that hidden power your engine is already capable of, it just has sealed behind the conservative factory tune. This simple upgrade is one you can install without any special tools or knowledge and instantly adds a more dynamic driving experience through effectively specializing your engine management for your different driving needs.

With multiple modes, you can switch between ECO, Sport, and Race tunes that do just what they sound like: give you the most efficient path to your goal. In ECO mode, you can pick up a few MPGs by ‘detuning’ the ECU and helping it create a smooth and conservative map. With Sport, you’ll have more performance, but won’t be reaching the absolute peak. That’s where Race software tunes shine. That’s the absolute limit of what your engine can do in factory form and RaceChip’s downloadable software lets you get there. All you have to do is download their tune, install it, and your engine will perform exactly as you need it to based on how you want your car to feel.

RaceChip was born from the needs of enthusiasts like us to have a better driving experience without sacrificing the purity of our car, or our factory warranty, within minutes. Their software was developed specifically for the Autobahn in Germany to allow their cars to perform at their peak potential on unrestricted highways, which has translated into some of the easiest performance increases you can make without compromise anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the folks at RaceChip, and the power of the internet, we can have performance instantly as well as throw this amazing annual event, the Virtual Car Show. While your all-out show build might be a driving catalog of every performance part available, don’t forget about your daily driver! If you want it to put a smile on your face just like your favorite race car build, then RaceChip is your go-to solution. After you register that show build, go check out what RaceChip can do for the commuter car in your life that you’ve always thought couldn’t get better.

RaceChip’s Full Catalog