Best Ways to Spend Your 2018 Tax Refund on Your VW with ECS

Once again, the time of year where we are required to make a major decision is upon us: should we responsibly save our tax return, or does it become a race car stimulus package? Here at ECS, we expect you to make the proper decision. Naturally, we compiled a list of products on which [...]

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Best Performance Modifications for your Turbo BMW

BMW has been fitting several models with turbochargers since their E10 2002tii. BMW turbo and twin turbo powered cars are capable of serious power. The accessible power explains why many record-setting BMWs have inline-six twin-turbos under the hood. Massive gains are easily achievable with light modification and tuning, which makes N54, N55, S55, and N20-powered [...]

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ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake and Turbo Back Exhaust for your VW MK5 GTI

One of the best ways to add power and enjoyment to your VW MK5 GTI is to add a performance intake and exhaust. When used with software tuning, your MK5 GTI can pick up considerable horsepower and torque while also providing a satisfying increase in noise. There are quite a few options for intakes [...]

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Best Mods for the BMW E36 3 – Series 1991-1999

If you have a BMW E36, you most likely have already begun to modify it in some way. The E36, which was produced from 1991 through 1999, was the successor to the highly-praised E30 chassis. The E36 featured a range of engines; the most desirable in America being the M5x line or the S5x [...]

A Month of VW MK7 Performance: Brand New Carbon Fiber Products

Winter has kept us indoors, but we haven’t been idle. Here at ECS, we have taken advantage of that time to produce a slew of parts for the MK7 platform. The MK7 Golf, GTI, and R are fantastic cars in their own right from the factory, but they can always be improved. Over the next [...]

Best Used European Performance Cars Under $20,000

One major benefit we enjoy at ECS is seeing what our customers prefer to drive and modify. While we only cater to European vehicles, the distribution of makes, models, and trim packages is still incredibly diverse. There are, of course, clear leaders in each brand segment that tell us which cars are most popular [...]

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