An Udderly Great Time: ECS Tuning Udderly Euro Event Coverage

If you’re a true enthusiast, there is little that can stand in your way when you set your mind to something. For our four-man team that trekked up to Wisconsin last weekend for Udderly Euro, that certainly rings true. Fortunately, we made it safely despite the extreme exhaustion, challenges, and lengthy drive. Nothing can stop [...]

Project Car Rescue!

If you’re a car enthusiast of any kind, you’ve probably seen countless YouTube videos or programs where the host pulls some junky old car out of a field and brings it back to life. Due to the rising cost of 'cool' cars, it has become increasingly popular for enthusiasts to search for broken or forgotten [...]

2021-06-03T13:15:34-04:00June 3rd, 2021|BMW, Project Cars|10 Comments

Car Season 2021 Schedule: Recap And Update

This summer has already proven itself as the make-up season for last year and then some. What began somewhat slowly has exploded into an event-packed few weeks with plenty of more shows to come. Already we’ve had the pleasure of attending many stellar events, which we’ll catch you up on in this week’s article, but [...]

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Virtual Car Show 2021 Celebrity Judging Announcement

On Friday at 11:59 PM ET, our Virtual Car Show 2021 entry period ended. We’ve received an incredible amount of your entries for the four categories; Bagged Fitment, Static Fitment, Daily Driver, and Oddball. This is our fourth year hosting a Virtual Car Show, but marks the first year we’ve offered a specific category for [...]

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Best Performance Upgrades to Fit Your Budget

If you’re like me and don’t spend money on anything but food and car parts, then a little splurge won’t break the bank. But how much are we talking? What are the best bang-for-your-buck options? Well, an upgrade or series of maintenance services that cost under $1,000 is a safe bet. For a cool stack, [...]

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Introducing: The ECS Tuning Racewagen!

Back in 2018, we sent a MK5 Jetta Sportwagen pre-production car on a ‘final voyage’ before it was destined for the crusher. Over the course of a few months, the JSW was built and outfitted for driving across the country and up to the Dalton Highway to the tip of North America’s western coast. To [...]

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