How to Prepare Your Daily Driver for Winter Conditions

Summer is coming to a close and the fall air is drawing near, especially if you live up North. Some cars are put away for the winter and the trusty old beater is awoken once again to take the brunt of the salt and weather damage, while other cars are prepared for winter conditions. [...]

Do It Right, Do It Once: My 1988 BMW E30 Convertible and the Importance of Genuine Parts

It takes a special kind of person to pursue a passion they enjoy despite the existence of more convenient, more capable, and arguably more livable alternatives. With cars, the choice to drive something that is thirty years old or more requires the acceptance that some areas of ownership will be more time-consuming and labor-intensive than [...]

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ISC Suspension Tested: Chuck’s BMW E90 328xi Daily Driver

How your car handles and feels on the road is what we most often associate with the condition of the vehicle overall. Worn suspension components like shocks, shock tower mounts, struts, and strut mount greatly reduce the drivability, performance, and comfort of your car. When it comes time to replace them, most folks turn [...]

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A Life of Volkswagen Passion: Jamie from Orchid Euro and his new Harlequin MK3 Project

Few enthusiasts are ever granted opportunities to follow their passion to the extreme and live their entire lives completely engrossed in their chosen hobby. We often think of professional athletes, racing drivers, musicians, and other creatives as ‘living the dream’ by doing what they love every single day. While some of us (read: writers) [...]

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The Poorest Porsche: Mike’s 1983 944 5-speed

In 1981, Porsche debuted their ‘new’ 924 GTP Le Mans as the replacement for the love-it-or-hate-it 924. This car would see the roads as the 944: another front-engine, rear drive, water cooled four cylinder Porsche. The more traditional vehicle layouts adopted by Porsche during the late 70’s through the 80’s were widely considered to be [...]

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Bill Griffin and his Spec E46 BMW Racecar at Mid-Ohio Blind Madness

Few enthusiast groups are as varied as those of us who are infatuated with cars. Motivations and interests in automobiles are nearly uncountable, as the car world truly has an avenue for everything. Some of us are die-hard off-road junkies, others prefer showing off pristine vintage cars at the Concours d’Elegance, and the list [...]

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Audi Bahn Valley Rally

These past twelve months, we at ECS Tuning have made increasing efforts to engage with our local community. Recently, we reinstated our ‘Will-Call’ pick up option for locals who want to pick up their parts in person as soon as they are boxed. Additionally, we have had the extreme pleasure to take part in several [...]

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R8TED R: Martin’s Volvo S60R and Superfly Euro Wild Winner

There are seemingly endless numbers of cars featured in posters found on bedroom walls and fawned over by nearly every car enthusiast. Icons of motorsport history like the BMW E30 M3 or tuner legends like the infamous Nissan R34 GTR are cars we can all agree take up a sizeable portion of our imagination. Then [...]

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