Best Used European Performance Cars Under $20,000

One major benefit we enjoy at ECS is seeing what our customers prefer to drive and modify. While we only cater to European vehicles, the distribution of makes, models, and trim packages is still incredibly diverse. There are, of course, clear leaders in each brand segment that tell us which cars are most popular [...]

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Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Mythbusted: Audi B9 A4 Luft-Technik Intake

If you have ever modified a car, then you are most likely well aware of the age-old argument “do aftermarket intakes add any real power gains?” Several YouTubers, bloggers, and self-proclaimed experts have weighed in on the argument. Despite miles of information regarding the subject, there is still a distinct divide between camps. There are [...]

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Best Fun Modifications for the VW MK6 GTI – The ECS Tuning Guide

To maintain the theme of modifying a second-hand MK6 GTI, we are outlining some fun modifications to improve your overall enjoyment while driving the car. Though they may not add performance benefits or significant changes to the aesthetics of your MK6 GTI, simple ‘livability’ modifications are what personalizing and customizing a car is really about. [...]

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Spotlight: The ECS Tuning BMW E92 335i Project Car Exposed

In an effort ensure proper fitment and function of parts, ECS owns several vehicles that see constant attention as parts are designed, tested, replaced, and tweaked. We use these cars for more than just testing function and fitment, however. They are maintained as running and driving examples of our products. Among the host of [...]

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Best MK6 GTI Mods and Upgrades to Increase Power and Performance – The ECS Tuning Guide

The VW MK6 GTI, which ran from the 2010 to 2014 model years with the 2.0T TSI engine, is incredibly popular among tuners for its availability and potential for some incredible power. With the newest update just hitting dealerships and the last iteration showing up more frequently in used car markets, the MK6 GTI has [...]

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DIY: ECS Performance Lightweight Power Steering Pulley

Installing an ECS Tuning Performance Power Steering Pulley is an afternoon project that can be completed with relative ease. It rewards you with the performance and dependability of our meticulously engineered products, and it is an excellent opportunity to replace worn drive belts at the same time. Before you begin, read and familiarize yourself with [...]

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Stage 3 Big Brake Kit Installation Instructions (MKV, VI, Jetta, EOS, Golf/GTI, and Audi A3)

The ECS Big Brake Kit provides big improvements in braking power with a specially packaged kit containing quality brake components from the best names in the business. Start with large diameter ECS two-piece, drilled and slotted floating rotors that dampen [...]

LIQUI-MOLY: The Ultimate Friction Control

In the early days of automobiles, engines were lubricated by conventional mineral oil. This oil is cheap and still used occasionally today, but lacks key properties found in modern synthetic oils which eliminate it as the ideal oil selection for a modern performance engine. These modern engines require more than just a specific viscosity when [...]

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