Welcoming Unitronic To ECS Tuning

The past year of uncertainty and hardship has been in some ways a positive experience for us. It has motivated us to work harder than ever to continue offering the parts and upgrades you all want with a dedication to improve daily. While some of that has come from right here inside ECS Tuning, much [...]

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Virtual Car Show 2021 Celebrity Judging Announcement

On Friday at 11:59 PM ET, our Virtual Car Show 2021 entry period ended. We’ve received an incredible amount of your entries for the four categories; Bagged Fitment, Static Fitment, Daily Driver, and Oddball. This is our fourth year hosting a Virtual Car Show, but marks the first year we’ve offered a specific category for [...]

Introducing: The ECS Tuning Racewagen!

Back in 2018, we sent a MK5 Jetta Sportwagen pre-production car on a ‘final voyage’ before it was destined for the crusher. Over the course of a few months, the JSW was built and outfitted for driving across the country and up to the Dalton Highway to the tip of North America’s western coast. To [...]

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Professional-Level Detailing At A Fraction Of The Price

Cleaning and detailing your car is a bit like grilling burgers; everyone has a method they stick to and claim to know better than everyone else. While there are several ‘correct’ ways to both grill a mean burger and achieve a quality detail on your car, there are quite a few ways to mess them [...]

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ECS Tuning Virtual Car Show 2021 Presented By RaceChip

Every year, we open up the chance for our whole community to participate in a completely Virtual Car Show. Last year, amidst the pandemic, it was one of the few, if only, events many of us had a chance to enter. This year, while we’re heading back to normality, we’re still going to bring you [...]

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Riverside Chattanooga 6: Official Coverage

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of returning to reality after a weekend you’ve anticipated for months. Every year, I look forward to my return trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Riverside Spring Meet where I catch up with all my childhood friends, make new ones, and enjoy some of the best builds the East [...]

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