Vendor Spotlight: 60 Years of Sonax

What sets apart a car enthusiast from the rest of the inhabitants in his neighborhood? Do we look at the countless nights spent tinkering in the garage, or the constant arrivals of parts to their front door? While it may be a combination of several intricacies of an enthusiast’s life, one unifying activity found amongst [...]

Vendor Spotlight: CTS Turbo means Big Power for your Audi or Volkswagen

The old phrase “there is no replacement for displacement” has met its match in today’s aftermarket performance world. The recipe for huge horsepower was to have the biggest bore, most aggressive cams, and a fuel economy that was measured in feet from the largest engine possible. While turbocharged engines are not a new concept, the [...]

New Product: Volkswagen MK7 Golf R400 Style Body Kits

When it debuted at the Bejiing Auto Show, the Golf R400 concept immediately became the most aggressively styled VW hot hatchback since the reintroduction of the Scirocco. The MK7 R400 concept was designed to be a 395-horsepower Golf R alternative with an appearance so overly in-your-face Dominic Toretto himself would take a step back. The [...]

Brand New ECS Tuning Weighted Billet Aluminum Shift Knobs for your Audi or VW 5 speed or 6 Speed

Enthusiasts love driving a stick shift. That enjoyment comes from a deeper bond with their car. The engagement offered by mechanically performing the gear change by pushing the clutch pedal and physically moving the gear lever offers a sensation of oneness between the driver and the car. For many, driving a stick shift is more [...]

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