Making Enthusiast Ownership Affordable: Tools for the Job

If you’ve read the past few articles in our little miniseries, you’re either totally on-board with my theory that “cool” cars and enthusiast ownership are still attainable even on a budget, or you think I’m full of it. Regardless, we’ve touched on examples of enthusiast cars unaffected by inflation, we’ve talked about how to affordably [...]

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Making Enthusiast Ownership Affordable: Next Level “While You’re In There” Jobs

Last week we talked about preventative maintenance and how doing services at home strategically is what can make enthusiast ownership more affordable. This “while you’re in there” mentality is the focus this week as we discuss more tips and tricks for maintaining your car and preserving your wallet. By being extremely strategic and organizing your [...]

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Why the MK5 GTI is Your Next Budget VW

After last week’s article praising the E46 base model, I’m sure you’re already thinking I’m crazy. This week, there’s more weight to that claim because I’m about to sing the praises of the MK5 GTI. Yes, the often forgotten middle-child of the GTI family is the focus today. I’m here to tell you why it’s [...]

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Base Model or Bust: Why the BMW E46 3-Series is the Next Hot Scene Car

Alright, now that we’ve talked about overland things for the past few weeks, I’m sure those of you who are here for ‘performance’ cars and ‘project’ cars are ready for something that appeals more to your wheelhouse. So, let’s leave the overland things alone for a while and kick off the next mini-series: affordable project [...]

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The World on Your Shoulders: VW Atlas Overlanding Upgrades

The Volkswagen Atlas debuted in 2017 as VW’s answer to full-size SUV competitors on the market growing bigger and bigger. Rather than keep all their eggs in the Touareg and Tiguan namesakes, VW decided to go bigger and smaller with the Atlas and eventually Taos. But we’re not here to talk about their ‘market viability’ [...]

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Best of Both Worlds: BMW E53 and E70 X5 Upgrades for Overlanding

The first generation BMW X5, known by those in the scene by its chassis designation, the E53, is a full-size SUV with tons of potential. The E70 X5 continued the tradition set by BMW’s first SUV, which straddles the center of a Venn diagram that balances performance, practicality, and rugged dependability. Whichever generation or engine [...]

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Rebirth: ECS Tuned In Returns!

Some things are too well-loved to be permanently killed off, like Arnold coming back in Terminator 2. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably figured out Tuned In Weekly is back to save the day, as, you’re reading it now! Yes, after a seven-month hiatus, I’m back. Like Arnold’s famous lever-action shotgun-wielding, re-programmed, robot from the [...]

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