The BMW E36 M3: Should I Buy One Now?

The E36 is already rising in value from its near rock-bottom pricing that has persisted over the last ten years. Enthusiasts are quick to shell out $20,000 or more for clean, low-mileage M3s, and the 100-some-odd LTWs left are fetching stupid prices, despite their original difficulty leaving the dealerships when they were released in the [...]

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ECS Tuning Riverside Coverage Part 3 Gallery

If you've been paying attention this week, you have seen some stunning photography from some incredible enthusiasts kind enough to share their work with us from the Riverside Chattanooga 4 meet last weekend. While I was there, I can do no justice behind a lens. Photographers like Ben Battles are much better suited to providing [...]

Riverside Chattanooga ECS Tuning Coverage Part 2

Picking up from yesterday, the Riverside Chattanooga 4 coverage continues… A beautiful part of the Riverside meet is that it feels more like a more organized Cars and Coffee event rather than an all-out car show. No contests, trophies, or participation prizes, just cars and owners all enjoying each other’s company. The relaxed atmosphere paired [...]

Riverside Chattanooga 2019 ECS Tuning Coverage

Last week, I wrote some advice about spring prep for cars, especially ones that sat in storage all winter, which outlined several best practices to make your first drive everything you hoped. If only I had followed my own advice. This weekend, I returned to my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Riverside Spring Meet [...]

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Prepare Your Car for Spring Show Season

Y’all, it’s here: Spring Show Season is on us. While there may be salt still on the road here in the northern parts of the US, the southeast is already gearing up for their second major show of the season this weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Friday, this writer will be heading back to his hometown [...]

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Best Mods for a Daily Driven Volkswagen MK7 or MK7.5 GTI for Power and Performance

When you picture the quintessential hot hatchback, you probably think first of the Volkswagen GTI. For over forty years, VW has consistently set the paradigm with its GTI in that segment. Most recently, the MK7 and updated MK7.5 GTI 2.0T have delivered more performance and potential from essentially the same formula that created the namesake’s [...]

M7 Speed New Rally-Tested Lift Kits for MINI Clubman, Paceman, Countryman

We’re going to go the opposite direction here that we normally do, literally and figuratively speaking. While ECS Tuning is primarily concerned with street and track performance, we do have an adventurous side. So too does M7 Speed, a well-known manufacturer of aftermarket upgrades for MINI variants. While ordinarily, we would be talking about how [...]

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Top 5 Performance Upgrades for your N55 BMW from Turner Motorsport

BMW is no stranger to the turbocharged engine. From their early introduction of turbocharged road cars to current LMP cars, BMW has proven their forced induction engine variants in the hands of commuters and top-performing racing drivers. The N54 twin-turbo straight six is legendary both for its insane horsepower potential and often fragile nature when [...]

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