How to Replace or Upgrade your Porsche Cayenne S or Cayenne Turbo Coolant Pipe

The Porsche Cayenne in the late 90s and early 2000s did what Lamborghini could not do in the 1980s. Their high-performance, luxury, sport utility vehicles were praised as capable off-roaders, family haulers, daily drivers, and exceptionally well performing touring cars. Like all pioneering, however, they were not without some early problems as Porsche adopted [...]

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Wheel Look book: BMW E92 335i on Alzor 020 18×8/18×9

The Alzor 020 emulates classic motorsport wheel designs with its multispoke faces, stepped lips, and aesthetic hardware. For a timeless look on your BMW E9X, these wheels offer fitments specifically tailored to improving the fitment without the need for spacers. 020 wheels are available in gunmetal and silver faces, both with polished lips, and [...]

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Greatest Hits Vol. MK2: Kraftwerx Auto’s VW MK2 GTI Rallye SEMA Showstopper at ECS

SEMA has always been about the products and by proxy the cars, but it is also about making connections within the automotive industry. The biggest names in the industry are side-by-side with new faces displaying the next generation of creative genius. With all the most celebrated names in the community all in one place, it [...]

It’s Complicated: How to Drive a 1963 Mercedes-Benz Unimog

In 1945, Albert Friedrich developed designs for a new type of implement vehicle that he believed would be a revolutionary piece of farm equipment. What he made has since become one of the most well-renowned four-by-four cab-over platforms that have seen dozens of chassis revisions and updates in its fifty-year history. The Unimog is [...]

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The High Water Mark: The Days Before SEMA

In American popular culture, the lifespan of trends, events, and famous figures has drastically shortened thanks to social media and the sheer amount of information with which we are bombarded daily. Car culture experiences some resemblance of this phenomenon, most notably with the rapid evolution of the stance scene and the uncountable offshoot meets, clubs, [...]

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Winter Beater Update on Rocky’s W124

When winter comes, for those of us above the snow belt, we tend to put our fun cars away for those cold and salt-filled months to drive something more suitable to the conditions. Many enthusiasts play musical cars and switch out that garage space where their old, rusty, dependable beater sat and replace it with [...]

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