Best Mods and Maintenance for your Audi B7 A4 2.0T

The B7 A4 2.0T FSI is getting on in years, but thanks to its almost future-proof design, it is still incredibly relevant and highly desirable as a tuning platform. This is thanks in part to its performance potential, but mostly, it has been around long enough for patterns to identify themselves and aftermarket supporters to [...]

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How To Fix Mushrooming on MINI Cooper Strut Towers

MINI is known for their performance-packed sub-compact Cooper and Cooper S models that were essential in the revival of the retro-modern style explosion. The tight handling and relatively impressive capabilities of the little Cooper and Cooper S are a result of the amazing suspension geometry and wheel placement at each of the four corners on [...]

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Top Mods and Maintenance for your VW MK5 R32

Over ten years ago, Volkswagen introduced the MK5 R32 as the beefed-up hatchback that replaced the MK4 version with an updated VR6, Haldex AWD, and the first-ever for VW Direct Shift Gearbox. The brand new rounded style continues to define the Golf lineup, which makes the MK5 look relevant even at more than a decade [...]

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Clean Culture Ohio Showcase 2019: Event Coverage

This summer has been full of amazing events that we have been fortunate to attend. We have never been more active in the car community than we have this year, and it’s been a blast. Now that we have a taste for traveling to events like the European Experience and Waterfest, we can’t be stopped. [...]

Why You Need Hubcentric Rings for Aftermarket Wheels

Lately, many customers have asked us about hubcentric rings and hubcentric spacers. We would love to answer that question and educate everyone on some other related terminology to ensure the next time you go to buy wheels, you’ll have an understanding of what you need to know to make the right choice. Here is everything [...]

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A Quick Trip: Quick Everett’s shot by Ben Battles

Recently, I was invited to Quick Everett’s garage, a top-notch automotive repair shop in Chattanooga, TN by one of the owners, Hal Everett. Quick Everett’s opened its doors in 2018 and has taken off to be one of the areas premier specialist shops. They work on all things foreign and domestic – but mostly foreign. [...]

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How to Fix your MINI Cooper, Cooper S, or JCW Oil Consumption

The MINI Cooper has been a cult phenomenon since its introduction decades ago. When it was reborn in the new millennium, it was given a retro-styled look with modern performance capabilities. That is especially true in the Cooper S and JCW models, which offer more power from their forced induction engine options and better overall [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Air Lift Performance Kits

There are three (safe) ways to achieve a lowered ride height and handling improvements on your car. Depending on your budget and goals, one way may be better for you than the others. For the budget minded person or someone just looking for a slight change in appearance and handling, lowering springs are perfect. If [...]

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