The Turner Motorsport Carbon Fiber Aero Kit for your F82 BMW M4

Contemporary BMWs continue to explore the limits of styling and performance even with high-production numbers. They demonstrate the perfect blend of luxury and driving engagement from an attractive, convenient, and advanced package that offers drivers more versatility with each iteration. The F82 M4 is perhaps the most extreme example, sacrificing some usability and comfort for [...]

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DIY Projects to Keep You Busy

It’s been almost two weeks since we all self-isolated here at ECS, with only our essential distribution center staff working in modified shifts in the building to comply with social distancing recommendations. Since we all went home, along with most of the nation, to work from our couches, beds, floors, or home offices, we’ve tried [...]

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Modify Your Daily Driver Without Sacrifices

Why You Should Modify Your Daily Driver Cars have infinite personalities. They are a reflection of us and our character. When we upgrade, modify, build, or even just decorate them, our cars take on our traits. It’s incredibly rewarding to have something that is personally yours and no one else’s, especially when you put the [...]

Riverside Chattanooga: Event Coverage

Parked in Karey's garage before some repairs Friday, March 13th, was anything but an unlucky Friday for us. While the official Riverside V meet had been axed by the Governor, the car enthusiasts who had descended on Chattanooga were determined to persist with several pop-up meets on a much smaller scale. The weekend was a more [...]

ECS Tuning COVID-19 Operations and Update

We at ECS Tuning are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers; and being your retailer of choice for OEM, aftermarket, and performance parts. As the COVID-19 virus has affected the globe, we are carefully following the precautions and recommendations made by health officials so we can still provide what you [...]

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Staying Busy While Staying Home: Assembled by ECS Kits

With the number of states that are taking precautions over the COVID-19 outbreak growing, we know that leaves many of us at home while we wait for everything to settle and clear. That is the right move for the sake of our country’s health, but it is incredibly hard to stay busy and motivated as [...]

Riverside V ‘Unofficial’

When Julian Burkett of German Auto Pros and I began prepping my E30 for the 9-hour drive down to my hometown of Chattanooga, TN for Riverside V, we were only concerned with ensuring my BMW would make it there and back without issues. Stretched tires, less than an inch of ground clearance from my oil [...]

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Spring Maintenance Checklist for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Porsche, or Volkswagen

Show season is rapidly approaching as the weather warms up. We’re all itching to get behind the wheel, drive our favorite roads, and enjoy our cars after the winter hibernation comes to an end. Today, we’re outlining what you need to do for preparation with your car before it’s ready to last the season. Whether [...]

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