5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Car to Wheel Studs

Most passenger cars today are equipped with lug-studs, which mate to their female threads on the hub and hold the wheel in place. They work perfectly for holding the factory wheels to the hub and are not something a ‘normal’ commuter would think twice about. However, if you have ever had to service your car [...]

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How To Make More Horsepower In Your Turbo Car with Water Meth Injection

When it comes to performance cars, tuners are generally in one of two camps: naturally aspirated or forced induction. Naturally aspirated vehicles offer a smooth power band, but the only way to pull massive horsepower and torque gains from an NA is with more displacement or by introducing a means of forced induction. Turbo [...]

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A Brief History of the Audi C7 RS7 Quattro

The Audi RS7 is the latest big-body Sportback sedan based off of the A7 platform. This impressive cruiser boasts a 560 hp twin-scroll turbo 4.0 TFSI V8 that powers all four wheels thanks to Audi’s impressive Quattro all-wheel-drive system. An eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox smoothly shifts the RS7 through the gears and shoulders the power [...]

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Vendor Spotlight: Black Forest Industries

In 2001, Black Forest Industries was founded to provide Audi and VW parts to the growing European Tuning Community in America. Their unique, high-quality, performance parts are designed to improve both the aesthetics and driving experience of your Audi or VW and are renowned for their exceptional shift knobs available for nearly all European [...]

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