Perfectly Imperfect: Rocky’s 1992 Mercedes-Benz W124 300d

Perfect cars come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. In the case of Rocky’s 1992 300d Mercedes-Benz, it is perfect because it fills a need by being imperfect. You may have caught on that broken old cars are thematic to our blog lately, and you would be correct. We love old cars because they have stories to share and provide endless entertainment thanks to their quirks. Rocky, like the rest of us enthusiasts, is absolutely giddy about his atrocious Merc. This car is gloriously tailored to the purpose for which it was purchased, as I found out after spending some time behind the wheel.

Just Stopping By: Orlando’s Audi 8P A3 and Will-Call Parts Pickup

By popular demand, we have reinitiated our Will-Call order option for customers who want the option to pick up their parts at our facility. This gives folks the option to get their orders as soon as they are boxed up and ready to go out the doors and it gives us a chance to interact with our customers. The influx of tuners to our office has brought with it some awesome cars driven by enthusiasts like Orlando, who brought down his incredible 8P A3 for some information on tuning software.

Ballin’ on a Budget: Zach’s 1993 BMW E32 740i Jalopy

If you grew up on Hardy Boys novels like myself, you may remember Chet and his ‘old jalopy’ that would occasionally cough, smoke, wheeze, and rattle its way into the crime-solving duo’s stories. This was my introduction as a child to the idea that you could comfortably rely on something so obviously dilapidated and old that it becomes a part of your identity. The jalopy spurned a lifelong love affair with broken and aging cars that I don’t foresee ending in the immediate future. I am clearly not the only one who prefers something with more ‘character’ to drive around, as my subject of scrutiny today is Zach’s 1993 BMW E32 740i.

N54Door: Tim’s Built BMW E90 335i 6-Speed Review

Cars and pets often resemble their owners. Whether it be an intangible attitude or uncanny physical resemblance, somehow you can’t help but think the universe brought those two together whether they are aware of the similarity or not. Such is the case with Tim and his BMW. The two share an exuberant and positive outlook that builds incredibly fast, not unlike the turbo spool from under the carbon fiber hood.

Adventures in Cincinnati: Unplanned Repairs, Engine Building, and Local Car Meets!

Just before the weekend, we wrote about how to better enjoy those less exciting DIY repair jobs with some tips that help us keep a positive attitude towards unplanned repairs. As if to test the claims, the universe coincidentally responded quite appropriately. The drive from Akron to Cincinnati that was more stressful than originally anticipated, we attended multiple car shows, and a major unplanned repair were just a few of the highlights from the weekend.

Why you should consider the BMW E39 5-Series as a Drift Car

As the world becomes a smaller and smaller place thanks to social media and the ability to instantly connect with anyone anywhere, the lines between cultures are blurred. When the drift car craze hit American shores in the late 90’s, there was a clear distinction between JDM styling, domestic muscle, and the refined German sports-luxury […]

The Pinzgauer: A Millennial’s Perfect Choice

Recently, we have been looking back in time rather than forward for successes in the past that outshine their contemporary replacements. Cars like the MK1 GTI, E30 BMW, and AMG Hammer are arguably more appealing than the current production models for their affordability and ease of maintenance. Part of the draw to these rad cars goes beyond their quirky social relevance: cars today are increasingly difficult to own and maintain without professionals and an excessive repair bill. The cost of upkeep on a five-year-old car drives many buyers to a lease on a brand new vehicle or purchase with the intent to sell within a few years. This makes the utilitarian aspect of owning a car from the era that brought us the Grateful Dead and late night talk shows incredibly sound.