80’s Nostalgia is here to stay with Audi, BMW, and VW

While the rest of the world satisfies their desires for all things vintage, the car world is given a special treat. It is not often that you can pick up an economy hatchback with few to no amenities and be considered ‘hip’, but right now is a unique point in time where driving something like a VW MK2 GTI can get you noticed outside the car community. Just like anything, however, not all 80’s cars were created equal. There are some that have risen to prices out of reach to the normal enthusiast and others that would be about as advisable to own as stock in ENRON. So we are going to take a moment and list the cars we believe to be ‘in’ right now that are affordable, fun, and easy to turn into something eye-catching.

A Brief History of Audi and their Quattro All-Wheel-Drive

Advances in automobiles have demonstrated an oscillating balance between innovation in passenger cars and racing cars since the initial four-wheel vehicles. A discovery in one arena naturally leads to its adaptation in the other, which was usually paired with unparalleled success. Many of the advancements that come to mind are translations of racing components fitted […]

H&R Springs are the ride control your Audi, BMW, MINI, or VW needs

For enthusiasts, the handling characteristics of our cars play a massive part in the enjoyment derived from driving. The pleasure of driving a fantastic handling car that exudes German quality is nearly unmatchable. That’s why H&R has been developing TUV and ABE-certified springs and suspension solutions specifically designed to provide the ultimate ride and handling […]