Well, with Riverside 8 kicking off show season in Chattanooga two weeks ago and Dubs at the Lake happening on the 19-21st, we’re officially into the best time of year. If you’re like me, you’ve already planned out what you want to attend. If you’re even more like me, you’re still in the process of making final tweaks to your car. This week, we’re going to look ahead to some of our favorite shows with some recaps of past events (and shamelessly plug a few parts you still have time to snag and install before you hit the road). Welcome to car season 2023, everyone. Let’s see what this year has in store for us. 

Alpine Volksfair

If you’re a fan of what old H2oi used to be, AVF is an event you certainly will love. It’s micro-meets, cruises, and a Euro-centric destination that provides stellar vistas in a scenic mountain town. AVF is a must-see whether you’re in a stock Jetta or bringing out something to make the after-movie. Held in Helen, Georgia, AVF isn’t your traditional meet. No big parking lot or grassy field, just a town invaded by a ton of Audi and VW nerds for a weekend of camaraderie seen through the lens of Volkswagen appreciation. 

Udderly Euro

Held in beautiful Neenah, Wisconsin, Udderly Euro is a new staple in my show lineup. Put together by the wonderful folks at Eurotrash Apparral Co., Udderly is a celebration of all things Euro in a laid-back environment on the historic Neenah waterfront. The Wisconsin Euro scene never disappoints and you’re sure to see a ton of quality builds. Hurry up and register if you want to attend, though; the spots have nearly all been claimed. Read about some of our past trips to Neenah for Udderly here on our blog for some of what you can expect to see in the cheese state. 

Euro District

In the same vein as Udderly, Euro District is also an ET event held in Jeffersonville, Indiana just across from Louisville, Kentucky. Bourbon, beers, and badass builds fill the venue every year, which you won’t want to miss. This is a good mid-season show to hit for that perfect summer vibe that we highly recommend. Of course, we have plenty of articles detailing the fun to be had at Euro District here on our humble blog. Check out the past event coverage for some good anticipation building for this year. 

BMWCCA Oktoberfest

Obviously, this one isn’t going to be for you Audi/VW folks, but the BMWCCA OFest is always an incredible time. Every year we join our Turner Motorsport family for a celebration of all things BMW and Bavarian with plenty of satellite events to keep us busy. There are curated drives, a weekend-long car show, dinners, and usually BMW museum tours and opportunities to get up close and personal to upcoming BMW models. If you’re a BMW fanatic, we definitely suggest that you attend OFest this year. Check out some of the past events here on our blog to see what Ofest is about

Slammedenuff Gatlinburg

Only a short drive from my hometown, I have yet to make SE Gat once since it began a few years ago. That said, nearly all my friends and family replaced H2oi with Gat since it takes place over the same weekend. This show isn’t Euro-specific, but it has an incredible vibe to enjoy in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Held in scenic Gatlinburg, you’ll hear the sounds of your favorite engines thundering through the sleepy mountain resort town and will have no shortage of official pre-meets, cruises, and cabin parties to look forward to. If you’re like me and officially done with H2oi, then I’ll see you all there this year for a classic stance-scene event put on by Slammedenuff and Battlegang. 

Last-Minute Additions

Alright, we can all go ahead and admit that if your engine swap or suspension build isn’t buttoned up by now, it probably won’t be in time for shows. But that doesn’t mean some of us looking to make some last-minute changes to our setups are out of time. We’re talking wheels, carbon exterior bits, exhausts, and finishing touches on your interior. Right now is about the last week you’ll have to grab some of those upgrades with time to get them installed, so we suggest you pull the trigger before you have to wait a year to enjoy everything. Check out our new Forged Carbon exterior upgrades for the B8 S4, the always-growing lineup of Tekniform wheels, and all the valved exhaust upgrades we’ve added since last season. Make a statement this year and come out swinging with those final touches you’ve always wanted. You deserve it.