While Memorial Day isn’t about grilling, drinking, and catching up on car projects, it is a time that allows us to enjoy those things while we remember those who have sacrificed themselves fighting for our freedom. This weekend, millions of Americans will likely be in their backyards, garages, and local parking lots doing likely one of three things: working on their car, hitting a local car show, or driving their car. Whatever your plans are this weekend, it will likely remind you of things you need now or in the immediate future. And why not take advantage of our 60+ brands on sale for this weekend to get more done for less? 

When I work on any of my cars, I find myself creating a growing list of things I want to fix or remembering things I’ve forgotten that need attention. From simple maintenance to more in-depth jobs (like my upcoming RMS/IMS service #2 for the 996), I’ll generally find one or two things that I need to order for the next time I’m in there. If you’re like me and spend some of your Memorial Day weekend in the garage, cross a few of those extra maintenance and repair parts off of your list by grabbing those parts on sale. 

Speaking of working on cars, something that always gets under my skin is realizing I want to change something about my car when I take it to pop-up meets or regional shows. Inevitably, I’ll see someone else’s build and think “Wow, I really want that for my car.” Whether it’s someone’s half cage and seat setup, wheel choice, or even small details like a specific shift knob or the way they’ve cut their exhaust tips, something will stick out and make me add it to my wishlist. This weekend is a great chance to spend time at local meets and see what others are doing to tie their build together. What’s more, you don’t have to add it to your wishlist and wait for a price drop. We have TONS of wheel brands, exhaust brands, suspension brands, and, of course, our in-house designed interior and exterior upgrades discounted for you to enjoy this weekend for some instant gratification. So go out and explore, even if it’s just watching Alpine Volks Fair recap videos. Get some inspiration and find what you need here on sale for Memorial Day. 

If you’re more of a do-er rather than a park-and-watcher, you’re probably spending at least some of this weekend at one of our lovely racetracks for a track event. There’s nothing better than the opportunity to feel your car’s limits, and your own limits, then think about what you can do to improve it. From adjustable suspension components to track-dedicated brake setups and safety equipment, we have tons of brands you love on sale right now. When you finish up at the track and need to restock or are ready for some improved performance to raise your car’s capability ceiling, we’re waiting for you with all the brands you love sporting some steep discounts. 

Memorial Day weekend is first and foremost a holiday where we recognize the sacrifices made by fallen service members in the defense of our freedoms. But what this weekend gives us is also a chance for us to enjoy those freedoms they’ve fought to defend. For us car enthusiasts, that means spending as much time in and around our cars as possible. The more time we spend with them, the more we figure out how to build them to our specific liking. So use this weekend and enjoy your car, find what you need or want, and pull the trigger on it while over 60 brands are on sale here at ECS.

ECS Tuning Memorial Day Sale