As the summer starts to close, some of the best automotive events ring in the end of the season right before those beautiful fall colors come back. This year, we’re going to MPACT 2023, the BMW enthusiast festival, and hope to see you all there with us! This week, we’re looking at some of the offerings MPACT brings to the table and sharing our full event schedule with you. So mark your calendars, get ready to cruise with us to the Poconos Raceway, and enjoy all this incredible event has to offer.

First things first, what is MPACT? If you’ve never been, MPACT is more than just a “BMW car show.” It’s an automotive festival of sorts that includes exhibition drift sessions, roll racing, burnout contests, a judged car show, HPDE track sessions, and much more. Of course, all of this is through the BMW enthusiast lens, but the event is open to anyone. To go, you’ll need tickets, which you can purchase right here on MPACT’s website and see all the details.

Leading up to the event, though, we’ll leave from the ECS facility in Wadsworth, Ohio on Friday, August 18th. We’ll drive straight to Pennsylvania and cruise with anyone who wants to join for the drive or meet up along the way. That night, we’ll finish up with tacos at Zack’s Taco Shack there in Tannersville. If you bring out the coolest BMW on the cruise, we’ll even buy you a taco. So make sure everything is sorted before you join us if you want that free, delicious, tortilla-encased goodness. 

Here’s all the details and event page so you can join us that Friday for the cruise to the show!

So, if you’re in the area and want to see one of the wildest BMW events in the United States, join us for MPACT on Friday August 18th through Sunday the 19th there at the Poconos Raceway in Pennsylvania. It will be a weekend you won’t want to miss if you have any BMW interest at all. Come on out and share in the BMW groove with us! See you there.

Full schedule here:

Friday 8.18.23 (cruise leaving ECS) – finish up at Zack’s Taco Shack in Tannersville, PA for dinner Friday night.

Saturday 8.19.23 – show

Sunday 8.20.23 – Roll Racing Event hosted by Straight Jacket Motorsports

Saturday August 19th, 2023 – Participant and Spectator Ticket Roll In Schedule:

7:00 am – Gates open for all “on track” participants / Crew / Drivers / Staff

7:30 am – Tech Inspection opens for Roll Race on Pit Lane. (HPDE report to Classroom)

9:45 am – Drivers Meeting / Track goes Hot after Drivers Meeting

8:30 am – 9:00 am – RED LOT – Infield Reserved recommended entry time / Gate # 1

9:00 am – 9:30 am – BLUE LOT- Infield Reserved recommended entry time / Gate # 1

9:30 am -10:00 am – PURPLE LOT- Infield Reserved recommended entry time / Gate # 1

9:45 am – 10:15 am- GREEN LOT- Infield Reserved recommended entry time / Gate # 1

10:00 am – Recommended time for all general admission and spectators / Gate #5

Remaining schedule of events will be posted once more details become finalized.

5:00 pm- Closing of main event.

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