ECS Tuning and BILSTEIN Present: The Ultimate Audi A3 Sweepstakes Winner

ECS Tuning and BILSTEIN were proud to deliver the new Audi A3 to the winner on Friday the 17th of November. The ceremony was held at the BILSTEIN facility in Southern California and was met with the local car communities interested in seeing the exchange first-hand. For the past months, we have held a sweepstakes in which ECS Tuning bought, built, and and gave away an Audi A3 in appreciation of all our loyal customers.

For more information on the A3, check out these videos 

The A3 featured a lowered ride height, a stiffer suspension setup, carbon fiber accessories at every corner, aggressive brakes, and performance pieces from ECS and several other manufacturers. The transformation made this A3 a truly unique and eye-catching car. Even without the jaw-dropping graphics that provided a curious asymmetry to the car, it was abundantly clear this Audi possessed some serious competitive power. With the car in hand and sponsorship in place, we needed to decide on a method for selecting the winner.

Entrants purchased their normal maintenance parts, performance components, and other accessories as they normally would; but there was a twist. Every $50.00 spent on anything from automatically entered the customer in our sweepstakes with chances to win the ECS Tuning & BILSTEIN A3. The Audi spent its life with us being constructed, detailed regularly, photographed, and truly loved by those who had an opportunity to be around it. One lucky winner from our community was about to feel all that energy and dedication we imbued on the Audi, and it could not have been someone any more descriptive of the ECS family.

On the 17th of November, we had the winner picked, thanks to the random drawing by an independent third party agency: Nick S, of California. He is an extreme Audi enthusiast and a long time customer of ECS. Currently, he is in the middle of rebuilding an Audi B5 S4. He took the S4 from an untouched, 160k mile, used car and stripped it down. He removed the V6 Twin Turbo to refresh the Audi’s heart, and is currently in the process of putting everything back together. In the meantime, he is daily driving an Audi Etron. The Etron will be taking a back seat to the ECS Tuning A3, however, as Nick expressed his intention is to drive the A3 every day.

One interesting question we all waited to ask was, “what would become of the graphics?” On a track, the Audi looks right at home with the striking vinyl covering the car. On the roads, it may be slightly out of place. We were ecstatic to hear what his opinion was regarding the love-it-or-hate-it graphics adorning the car. Nick, in what is undoubtedly a surprise to some, decided to leave the graphics intact! He is excited to have something that is both eye-catching and a reminder of the overwhelming participation of so many individuals who helped take this car from a dealership lot to someone’s driveway.

When asked about his feelings approaching the whirlwind of activity around receiving the car, he expressed how surprised he was upon being first contacted:

“I thought it was spam. I got some email and just threw it in the spam folder. Then I got another one, and then a phone call. That was when it really sank in.”

This new Audi will see car shows, canyon carving, and the parking lot at his place of work. Its life until this point has been almost like that of a celebrity; it was constantly prettied-up for photography sessions, endured countless hours of custom modification work,  was trailered to automotive shows like SEMA, and now is finally about to see its first opportunity to stretch its legs in the hands of its new owner.

Nick’s excitement was palpable during our conversation. His overwhelming sense of pride and humility carried through the interview:

Community is such a big deal (in car culture). The fact that there are companies out there that want to engage, I don’t really know how to describe it, that there are people like ECS that push that envelope and really drive the platform forward is incredible.”

Nick is ready to enjoy this car that so many of us here at ECS have grown fond of.

“I already have it entered in a track day at Thunder Hill in April. I plan on swapping for a more aggressive set of tires and otherwise hitting the track as-is.”

Now that the Audi will be regularly driven in Northern California, locals will more than likely see Nick cruising Highway 9 and carving up towards Redwood country.  

“I’m ready to enjoy it. It has everything I would look for (in a daily driver). It looks good, it’s fun, and it’s reliable.”

The A3 is sure to be a great car for a grateful customer. We are beaming with excitement and shaking with anticipation to be able to present something this special to someone so incredibly appropriate to receive it. Through customers like Nick, ECS is able to host these contests in a way that helps us become more than just a parts company. We are an enthusiast company.

With the contest over, and the Audi now in the hands of its giddy new owner, ECS is ready to move forward and continue providing maintenance and performance parts for European cars. This may be the end of our A3 sweepstakes, but there will be more events to come. Stay tuned for the next chance to become a part of ECS Tuning history: on Monday the 20th of November we will be announcing yet another sweepstakes with a massive grand prize, so keep your eyes on Social Media to find out how to be the next ECS Tuning winner.

We want to say Thank You to all our incredible sponsors who made this sweepstakes a reality:





Wagner Tuning





P3 Gauges

Tire Source


For info on the Build List follow this link

About ECS Tuning:

Specializing in German automotive performance, OEM and aftermarket replacement parts and accessories, ECS deftly balances the global concerns of a worldwide industry leader with the accessibility and commitment to accountability typically characteristic of smaller companies. ECS Tuning provides its customers with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee return policy for all qualifying new and unused products.


In 1954, BILSTEIN revolutionized the damping technology and has been recognized for its top-quality and high-performance innovative systems as a partner for the automobile industry. The world‘s leading automobile brands trust BILSTEIN for a reason – their technologies and quality set the highest standards. Each development is a new milestone and represents the pioneering spirit of BILSTEIN, an essence which manifests itself in every product they manufacture.

Showstopper: ECS Tuning MK5 GTI Full Build Feature

From simple cosmetic upgrades to our massive Stage-5 Six-Piston Porsche Cayenne Big Brake Kit, the ECS MK5 GTI completely transformed. The GTI has experienced a Kafka-style metamorphosis being cocooned by an enormous list of modifications to arrive, stunning and gleaming, as it hovers above the ground before you.


ECS developed this build to create something unique; to be something contemporary yet traditional. As a show car, the MK5 catches looks and double-takes. As a driver’s car, one behind the wheel might discover a fiendish smile with every touch of the throttle or dive into a corner.

With each modification designed to fine-tune and enhance the performance of the GTI, this show stopper is more than just a pretty face.

Impossibly obvious and attention grabbing, the ECS Carbon Fiber Fender Flare Kit garnishes the corners with carbon fiber. For German performance cars, the widebody treatment is always reserved for the most extreme, race-bred applications. This performance and styling effect distinguishes the sporty model variants from the truly dexterous and radical performance cars.

The bolt-on ECS flares display exceptional fitment, and allow up to an additional 75mm of wheel and tire clearance for the use of fat rubber and a stunningly wide stance. the cavernous wheel wells, extended by the flares, encouraged our decision to develop a custom set of 3 Piece Custom Rotiform Style LVS – 11″ Wide, 19″ Diameter, completed with a Copper Face Finish.

Not quite hidden behind these stunning wheels are the massive ECS Stage 5 Six-piston Porsche Big Brake Kit, featuring the ECS 2-Piece Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors in the front and back. This 352mm finishing touch not only looks great behind the copper face of the wheels, but gives you the stopping power of a gravity well.

In designing the suspension, we chose a complete Slam Series Digital Combo Air Lift system with AutoPilot V2 digital air management. This Air Lift system gave us the versatility we needed to maneuver the most treacherous roads comfortably, fly through rhythm sections effortlessly, and drop to the pavement: all with the simple push of a button.

Between giant potholes, speed bumps, and uneven terrain, we constructed a 3/16″ (4.76mm) thick 5052 aluminum Street Shield Skid Plate. This skid plate is constructed and fitted to protect the exposed underbelly from a variety of impacts which can ruin an oil pan or other critical components.

Under the Hood:


There are modifications strictly for a vehicle’s curb appeal, and parts that exclusively intended for performance. Our goal was to include as many parts capable of utilitarian performance chasing and exude an aesthetic brilliance. We strove to create a part that has both proven performance gains and is aesthetically pleasing.




Our ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System features a carbon fiber box and polished aluminum tubes for stunning under the hood looks, and maximum power gains of +17 WHP at 5,750 RPM and +12 Lb/Ft of Torque at 5,700 RPM.



Complimenting the intake is the ECS High Flow Charge Pipe Coupler Kit that is capable of withstanding greater heat and higher boost pressure than stock. The kit does this all while achieving greater reliability, less turbulence and less restriction.


Moving down the sequence, we see the ECS 3.0″ Valved Turbo Back Exhaust System. Having a genuine appreciation for a smooth and sporty exhaust note that doesn’t drone or leave ears throbbing is something illusive. Smooth and refined is agreeably conservative, but there is a time and place for the sound of guttural anger.



With a remote key fob-controlled, vacuum operated, valve diversion, the exhaust flows at your convenience. With the valve closed, the exhaust is tuned and quieted through directionally louvered internal tubing. With the valve open, the exhaust follows an unrestricted, straight through path, and the dyno results confirm the difference. Don’t worry, though, you won’t need a chart. You’ll notice a Mr. Hyde style alter-ego emerge with a flattened throttle pedal. Bruce Banner would be proud.

Ever important to a highly modified motor is the brain controlling all of your critical systems. The factory computer was digitally altered and programmed with the aggressive APR Stage 2 Tune.


To harness all of this extra power, we have fitted the GTI with the ECS in-house designed Performance PendulumEngine, and Transmission Mounts. These mounts are composed of a perfected polyurethane formula to deliver smooth power transfer through the driveline to the ground, while equally present to minimize chassis feedback.

With a panoply of modifications, one could spend hours drooling over the complete parts list. While this is a dedicated show car, the performance capability is there thanks to the design of the components involved in bringing the MK5 GTI a viscous Moreauvian style genetic modification are all available through us here at ECS Tuning. Below this article you can browse the complete list of modifications and turn your own MK5 GTI into something terrifyingly gorgeous.

Exterior Mod List:

Lighting Mod List:

Performance Mod List:

Engine Mod List:

New Updates! ECS Nation: Mike’s Mercedes-Benz CL600 V12 Rear Mount Turbo (M275)


If you are looking for an unusual build with heart and devotion, here’s Mike’s build. Mike purchased this CL600 when it was nearly dead in 2015. He put over 850+ hours of work into it to make it what it is today. He began fixing over 40 initial problems from purchase and then later made over 40 modifications to it as well. Mike submitted his build to us in the 2016 Virtual Car Show and it was still in production. And now the World’s first rear mount turbo setup on this Model/Engine.

Mike’s Story:

It all started when I went to go look for a “practical car”.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the V12 emblem peering out from the snow pile. I asked the salesperson what was under there and he replied “A piece of junk Mercedes”. I said I want to test drive it and after 2 hours of cleaning snow off of it and out of it I got my wish and limped it around on its test drive. I knew immediately that I was going to buy this car regardless of how neglected it was. I went to get a pre-purchase inspection and found out that it had $45,000 worth of repairs needed at dealership price. So, I bought all the parts needed and did all of the repairs myself which was a great learning experience.  Fast forward 2 years, 850+ hours of working on it, 70+ repairs/modifications, 1 Magazine feature (Mercedes Enthusiast), 2 broken bones, and an endless number of sleepless work nights…it was completed.  The once broken and abused CL600 is now the World’s First Rear mount turbo CL600 V12 M275 Mercedes-Benz…and it loves it. As heavy of a car, as it is, the engine and heart of the car has been unchained and is running as it has always wanted to…as a supercar engine just like it is in the 1st Gen Pagani Zonda’s.


I have completed several projects on the car that either no one or only a couple of people have attempted (some of which I helped). For instance, the car originally came with a hydraulic suspension system called ABC. ABC was great unless something went wrong and that was an unfortunately common occurrence leaving you stranded. I decided to convert to coilover suspension and retrofit a non-ABC tandem steering pump and completely deleted the hydraulic system. From there I decided to install a Nitrous Express system. This was tricky, as was every project because there is NO support or DIYs for these vehicles. People are afraid to change the 24 spark plugs the car comes with, let alone what I was doing to it. After successfully completing some passes at the drag strip on nitrous, I still was not happy with the way the car’s power fell on its face after the first couple thousand RPMs. I knew a turbo upgrade was needed from the small stock twin turbos…but what could I do there was no room and heat soaking was already a serious issue.

After researching for a few months I decided that a rear mount 78MM Borg Warner turbo would be the solution, I just had to figure out how to plumb everything, supply oil, and get the engine to play nice. I contacted Eurocharged Performance for tuning advice and decided they were definitely who I would be working with. After acquiring some sponsorship opportunities from Toyo Tires, Eurocharged Performance, Glowshift Gauges, APEX PERFORMANCE TURBO SYSTEMS, and a few others locally the build got underway! With the help of a friend, I was able to remove the stock turbos without pulling the engine. From there I was able to remove all of the stock turbo parts, vacuum system, ignition system, and exhaust.  I installed the SLR McLaren Mercedes-Benz upgraded 722.6 valve body springs, solenoids, and the Eurocharged TCU.

Once I was able to get the car stripped, the fabrication began!  I used 2000-2002 non-turbo CL600 exhaust manifolds (inverted and flipped around to fit) to start my custom exhaust layout.

I welded all of the custom bends (which proved difficult on a V12) followed by the mid piping and to the trunk’s T4 flange. I used 2.5” piping leaving the engine and merged to 3” piping staggered in the back and heavily wrapped to keep the air hot going to the turbo. I used a TiAL 44mm wastegate paired with a GReddy electronic boost controller and a 4” single split exhaust leaving the big Borg. The turbo was mounted and welded the framing into place for the plexiglass trunk basin. Next, I designed the best oiling system I could think of for the rear mount turbo, which was a standalone oil reservoir in the trunk. This consisted of the reservoir, an oil temp sensor a feed pump from Turbowerx, a check valve, a pressure sensor, a sump pump (matching Turbowerx pump), another check valve and pressure sensor, and lastly an oil cooler all of which is the trunk. At the front of the car, the engine bay received a much better water to air cooling system and polishing since you were finally able to see the actual engine.  I am hoping to hit my goal of 1000 HP this year and will be doing so after a cross country Rt66 road rally in August.  

2017 Roadtrip

After 5,700 miles of driving in 11 days, I think it is safe to say that the World’s First rear mount turbo CL600 w215 M275 build was a complete success, despite having little to no pre-trip testing. I was thoroughly proud of the Benz after its journey. There is a special bond that I have made with this car and making it drivable across country was a memory of a lifetime that cannot be replicated. I was nervous and did not know what to expect having changed so much this year and doing all of the work myself. Over 50-60 projects later and the car took the whole trip in stride. It was happy at 75 on cruise and it was happy chasing down an LS nitrous equipped Camaro to speeds well above the “pegged out” limitation.  

 The car survived the 116-119 degree F heat of Death Valley and the Mohave Desert, but also the 11,000+ foot elevation change in Colorado. The beast enjoyed the New Mexico roads that seemed to expand endlessly into the horizon and also the sharp twisties through Oatman Arizona. In Santa Monica, California, the Nasty V12 gained the looks and photos of many passerby’s, but it also gained attention the night before racing into LA from the mountains. No matter what beating I gave the car on this trip it seemed to take it and then returned the favor with G forces.  The only issues I ran into were a stone chipped windshield, a shattered fog-light (removed), and a leaking oil return line in the trunk that I had to replace in New Mexico.  The emotions when I was driving home the last 2 minutes were strong. I listened to Odesza “Say My Name” and enjoyed the amazing and beautiful V12 soundtrack. Upon parking the car in my garage and sitting there letting the oil circulate a bit more before shutting it off, I realized something in my heart…I realized just how incredible these machines truly are and also how much magic / amazing memories they can bring to your life. 



Modification List:

Suspension / Braking / Wheels

  •       Removed ABC system
  •       Removed ABC control unit
  •       Removed stock ABC/Power steering pump
  •       ABC System Deletion
  •       ABC Pump Deletion
  •       Power steering pump conversion to w220 non-ABC
  •       Coilover Suspension Conversion (Eibach)
  •       18” Lightweight MB 5 spoke rims
  •       18” TOYO R888 Tires (275 rear / 255 front)
  •       EuroParts/Mercedes-Benz lower and upper control arms
  •       Brembo upgraded rotors throughout
  •       Brembo 4/6 pot calipers

Ignition / Electronics / Computer Management

  •       Mercedes-Benz Coil Packs
  •       ECS Mercedes-Benz Ignition Control Module
  •       24set of step 7 cold NGK Plugs
  •       Mercedes-Benz gas pedal with new pedal sensor
  •       ABS sensors throughout
  •       ECS Transmission conductor plate (3x)
  •       ECS Transmission wiring harness
  •       Eurocharged Transmission Control Module
  •       Eurocharged ECU Tuning
  •       Glowshift gauges (wideband A/F, boost, oil temp, 2x oil pressure, nitrous pressure, fuel pressure)
  •       GReddy Spec ii electronic boost controller
  •       Remote mount Whistler 360 radar detector
  •       Rewired all stock sensors (MAP, temp, pressure, etc)

Engine / Cooling / Turbo / Transmission

  •       Removed stock turbos
  •       Removed stock exhaust/stock turbo manifolds
  •       Cut and capped existing oil feed/return lines
  •       Looped stock turbo water feed/return lines
  •       Removed washer fluid Reservoir
  •       Removed heating lines to washer fluid
  •       Removed stock steering wheel
  •       Removed stock heat exchanger
  •       Separate coolant reservoir/system for intercoolers
  •       2x Electronic fans for heat exchanger
  •       2x Bosch water pumps for intercooler circulation
  •       Custom Water-to-Air Intercooler
  •       Water ICE tank
  •       Water lines to and from backseat/engine bay
  •       Mercedes-Benz 2000-2002 nonturbo exhaust manifolds
  •       Nitrous Express 10Lb – 125 shot (wet-shot) system
  •       Nitrous Express Purge system
  •       Massive front mount heat exchanger
  •       * Borg Warner rear mount S400 series turbo *
    • Compressor Wheel: 74.5mm / 101.45mm  – 95lbs/min
    • Turbine Wheel: 78mm x 87mm
    • Compressor Inlet: 5”
    • Compressor Outlet: 4”
    • Turbine inlet: 0.90 Divided T4
    • Turbine Outlet: 4”
  •       2x TurboWerx  Oil pumps (1 scavenge / 1 feed)
  •       5 QT remote standalone oil reservoir for turbo only
  •       Oil feed/return lines + Front mount oil cooler
  •       Mobile1 Full Synthetic 0W-40 throughout
  •       Replaced all stock vacuum lines
  •       TiAL Sport 50mm MV-R Wastegate
  •       TiAL Sport 50mm Blow Off Valves X2
  •       GReddy Electronic Boost Control Valve Spec ii
  • SLR Mercedes McLaren 722.6 Solenoid/spring upgrade kit (used a few parts from it)






ECS Nation: Jeff’s 2010 Audi B8 A4


I purchased my 2010 A4 in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the car and the Audi community. I began with tinting the windows, wrapping the window trim and changing the grille to achieve a sleek blacked out look. The factory paint was phantom black pearl. I eventually repainted the car and changed the color by adding a blue pearl. Over the next 4 years I added numerous mods including an upgraded turbo, intercooler, custom exhaust, MRR GF09 wheels, braking upgrades, along with cosmetic upgrades to enhance the appeal.

Modification List

-STVBEK Carbon Fiber Front Lip
-Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip
-Tinted Headlights/Taillights
-MRR GF09 19×9.5 ET40
-Potenza 760R Tires
-Stoptech Front BBK
-Rear Nuespeed Drilled & Slotted Rotors
-3 Stage Paint Job
-034 Motorsports Downpipe
-034 Motorsports transmission mount
-APR K04 Turbo W/ APR Tune
-GFB Diverter Valve
-R8 Coil Packs
-Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
-Kohlfaser Luft-Technik intake
-P3 Vent Digital Boost Gauge
-Dual Exit Single Single Tip Exhaust W/Aftermarket Valance
-5% Tint
-Blacked Out Vinyl Window Trim
-RS4 Style Front Grille
-RS4 Fog Grilles


ECS Nation: Mike’s 2012 Audi A5

Modifications List


Injen cold intake

Full cat back exhaust Magnaflow…

Forge BOV

Custom airbrush engine cover, radiator and windshield cover by AIRBRUSH FEVER


RS5 front bumper
RIEGER side skirts
Full custom airbrush design by AIR BRUSH FEVER IN SHELTON , WA 360-790-8859
Powdercoated superchrome and copper




ECS Nation: Reece’s 2009 Audi B8 A4 Avant

Modification List


APR Carbonio intake
APR Stage 2+ ECU Tune
Forge BOV Spacer
GFB T9351 DV+
ECS Carbon engine cover
Red coil packs
Black oil, coolant, water caps
Heat wrapped piping
ECS Boost Tap – on its way
ECS Silicon Inlet Hose – on its way
Ultra Racing Front Strut Brace – on its way


Accu Air elevel air supply
Airlift front + rear struts
Airlift air shocks
Twin viair 444c compressors
Air ride tank mount + sensor brackets


Mars Performance carbon mirror caps
Mars Performance honeycomb grille
Hella Supertone Horn set


P3 Digital Boost gauge
Dress up LEDs


ECS Nation: Anthony’s 2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG


I was getting tired and started to look for something that had more power than my 1998 3000GT (still own/drive). Had the 3000GT for over 12 years. 

After a year of searching for specific features, I spotted this C63 down in LA at Keyes European. I decided to fly down test drove it and bought it the same day and then had it shipped back to Kansas.  Have had the C63 since November 2014.  Just been slowly adding things onto it.  Started off with wheels and tires from HRE then moved onto a tune from Eurocharged.  Blacked out some trim pieces and got tint.  Then removed the secondary cat and replaced it with stainless steel straights (work done by Kultured Customs).  Not much more I want to do with it, maybe headers and supercharger down the road if I ever get tired of it lol.  It is my daily driver.

Big shows –

Placed 1st in World of Wheels – Custom Exotic for 2016 and 2017

Placed 1st in Import Face Off – Best Euro

Modification List

Tune – V5 EuroCharged Tune – around 540hp / 494 torque
Secondary cat delete/replaced with straight pipes (done by KulturedCustoms)
Differential – Wavetrac LSD
ROW Airbox / AFE Pro Dry Filters
HRE Wheels FF01 in Tarmac
Michelin PSS 235/35 and 255/30
Mode Carbon Lufstrom Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Vorsteiner Style 1 Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Mode Carbon P31 Carbon Fiber Diffuser
MACarbon Red Carbon Fiber Keyless Start Button
Vinyl Wrapped Side Markers & Trunk Lid Trim
Black steel license plate / Black bolts
Customized License plate
Custom AMG / Affalterbach Mode Selector Knob
AMG Door Pins
20% tint on sides and rear windows
507 (black) DRL Trim

Build Thread



ECS Nation: Andrew’s Audi S4


I wanted to do simple and functional, that would break my neck every I left it. Of course, the first thing I purchased for the S4 was ST Coilovers, to get the perfect ride height. Along with the purchase of the coilovers, came the RS4 grille with Matte Aluminum surround to give the front end a more aggressive look and the Roc Euro intake to hear the supercharge wine. It didn’t take me long to get wheels! A week after purchase, the new Avant Garde M590’s in Satin Silver 19×9.5 et 40 came in to give the S4 in my opinion a simple, yet classy look. 1 year later, I wanted to make the front end more aggressive. So I purchased a Carbon Fiber DTM Lip to add to the front end. Then I wanted to make the car sound like a racecar (because racecar) and purchased a GMG World Challenge Racing Exhaust and paired that with AWE Non-Resonated downpipes. Ended up removing the center muffler and doing a custom straight pipe to the exhaust for more aggressive tone. Over the winter, I wanted to get a wheel setup that would look good for shows and purchased Avant Garde F520 3pc wheels in 20x10et 35 all around w/ Brush Copper face and 2.5″ polished step lip. Overall after I was done, I was satisfied with how the S4 turned out! Something that was simple and classy, but also looked mean and aggressive.


Modifications List

  • ST Coilovers
  • RS4 Grille
  • Roc Euro Intake
  • DTM Carbon Fiber Lip
  • GMG Racing World Challenge Exhaust (modified with a custom straight pipe)
  • AWE Tuning Non-Res Down pipes
  • Avant Garde M590’s 19×9.5 et40 Satin Silver
  • Avant Garde F520 20×10 et 35 Brush Copper face and 2.5″ polished step lip


ECS Nation: Jake S’s 2007 Audi A3 S-Line 2.0T


I picked up this car as a daily about 3 years ago and began to slowly modify it, mostly cosmetic. It has gone through plenty of different stages. As time continues to pass I plan on a K04 swap and more power modifications. But for now, it’s still my daily. Most of the work was done by myself.

Modifications List

  • Full wrap in 3m Gloss Wicked
  • Vip Modular VR-12 3 piece wheels
  • SRS-Tec Sideskirts
  • Mesh Style Grill
  • Air Lift Slam Series Kit
  • Accuair Management
  • Bamboo Hardwood Trunk
  • 3″ Catless Downpipe to straight pipe
  • Upgraded Dogbone Mount
  • Polyurethane lower control arm bushings
  • BSH true seal intake
  • 034Motorsport billet catch can