With all the fun that happened this weekend at Dubs at the Lake in McHenry, Maryland, it would be a shame to condense it all into a single article. While the meat and potatoes coverage will be released this Sunday in our ongoing Tuned In Weekly series, we thought we’d spend a bit of time talking about some of the satellite events that made up the entire weekend’s festivities. We’ll keep it brief and focus mostly on the photography, so grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy an in-depth photo coverage of Dubs and Donuts and Cruisin’ the Lake.

While the main event was Sunday, what makes Dubs at the Lake more than simply a car meet is the loosely organized activities throughout the weekend that revolve around the community having fun together with no pressure for competition. Cars and Coffee-style meets, organized drives, shared meals, and camaraderie are the main foci, which awards everyone the opportunity to appreciate the cars and make new friends in a completely relaxed environment. Not that the show itself isn’t relaxed, but when there are awards on a table, you can feel a palpable excitement and anxiety, especially amid quite literally hundreds of award-worthy cars.

The first official event was Dubs and Donuts, held at Funland Arcade, on Saturday morning. Glazed and Confused donuts provided the refreshments while all the lovely enthusiasts already in town for the weekend supplied the entertainment. The lot was filled despite being held before most reasonable folks are awake on a weekend, which hinted at the unexpected turnout size we witnessed at the show. The Funland parking lot spilled over with VWs, Audis, and Porsches to the point that the local highway was lined on either side of the entrance to the lot with car after car after car. So many people arrived we had a tough time wrangling everyone into photos, but Hannah, our resident photographer, certainly did her best. Here are some of our favorites that you’ll only see right here. If you see yourself, feel free to leave a comment with your Instagram handle so we can give you a follow!

Speaking of following, immediately after the breakfast meet-up for Dubs and Donuts, we all gathered for Cruisin’ the Lake. This organized drive included over 200 cars for a 22-mile drive around the perimeter of Deep Creek Lake through the winding back roads and surrounding hills. The cruise was so large, cars were broken up into several groups led by some of the organizers and ECS team members to cut down on traffic jams. Two-minute staggered start times allowed everyone to roll at a constant pace without creating a 22-mile-long gridlock of Euro cars. As neat as that would have been, we have a sinking feeling many of the air-cooled cars would have been less than thrilled to sit still for an hour at idle. At any rate, here’s our coverage of that cruise, where we were able to capture every single car. Stay tuned for our video, as we time-lapsed the entire route as well as fly-bys and the group departures.

Naturally, we have plenty more to share as well as the official Sunday meet, but you’ll have to wait a few days for that! Tune in this Sunday to your email for our full coverage article in this edition of Tuned In Weekly and check out what Dubs at the Lake has to offer! If you like what you see, be sure to join us for Dubs at the Gap on September 18th and 19th, and don’t forget to register your car now so you can get in! There will be a 250-car cap limited by the State Park, so get that registration filled out now to avoid being left out of the fun! We’ll see you this weekend with the full coverage and hopefully later this year for all the shows we have planned. If you haven’t, check out our full event schedule so you can plan to follow us along for all the good times and car shows.