As enthusiasts, we ultimately want more from our cars. We build them around a goal, whether that’s for motorsport competition, shows, or just for fun, all that matters is making the car a reflection of yourself. We understand that intimately here at ECS and often find ourselves pursuing product development solely for selfish reasons because we want to do it to our own cars. And thus, our differential and axle deletes were born. You’ve already seen us tease the RWD-swapped B8.5 and B5, now get ready to see the full reveal of our ‘just for fun’ conversion kits.

Deleting your front axles and center diff is cool and lets you slide around in your no-longer-Quattro Audi, but that’s old news. The latest and greatest release from our mad scientists in the R&D department is the ECS-Exclusive FWD conversion kits. All business, no drama, just pure comfort, class, and safety.

The big question is, why? Why would I make my Quattro Audi a FWD layout, or convert my BMW to FWD? Simple: you care about safety, fuel efficiency, and sensible fun within limits. You excelled at coloring inside the lines, always stood up for the rules, and have never wanted anything more than absolute necessities.

That’s what’s kept you from owning an Audi or BMW, after all. They’re too ‘risky,’ there’s too much potential for stepping over that invisible border between strict obedience and ambiguity. Now, you can have your BMW or Audi without the danger of ever inducing oversteer or experiencing a thrill of any kind. You can finally make an Audi or BMW as sedate and numb as the Honda you settled for. Our FWD conversions offer a combination of luxury and efficiency without compromise.

With our new FWD conversion kits, you can have all the no-nonsense enjoyment in your Audi or BMW you’ve always wanted. Let’s face it, you’ve always wanted to be like everyone else. You want to conform, but your taste in cars has kept that from happening. Now, your Audi or BMW is transformed into a run-of-the-mill Camry commuter with a safe and responsible FWD conversion that offers an easy and forgetful drive to work.

Find your rear axle deletes, center diff deletes, and complimentary high-visibility ‘my child is an Honor student at (elementary school of your choice)’ sticker exclusively here at ECS Tuning.