We’re all missing car shows and events. However, it is important that we do our best to maintain safe and healthy practices in the middle of this pandemic (which is still very much happening, along with other turmoils that have mounted in tandem.) What we can do, though, is have virtual car shows, which have become quite popular. You may remember in 2016 and 2018 when we held similar virtual car shows. This year, we are holding yet another Virtual Car Show with prizes, celebrity judges, and live voting for the finalists. Here’s what you need to know to submit your car for a chance to win your category.

How it Works:

We are receiving submissions for four classes – Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Wild Card.

The first three classes are quiet self-explanitory. The one that needs a bit of clarification is the Wild Card class. If you have a car that doesn’t fit into any of the first three, then you should submit your car to Wild Card. Whether it is a different make from the other three categories, or is like Mike Day’s MK3 that has a BMW engine, Ford rear end, and parts from many makes and models to complete the build. That’s where your car would belong.

To submit, you can check out our Rules for Submission to the Virtual Car Show 2020 and submit your build list, pictures, and Instagram information to shownation@ecstuning.com 


Your submission will be judged for points in six categories:

Exterior = 20pts

Interior = 20pts

Engine Bay = 20pts

Mods = 15pts

Overall Impact = 20pts

Judges Bonus = 5pts

You MUST include photography that depicts your car for all of these categories to be considered for competition.

The submission entry deadline is 6/16/2020 which will be the first day our team decides on the top 12 entries for each class.

Once all 12 selections for each class have been chosen, our celebrity judges will narrow down the classes to three finalists each.

With the three finalists chosen, they will go head-to-head on social media where you, the audience, will select the winners.


The prizes for first place in each class are $500. That’s it. Just as simple as can be. If you want to win, then you have to submit and do it right! Follow this guide and you’ll do fine.